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Jojoba Oil Cleanser

Jojoba Oil Cleanser

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With a molecular structure that mimics our skins sebum this is an all in one product. JOJOBA cleans pores effectively including removing make up. Restores your skin’s pH while naturally minimising lines and wrinkles and increasing production of collagen.

Its molecular structure mimics our skins sebum protecting the surface 'barrier' layer of your skin, keeping bacteria out and moisture in.

Jojoba has the unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin and one of the reasons we heart it oh so much. Jojoba’s affinity with our sebum means your skin will recognise jojoba wax as similar to its own natural wax ester. This allows jojoba to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin when most oils only benefit the epidermis or surface layer.

Why is this important?

Well these deeper layers are where cell regeneration and synthesis occur, and jojoba can carry important nutrients and vitamins there when most oils can’t.

Full list of ingredients

100% Jojoba Oil

Who is this product best for?

Fantastic for all skin types. Especially great for sensitive skin as this is a single ingredient product that provides everything your skin needs in one bottle.

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Key Ingredients

Jojoba Oil

Actually a wax not an oil so very stable, emollient, moisturising, high in vitamins, provides skin protection keeping it supple, helps restore skins regular pH level, very similar to our own sebum, soothing for sensitive, irritated skins.

how to use

When to use

Jojoba can be used as often as you like. Its versatility is endless. You can apply jojoba to cleanse your skin and then reapply once cleansed to lock in the vitamins and moisture.

how to use

How much to use

One pump goes a long way! For cleansing: gently massage into your skins using circular movements and remove using a soft cloth and tepid water.
For moisturising: gently massage into your skin using circular movements.

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