We always always ALWAYS go PRO!! Do you…!?!

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When you start looking into things like the Law of Attraction, words like ‘anti’ become words you would no longer choose to use. It is believed you should always try to affirm things positively because you need to be aware that you get what you put most of your energy into – so if you were using an ‘anti ageing’ cream that kinda puts a negative spin on ageing which is why at Bubbles we always go PRO age instead…

PROTECT your skin is one of our 5 Elements of Great Skin... Have you had your Healthy Skin Action Plan done??

PROTECT your skin is one of our 5 Elements of Great Skin… Have you had your Healthy Skin Action Plan done??

What we need to remember and this is important for all area’s of health and wellbeing is this;

PREVENTION is always better than cure!

If you did grow up in a time when it was considered the done thing to splash baby oil all over your body and then you bake yourself in the sun for a few hours till golden brown – all is not lost! Thankfully the UV rays were not quite as harmful then so it caused less damage than if we did that today.
We are much more educated now with limitless information available to us online. The downfall of being tempted with becoming a Google DR needs to be carefully considered but the upside is that when you have found a business or an individual that you do resonate with and trust you can usually do all the research you need whenever you get the inkling…!
Our two uber special Be Replenished products continually get rave reveiws and praise from their fans – one of the primary reasons I launched this range over 5 years ago now was to keep skin care simple, easy, affordable and of course natural. Here is a wee bit of info on just ONE of the ingredients in both and why they get so much love from our gorgous customers;

Be Replenished Restorative Serum – Seabuckthorn Oil;

Seabuckthorn Oil: Vitamins A, C, E & K, More Vitamin C in weight than oranges, potent antioxidant, used to treat burns and wounds topically, great for acne and rosacea, 120 compounds and minerals, used for scarring and radiation burns, considered a “natural healer”.

Be Replenished ‘PRO’ age cream – Certified Organic Rosehip Oil;

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: Extra nourishing, used for skin pigmentation and scarring, useful on psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, anti inflammatory, healing and regenerating properties, anti ageing.

Here is what one of our long term users told us recently;

So Kate… I got lazy and forgot to place my order for my liquid gold – my skin got very angry at me and was quickly irritated, red and itchy again… Because I have been using it for so long I didn’t realise the relief I have been getting from it.. NEVER again will I be late ordering… I will be using this oil for the rest of my life! Thank you for making something so special xx
Maxine, Sydney

You can choose to start using one of them or both but is never too late to start protecting and replenishing your skin! The time is NOW!

Even at the young age of 37 I can already see that getting older is ALL good things. The wisdom that comes with it and the truer sense of self has me wearing any proof of ‘living life’ even if that is a few fine lines – with pride… I just prefer to do it gracefully and with our Be Replenished Products you can do just that… enJOY xx

Ps – nobody ever guesses my age correctly either – just another wee bit of love from mwah for these awesome products… (high five!)