WHY do Healthy Fats = HEALTHY SKIN

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Who would have thought that it would ever be considered healthy or even more so important to ingest fats?!?! There is a part of me that wishes I was about to tell you that it is ok to eat crunchy hot chips buddies for lunch every single day but alas this is not the case!

There is however some really GOOD fats that you need in your diet on a daily basis and if you have been on the anti-fat mission then it is time to rethink. Eliminating all fat actually makes your body HOLD fat. Not all fats are bad some are even ESSENTIAL.

Essential Fatty Acids are ‘essential’ because they are the raw ingredients that your body needs to make other ‘special fats’ necessary for bodily functions like hormonal production and brain development. In fact. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) play a role in the formation of the membranes that surround and protect every cell in your body, and the formation of the membranes around your skin cells, so lacking in EFA’s will have a major effect on your skin health and how it looks… this is why we LOVE them!

EFA’s cannot be manufactured by your body so it is vital that they are a part of your daily dietry intake. Two of the especially important EFA’s are linoleic acid or Omega 6 & alpa-linoleic acid or Omega 3. The problem is that they are very scarce in today’s food.

Of the two, Omega 3 is the one we easily become deficient in. It is found in most fish and is especially abundant in dark oily fish like salmon and mackeral. However the very best food source by far is Flaxseed oil.

Not only is Flaxseed extremely high in Omega 3’s, it also contains beta-carotene, Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, protein and zinc! All of which are FABULOUS for the skin. If you want to make just one positive lifestyle change that will benefit your skin, then choose Flaxseed oil. Simply take 1 tablespoon each morning and start reaping the rewards immediately. Another way is to add it to your green smoothie so that you can avoid the taste which is how I do it – swallowing oil is not something I am a fan of so hiding it in something yummy is my preference!

EFA’s also maintain the ‘water barrier’ that sits in the upper layer of the skin. The ‘water barrier’ prevents moisture from evaporating. Diets lacking in EFA’s will have a depleted ‘water barrier’ resulting in fine lines and wrinkles and dry flaky skin… If that is something you suffer from – it could be as simple as adding EFA’s to you diet.

EFA’s are also found in carrier oils like Rose hip oil, Evening Primrose oil & Borage oil. Used topically they will also help nourish, soothe & hydrate your skin. It is important to remember though that what you do topically is only a small part of what creates and maintains great skin – we need to work from the inside out!

So bottom line – not all fats are bad! Make sure that there are good fats in your diet on a daily basis so that you are giving your skin the best quality building blocks for creating and sustaining healthy more glowing skin!

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