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What an amazing response we got from last week’s reflection over where we have been.  Seems many of you loved finding out more about us and then some of you loved sharing a walk down memory lane as you were on the path with us for most of that time.

Well we loved it too.  And believe it or not—we learned EVEN more from articulating it in a blog about who we want to be: personally and professionally.

So, here we are, ‘back to the future’ in 2018.

Both Mel and I are sitting in our own WTF points about slightly different things but mostly about how we want to FEEL about Bubbles and what it means to both of us.

Most of you know by now that we’re sisters.  We are pretty amazing at doing life stuff as sisters (e.g. Christmas gatherings etc) and leaving ALLLLL the Bubbles stuff separate, which we thought made us super clever.  Well it meant that stuff lurked below the surface a little too long and become like that volcano in Bali.

Our formula to work it out:

  • A long walk on the beach—grounding and clearing
  • with coffee—delicious and cures most things
  • a smear of our ELEVATE roll on—energising and uplifting
  • a frank chat—clarity and peace of mind ensues.

I’ve been working with people to discover knowing how they want to feel about something, what is their real why though my ‘a more intentional life’ coaching program. By ‘real’ I urge not the fake, “I know this is what I’m supposed to want/have/feel why” through our social conditioning, and how to uncover your natural soul gifts—what you’re born to do/be through uncovering:

  • what you’re innately really damn good at
  • being aware of what drains your energy
  • refuelling your energy by tuning into your soul barometer—yep it’s a real thing!

Mel and my chat started with what we didn’t want to feel anymore: restricted, overworked, ignored, not appreciated, restless, and creatively bankrupt. Amazing. Must clear those weeds before planting the new seeds! And then we really started talking…what our hopes and dreams for Bubbles were.

We’ve done this SO many times over the years. We do it regularly in fact.  What we weren’t doing was staying focused on JUST that and as mentioned in the previous blog—we we’re ‘doing the do’, which is a common challenge for small business.  Finding the time to work on the business while being busy working in it.

We both said LOTS of stuff and gave each other the floor (or the sand in this case) and the space to chat frankly about what we wanted and needed and a framework for the next few months became really clear.

We both felt an excitement about Bubbles that we haven’t felt in a long time and it was like we opened the flood gates of creativity and ideas that have been shut because holy wow!

This time, Mel and I are determined to make these dreams a reality, before someone else sneaks up and snatches them out from under us. So, after alllll that, here’s what we both want for and from Bubbles.

  • Connecting with you—we want to love you way more than we have been loving you and we want to offer you more.
  • Sharing insight with you—we want to share with you the ridiculous amount of our knowledge on skin, on ingredients, the body, the mind, and the soul (phew!). And not just with blogs and Instagram posts, but REAL education, both together and in person at workshops and retreats.
  • Giving you a team of Skinologists—we’re going back to where it all began and investing LOTS of energy and time into building a team of incredible Skinologists to support you and help make skincare effortless and fun again. We already have 5 new ladies in the training stages now, preparing to meet and connect with you soon.
  • Empowering you to customize your skincare—we want you to know YOU and your skin and how it all connects. So much so, that you can customise your skincare whenever you need EFFORTLESSLY in your own little apothecary that attends to both your emotional and your physical needs.
  • Making skincare mindFULL—we’re creating short, easy, and fun routines for you to enjoy alongside your cleansing and moisturising rituals. Not only to give you more peace and contentment, but to save you TIME by combining the two practices into one daily practice.
  • Inspiring more intention in rituals—we want to inspire more intention with everything you do in your life—starting with your skincare. How?  Well, we use all my new skills and give content at basic and advanced levels, so you can dive as deep as you like.

So where are heading in a nutshell? We’re going DEEPER into each of those areas over March to share the Bubbles’ ‘Slow Skin Movement’ with our new podcast and workshop title: SkinDEEP.

Tune in next week when we go DEEPER into connecting with you and what that means..

Kate & Mel x