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Baby Powder

Baby Powder

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Completely free from talc & silicates this ‘soft as’ baby powder is made from highly absorbent Organic Ivory Clay which will help control excess moisture and keep skin soft and dry. With particles much larger than talc which can be inhaled and irritate the lungs, clay is much safer to use around babies and children. With Lavender & Roman Chamomile Oils to soothe inflammation and calm the skin, this will quickly become a family favourite.

Full list of ingredients

organic ivory clay, *lavender, *roman chamomile and mandarin essential oils, positive energy.

Who is this product best for?

Preventing and easing Nappy Rash

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Key Ingredients

Lavender Essential Oil

SKIN – Lavender is all about reconnectiopn. If your skin feels dry, flaky, and maybe even peeling. Lavender will work its magic by both repairing the damaged skin bonds and encouraging new cells resulting in smoother skin that looks and feels Glowing.

MIND – Have you ever felt like maybe you arent quite smart enough, funny enough, pretty enough?? Being a tween can feel challenging and let me tell you that having these thoughts and feelings is completely ok. Learning now that you can use oils to help change those feeling is a powerful thing. Lavender will gently delete hurtful thoughts helping you to feel more confidant.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

SKIN: The Queen of calming and soothing. If you have red sore blemishes or pimples using Roman Cham will be all the TLC you need cooling and nurturing your skin back to health.

MIND: Have you ever had what we call an over-active mind? When it feels like the voices in your head just keep chattering and never shut up and it feels like you’ll never get everything finished…. Then take a deep breath because Roman Cham will sing those voices a lullaby allowing you to feel calm, relaxed and quiet.

Mandarin Essential Oil

SKIN – Softening, moisturising & soothing to dry irritated skin. Suitable for babies and sensitive skin types.
MIND – uplifting, aids restlessness and nervous tension, it allows you to feel calm and soothed but at the same time refreshed and inspired!

how to use

When to use

1. Sprinkle liberally onto clean skin and gently pat in.

2. Use between nappy changes to absorb excess moisture

3. For Nappy rash that is tender to touch sprinkle the powder over the area then use our Calm face Mist to mist over the top - avoid touching the area - This creates a paste consistency that you can leave on the skin until next nappy change.

4. Can be used as a dry shampoo simply sprinkle a small amount onto the affected areas of the scalp and hair and pat the hair to disperse.

how to use

How much to use

Sprinkle liberally onto clean skin and gently pat in.

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