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Elevate Roll On

Elevate Roll On

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Mmmmmm—this one smells so incredible it will knock your cotton socks off. Seriously, it’s that good. It’s energising and uplifting—taking the grey out of your day and exchanging it with rainbows, blue skies and even unicorns. Next level stuff. Let everything go just for a moment and be reminded that life is about focusing on what makes you happy and let that new feeling of happiness fill you up and flow out into the world around you.

Full list of ingredients

Lime, Bergamot, Spearmint & Frankincense Essential oils, Jojoba Oil.
+ Australian owned and made
+ Nutrient Rich Ingredients
+ Cruelty-Free

Who is this product best for?

t’s energising and uplifting—taking the grey out of your day and exchanging it with rainbows, blue skies and even unicorns

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Key Ingredients

Lime Essential Oil

SKIN - Astringent, toning, effective for greasy skin and acne. Suitable for any skin type including sensitive skins.

MIND – refreshing, uplifting, increases alertness and assertiveness – taking you to a place where life is sweet and easy!

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot LOVES to set those butterflies free and bring back a sense of quietness and calm. Something Elsa could have benefited from using as it teaches us to LET THAT SHIT GO. To let go of self judgement, self-pity, low self esteem & all of the things that make you second guess how magical and amazing you truly are.

By generating change in your innate energy system, Bergamot will awaken your soul with feelings of courage and hope igniteing that wee flame of self-acceptance and turning it into a roaring fire.

Spearmint Essential Oil

SKIN – Refreshing and cooling, good for congested oily skins, great for itching!

MIND – stimulates a tired mind, soothes anger and depression, brings peace and tranquility, it invigorates all levels of our being to help you utilise your energies efficiently.

Frankincense Essential Oil

SKIN – Smooths out wrinkles on ageing skin, skin tonic, effective for inflammation, scars, mature skin and dry irritated skin, combats the ageing process.

MIND – elevating and soothing, calming, brings peace, promotes slow breathing & strengthens creativity.

how to use

When to use

1. Simply ‘roll’ the roller once or twice over your chosen area from the list below.
Inside of wrists
Solar Plexus (just below your ribcage)
Soles of your feet – This is a really quick way for oils to get into the blood stream. Anywhere else you feel drawn too as long as you are avoiding your ‘sensitive areas’ like eye’s, broken skin and genitals.

2. Rolling oils on the soles of the feet is a really quick way for oils to get into the blood stream. FUN TIP …. This makes it one of the most effective ways to apply on children whilst they are sleeping.

how to use

How much to use


1. Simply roll the roller once or twice over the area’s we have suggested. You can do this as often as you need/wish and to soak up the goodness.

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