Our third kidney loves aromatherapy baths!

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Did you know we have 3 kidneys? Yep, the first one, the second one (hang in there with me) and the third—our skin!

Our kidneys clean the blood and expel its waste via urination. Our third kidney, the skin, uses its 5 million sweat glands to do the same thing. Actually, around one third of our body’s waste is dumped through our skin. Which seems high, geez maybe too high;)

Guess it explains the garlic, booze or general odour the next day when we’ve been hitting our favourite Italian restaurant, rugged up and getting our rosy glow on with Pinot Noir, and creamy cabonaras, but sorry I’m getting carried away (and booking a table)…While we know why, the real question is how to give our third kidney safe passage to get all those toxins OUT?

Get your sweat on! Saunas, baths, bikram yoga all support the natural process of detoxifying your body through your skin.

To maintain your birthright of shining beautiful skin, we recommend having regular baths. But not any ordinary baths, no, no…we mean baths loaded with aromatherapy oils that support your tissues detoxing and to assimilate the powerful healing benefits from the oils (read more here).

These potent healing baths musn’t be too hot, or too cold, they have to be just right (thanks Goldilocks). Overheating will cause dehydration, and limit the oils being absorbed. Plus, having a wine in the bath is heart-warming enough hehe!

No tub..? Too easy… you can use essential oils on a microfiber cloth and press against your skin in the shower. You can also pop a few drops on the shower floor to infuse your shower with the healing properties and beautiful scent delivered straight to your lungs and circulatory system. Watch your step though, those oils can be slippery suckers!

We recommend these oils for your winter rituals:

  1. Lavender – all about nurturing and self care… We could all do with a bit more of this in our life
  2. Bergamot – our ‘be happier’ is our anti-stress oil – you know that butterflies in the stomach feeling??  Let Bergamot set them free…
  3. Frankincense – One of the most healing of all oils.  Check out LOTS more info on one of our favourite oils Frankincense here “10 reasons why we think Frankincense is FREAKING AMAZING!”
  4. Sandalwood – earthy and grounding – warming and delicious.. what more could you want really?

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Kate & Mel
Love ambassadors xo