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What are your Not Negotiable’s…?

So this week we decided to try something a little bit different.  

Our first video blog. 

If you follow us on social media you will have seen that Mel posted ALLLLLLLL of the video’s I did before getting it right.  #funnynotfunny. 

And when I say right – this isn’t scripted so it wasn’t about getting it correct – all of those different video’s are something hilarious.  First I could NOT keep it under 5 minutes which was a goal of mine, then a delivery arrived right when I was almost finished a really good take, then a plane went over, then another plane went over (I live right near Gold Coast airport so it happens a lot) and then right when I finished one I was the most happy with – Lucy woke up so that was that.  I apologise for the abrupt ending – I checked the time about 10seconds earlier and noticed I had 10 seconds to go so it ends kinda quickly but we can perfect things like that as we go along.  

Or not. 

We will see. 

Ok so this video blog is based around our self care education and this is where we focus on how to maintain your ever important energy levels.  

Our energy levels pretty much determine all the other parts of our life don’t they.  

You know yourself if you are exhausted or completely worn out from whatever it is you do all day – its so much harder to be patient, compassionate, happy etc etc. 

Now Im not saying that there is an expectation that you are bright and cheerful ALL the time. 

Not at all. 

BUT if we WANT to be any of those things – compassionate and patient especially – we quite literally can’t if we don’t have the energy to.  

It takes much less energy to be apathetic.  

There are two key ways in which we can ensure our energy remains high. 

1) to commit to completing activities/actions that expand or boost our energy levels as needed (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly and so forth) & 

2) to avoid or limit our time with activities/actions and anything else that drains our energy levels. 

I chat a little bit about both in the video – I tried to keep it to 5 minutes maximum as I tend to talk a lot so I was mindful not to over stay my welcome but I could have talked for much longer on both sides.  I might actually do a longer video with more info in it so those of you who are interested can watch more.  Ill add that to the blog sometime next week. 

Back on topic (see what I mean!) 

So I chat a bit about both and I also promised to add an image of my Not Negotiable’s for you to see.  I asked my daughter Emmy who LOVES writing lists to do it up for me in pretty colours so I can see it and remember it more easily;

Emmy’s gorgeous adaption of my Not Negotiable’s.


Those two yellow ones that are hard to see are;

1) Yoga stretching for a min of 15 minutes 

2) Pranayama for a min of 5 minutes.  (Pranayama is yogic breathwork that releases all the happy hormones like Seratonin and Dopamine.  The BEST! All things we will be teaching at our retreats and in our workshops)

This is something we have chosen to include in our workshops and retreats because as you know we believe that Great Skin Begins WITHIN and if you are feeling low on energy for too long it will begin to show in your skin. 


Our skin is our bodies largest organ and it filters whatever our kidneys can’t handle which is fine every now and again but if it has to do this continually – things begin to shut down. 

We always recommend working from a space of prevention rather than cure and things like being aware of how much energy you do and don’t have and how to correct that and keep it in check, is imperative to having optimal health and wellbeing. 

We will chat more about energy all the time as understanding it really is the key to being the happiest and healthiest YOU. 

MUCH love 

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