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Rise and Restore Essential Oil Blend

Rise and Restore Essential Oil Blend

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This oil blend resembles perfume but offers powerful benefits for your skin, leaving it radiant and nourished. Together, these oils rejuvenate and soften facial lines, restoring slackened skin. They promote elasticity, regenerate, and heal deeply, akin to the level of DNA. Additionally, they combat dry, flaking skin and enhance resilience, protecting against further breakouts.

Full list of ingredients

Frankincense, Rose, Sandalwood & Geranium essential oils.

Who is this product best for?

Pro Age oil created to rejuvenate and soften facial lines, restoring slackened skin. They promote elasticity, regenerate, and heal deeply

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Works well with

Key Ingredients

Frankincense Essential Oil

SKIN – Smooths out wrinkles on ageing skin, skin tonic, effective for inflammation, scars, mature skin and dry irritated skin, combats the ageing process.

MIND – elevating and soothing, calming, brings peace, promotes slow breathing & strengthens creativity.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

SKIN – Balances oil in the skin, effective for dehydration, itching, irritation, inflammation, acne, cracked and chapped skins. Increases circulation and strengthens connective tissue and dermis, increases water retention of collagen.
MIND – promotes calm and wellbeing, brings peace and acceptance, great for stilling the mind and meditation. Free yourself from other peoples negativity and enjoy life..

Rose Essential Oil

SKIN – Soothing, suitable for all skin types especially mature, effective for inflammation, redness, wrinkles and acne with hydrating properties.
MIND – helps release dopamine the ‘happy hormone’ to aid depression and anxiety, effective for grief, resentment and stress. It soothes the heart and brings relaxation

how to use

When to use

This super gentle method of cleansing can be used once or twice a day depending on how often you like to cleanse your face.
The same frequency can be applied to the moisturiser.

how to use

How much to use

How to cleanse using my blend

Firstly you will need a carrier oil to mix the oil blend in to.
Our carrier oil of choice is Jojoba Oil.
You can use this Australian grown magical oil as a cleanser, moisturiser and/or massage medium.
It can be used alone or blended with oils.
Both are equally as amazing.

1. Pop about a 10-cent piece pump of jojoba oil into your palm.
2. To this much oil you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil safely.
3. Massage into your face then remove using tepid water and a face cloth.

How to moisturise using my blend.
1. As above just use slightly less jojoba oil around a 5 cent piece amount.
2. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the oil.
3. Massage into face and declotage.

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