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What the word COMMUNITY means to us…

I don’t know about you guys but the word COMMUNITY is up there with one of the MOST important words EVER for me.

And that’s not just right now while I have a toddler again and need my peeps more than ever so I don’t end up rocking quietly in the corner of my house after ‘one of those days’.  For me this has always been something of GINORMOUS importance.

Mel and I come from a big and VERY close extended family.  We all get along (like genuinely no faking), we support each other through thick and thin, and we laugh so much that some of us even start snorting (not mentioning any names Angela and Leigh ha!) and maybe that’s where this started for us – that contentness that being a part of a loved up community/group of people enables us to feel.

Something we have wanted to create at Bubbles for longer than I can remember is a Community just like that – where even those who snort when they laugh are welcome.

We have had a few different ‘membership’ style groups over the years but nothing has ever really stuck but we have learned something new each time and we are ready to give it another go and this time create something so damn good that each and every one of you will want to be a part of it.

We did  a survey last week and we asked you to answer a few questions about Bubbles products and we also wanted to find out how interested you guys were in being a part of a group like this – (now please imagine I am Grant Denyer here while you read this) “and the survey said?!?!?!


This excites us so much!

Some of you said that you don’t really know because you aren’t sure what that is/means.

When I was talking to Mel about the survey responses she said its probably a bit like how she feels about Yoga.  She says she quite often wants to join a Yoga class but doesn’t because she hasn’t done much of it and feels like she might be ‘that’ person in the class who has no idea what they are doing and she ends up talking herself out of it.

So we decided to explain our plan for this ‘community’  in a bit more detail so that we can convert all of you to a yes as well.

We know we want to create it and be a part of it but there really isn’t much point if nobody else wants it so when we read your responses and saw that SO many of you are just as keen for this as we are it made our hearts smile so big.

Firstly – thank you! Thank you to those of you who took the time to answer the questions for us – its so appreciated and we are eternally grateful.  We are waiting another week to see if we get some more responses (HINT HINT if you haven’t done it already!!) and then we will get started on your surprise gifts based entirely on the answers YOU gave us.  FUN!

So what are we thinking and more importantly what do you guys want from this community we are going to create?

Well for starters how do we define ‘Community’

For us its a sacred space (both online and in person) where like minded people connect and create friendships and support networks that uplift and elevate the energy of every participant in the group.   Its about compassion and presence, laughter and tears and everything else in-between.

And when we say laughter – we mean the type that leads to lots of snorting.

Let me tell you a little bit about energy and vibration.

Im going to keep this as simple as I possibly can because it is a topic I could talk/write about for dayssssssss.

For those of you who don’t know – we are (as in the human race) electrical beings and we are surrounded by an energy field that has a certain vibrational frequency.  Our own personal vibration depends on many MANY factors and we all vibrate at a different frequency.

Some of our frequencies are similar (think friends, people you love being around and places you love visiting) and some are super dooper different (think people who give you the heebie jeebies when you walk past them and places that feel heavy and unsafe).

The higher the frequency/vibration – the happier and more joyful you feel.  Its in the low frequencies where emotions like anger, fear and apathy live.

Research has shown that when someone who has a high frequency is around someone who has a low frequency – that higher vibrating energy LIFTS the low vibrating energy up.  It has been said that 1 person who is vibrating at what they describe as ‘Love or above’ which is simply a way to measure vibration (we can chat more about this scale later and definitely in this group!) can lift the vibration of over 100,000 people who are vibrating in those lower energy fields.

It has always been a dream of mine to create a group of people so damn happy and loved up that we can lift the energy of all of Australia up.  Imagine the possibilities in a country where very few people are living in low vibration.

On a smaller scale – imagine what it could do for our group and all the people in it.

God its gets me so excited to think about it.

I know – if this is new information to you my VERY brief explanation might make me sound a wee bit esoteric and crazy due to the lack of content I shared BUT I promise you this stuff is legit.  Ive seen some very cool transformations at a family level with the clients I used to work with and promise we will chat more about it as time goes on so that you understand it too.

So that is probably the WHY we wanted to start the group and here are our thoughts on some of the other inclusions;

* a online forum where we initiate conversations around all things skin and self care.  We will bring in ‘experts’ in certain fields to join our chats and answer any questions you might have. This will eliminate the need for you to be on Facebook for be a member of this group which is something that was super important to us.  Its a costly step but we believe so so worth it.
* Access to most of our online programs that we are busily writing for you as we speak and discounted pricing on all of the others.
* Some sort of discounted pricing on our products based entirely on the products YOU love.
* Something new that we have just started tossing around is a virtual book club.  We would have a monthly live webinar where we would talk about whichever book we are reading.
* A second live webinar each month where we chat about a topic that either we or a member might choose or it might be something prevalent at the time.. who knows…
* And of course – our members will get the pre-sale offers for all of our new workshops and retreats we plan to start running in the new year.

And that is just getting us started.

So if you have any idea’s you think would help make this a community you would LOVE to be a part of PLEASE do share them with us by replying to this OR send an email directly to me at and ill add the idea’s to the overgrowing file.

And as always if you have any questions or queries you can contact us anytime on 1300 LOVE SKIN or

MUCH love

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