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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Sandalwood, regenerates the skin and is known for its ability to restore bouyancy and elasticity to the skin keeping the skin hydrated.  

It has high anti-inflammatory properties which make it a fantastic oil for skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis, as well as wound healing.  

Sandalwood is a grounding oil, that has a calming effect on the skin and mind.  



Full list of ingredients

3% pure essential oil in Jojoba Oil.

Who is this product best for?

For your skin.
Regenerates and heals weakened skin and promotes elasticity, making it a fantastic oil for skin that is prone to allergies and breakouts.
Sandalwood is excellent for flaking or chapped skin or when your skin has been exposed to the weather elements like sun and wind.
Sandalwood also protects skin from further break-outs that re-occur in the same spot by strengthening these areas of the skin. Massaging into the skin is the best for this.

When your skin is peeling or persistently dry and flaky DO NOT exfoliate –Compress and massage with sandalwood.

For your soul: to be at peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it means to be in the midst of those things and still feel calm in your heart”

Navigating life based on what’s going on outside of you is asking for trouble. When you go inside to find the answers you seek, you will find a strength and a peace that allows you to see life as it really is. A rare form of clarity like no other.

Sandalwood helps you keep your space –your own –strong and free from other negative energies so you can do you without interruption. It has been described as a ‘wish-fulfiller’ and that when using Sandalwood with the intention too create a more meaningful life you will begin attracting more joyful friends, eating more nourishing foods, listening to different music and that even the words you speak –will change –everything seems to shift towards a more ‘gracious’ state of being. Pretty powerful right.

You see Sandalwood has the ability to relax your central nervous system and work subtly on your heart centre where it cultivates more self-love and compassion. Makes me wanna go soak myself in it right now –how about you???!

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Key Ingredients

Sandalwood Essential Oil

SKIN – Balances oil in the skin, effective for dehydration, itching, irritation, inflammation, acne, cracked and chapped skins. Increases circulation and strengthens connective tissue and dermis, increases water retention of collagen.
MIND – promotes calm and wellbeing, brings peace and acceptance, great for stilling the mind and meditation. Free yourself from other peoples negativity and enjoy life..

how to use

When to use

SOAK YOUR SKIN TO HEALTH using oil compressing.

1. Fill your basin/bowl with tepid water. Use cooler water if you have skin that reddens easily or has red visible veins. Hotter if you have drier skin with no redness.

2. Drop only 3 drops of pure essential oils into the water. Choose the essential oil to address your skin concerns. Some times you might prefer to choose it for your mind alone – that is of course fine too because it will still benefit your skin.

3. Agitate the surface to disperse the oil because essential oils do not mix with water – agitating them breaks the drops into smaller droplets to dilute them with the water.

4. Put your face washer or small towel into the water. Breathing in the vapours and smelling the aroma as you do.

5. Squeeze some of the water out but not all, not dripping but leave it squidgy (if you were to squeeze it really tight more water would come out)

6. Press the cloth into your face, no need to rub as this only irritates your skin. Press and caress your skin through the aromatic cloth. Do this 3-4 times.

7. On the last compress squeeze the face cloth firmly and use the now drier cloth to pat dry your face, leaving your skin quite moist. This is now a perfect time to apply 2-3 drops of Jojoba oil to trap the moisture and hydrate your skin. Towel drying actually dries your skin by ‘sucking’ out precious moisture from your skin into the towel fibres)

how to use

How much to use

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