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Restore Face Serum

Restore Face Serum

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A potent blend of nature's finest ingredients meticulously crafted to combat the early signs of ageing and fortify your skin at its deepest layers. This luxurious serum is a powerhouse of vitamins, essential oils, and fatty acids, working harmoniously to rejuvenate and protect your skin like never before.

Enriched with a dynamic combination of vitamins, including A, C, and E & K, our serum delivers a burst of nourishment to your skin, promoting a youthful radiance and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A encourages cell turnover, Vitamin C boosts collagen production, and Vitamin E provides a shield against environmental aggressors, leaving your skin visibly smoother and more resilient.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, helps to fortify the skin's natural barrier, preventing moisture loss and maintaining optimal hydration.

Elevate your skincare experience with the science of nature, and let your skin revel in the luxurious blend of vitamins, essential oils, and fatty acids.

Full list of ingredients

*rosehip oil, *macadamia oil, *jojoba oil, kukui nut oil, seabuckthorn oil, pomegranate oil, buriti oil, *calendula infused oil, vitamin E oil, clary sage, rosewood and *frankincense essential oils, positive energy.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Who is this product best for?

Beneficial for most skin types, this serum was specifically created for diminishing the signs of ageing but is also fantastic for young skin where breakouts are starting to appear.

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Key Ingredients

Bilberry Extract

Helps to lock in moisture and tighten the skin. It is packed with high potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals A, B, C, E, and K as well as chromium, manganese, zinc, and iron. to prot4ect from free radical damage and early signs of ageing.

Marshmallow Extract

Marshmallow root extract works by attracting hydration & works to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Helps relive inflammation, redness, itching and irritation on the skin. Fantastic ingredient for sensitive skins especially skins with conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Kukui Nut Oil

High in essential fatty acids, small molecular structure so it penetrates easily, high linoleic acids, soothing & softening, especially beneficial for very dry skin but light enough to use on oily skins.effects of the sun.

Pomegranate Oil

Really high in antioxidants, works in synergy with Seabuckthorn oil for amazing results, improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and prevents ageing, calming and healing – gentle enough to use on rosacea and eczema skins, anti ageing.

how to use

When to use

Use at night after cleansing for best results when your skin enters its ideal repair state and reap the rewards!

how to use

How much to use

Apply 3-5 drops into your hands to slightly warm up the oil Gently massage into skin using circular movements.
Used regularly, this liquid gold will improve your skins texture, smoothness & overall health & appearance.

For Additional benefits use with a Gua Sha stone to encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness.

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