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The Dry Skin Blues… (and 18 tips on how to heal it)

Holy freezing.

I don’t know about all of you, but I am feeling this cold snap ALLLL over my body.

I have all those kinda frustrating things that happen when I don’t change my routine for the climate like dry scalp and hands, itchy flaky skin, dry lips and around my nose.

Not ideal.

BUT had I been taken my very own advice – the same amazing advice anyone from Bubbles would give you – I would probably be feeling a little less irritated by it all right about now.

Does you skin feel a little like this in Winter???










So, let me talk you through what I am going to do to first heal and restore the condition both the weather and my I guess laziness created and then how I am going to prevent it from then on – or minimise the impact of these weather conditions at the very least.

Im going to work through each of the elements so you can see how each one plays a very important role in me re-creating great skin;






Oh so important – I need to moisturise from the inside out.  I am personally choosing to use a product called ‘Crowning Glory’ by a.po.te’ca.ri/ which I bought from my hairdresser as it focuses on the scalp which is for me the most irritating part.  The ingredients however will also benefit ALL of my skin.

I’m also going to start taking some clean fish oils everyday.

I’m going to eat lots of healthy fats like avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds etc.

I’m going to start adding an extra tablespoon of coconut oil to my porridge or just eat it off a spoon.

I’m going to start swapping out a black tea when I feel like the 4th one for the day (in this weather tea is life) with a herbal tea like peppermint or lemon which is the equivalent of a glass of water to ensure I stay extra hydrated.

I’ll also remove any and all artificial/refined sugar again – I have slipped a little bit lately and just need to recommit here.

Meat and wheat free days.  Because I know that it takes WAY more energy for our bodies to digest meat and wheat (even organic which is all I eat these days) I will have some meat and wheat free days to allow my body the space to heal more easily.


When it comes to nourishing from the inside there are many different options available.  These are simply my choices because I enjoy them and they work for me.

As a rule – we need to ingest Omega 3’s and 6’s because our body doesn’t make them itself so a clean source of fish oils or flaxseed oil can be SUPER beneficial all year round.

Water – DRINK it always.  Swap it for herbal tea if drinking water in Winter doesn’t excite you but always drink it.  Approximately 2 litres a day but again this varies depending your body size and lifestyle choices.

Minimising or removing refined sugar is something we do recommend but of course again – its all completely up to you.  I will always enjoy a sugary treat every now and again – right now I get Olibolen (amazing dutch donut with apple and sultana’s covered in icing sugar) EVERY Friday night and I begin looking forward to it on Wednesday. Even more so when I’m committed to it being the only sugary treat I have.  It makes it more exciting – well for me anyway.

And of course load up on as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can – always..!






I’m going to really commit to reading or researching something that isn’t work related for a minimum of 15 minutes each day to keep my mind active and excited about life.


15 minutes is 1% of your day so if you can commit 1% of your day to something fun and stimulating for your mind – you will reap MASSIVE rewards.

This is a great Not Negotiable for everyone.






Ahhhh here I am going to add some extra Pranayama breathing each day as I know that when I take the time to focus on my breath – even for 5 minutes – the hormones released by my brain at all the healing hormones I need to help my skin feel soft and fabulous again.

I’m also going to spend another minute or so each day visualising that my skin is healthy and happy again.  The book I am reading at the moment has so much research on just how powerful visualising is – and it’s SO simple too.


You can of course partake in as much Pranayama as you like but we only need to commit to about 5-10 minutes per day for it to have a huge impact on our vitality and happiness.






Here I am going to make sure that I am keeping my blood and lymph moving around my body and not getting stagnant and slow like it is probably feeling about now by doing some really simply cardio.

I’ll go for a walk OR do some star jumps and high knee’s in my lounge room if it keeps raining.

I will also commit to my Yoga stretching at least once a day.  I do a set of the same stretches each morning that I know switch my body on and prepare it for the day ahead. (If you want me to put in some images of the daily stretches I do please let me know by commenting below or sending an email to and Ill add them to the blog)


This is a bit like Fuel and a very personalised element however we do recommend moving your body every single day in some way.  Might just be taking the stairs instead of the lift OR lifting weights as you watch TV but it’s a great idea to do something every single day.  That way you can’t use the excuse of it being your day off either.

Stretching for me is a BIG Not Negotiable especially as its so simple and quick.






Here I will firstly STOP using really hot water for my showers/baths.  This is the fastest way to dehydrate and dry out your skin.  If your bathroom is cold take a small heater in and warm it up so that you don’t feel tempted to turn the heat up like I have been.

Ill remember (or REALLY REALLY try to) dry body brush before EVERY shower I take.

Read more about Dry Body Brushing here.

I will use SMOOTH body polish before my showers maybe twice a week – just gently to remove the dry lifeless skin and to leave my skin coated in delicious oil which protects and softens my skin.

For some extra info on all things polishing see our blog here;

Once or maybe twice a week – Ill gently warm up some Jojoba oil – add some Lavender and Sandalwood too it and massage it into my scalp, put a shower cap on and leave it to work its magic overnight.

For my hands Ill use gloves as often as possible when using water especially warm water to make sure they don’t get any worse (this is actually SO important!) and Ill rub some jojoba or body butter into them during the day too.

As for my face ill stick to my usual routine – I never skip my face it’s the rest of my body that tends to get a wee bit more neglected when it’s cold – and cleanse with a cream or oil cleanser – and follow with Restore Serum which I will use twice a day instead of just the once like I am now.


Hmmmm another tricky one without personalising it – hence the reason we are going to start running workshops and retreats to help you guys with this because skin care isn’t a one size fits all deal.

Body Brushing once a day is super beneficial.

Not using super-hot water – always a good idea.

Id only polish once a week at the most once the healing has taken place.  If you love the feeling of a body scrub and want to do it more often you can use softer mediums like flour – besan/chickpea flour is used daily by Yogi’s to keep their skin soft and smooth.

Warm oil scalp treatments are SO relaxing and if you have time a beautiful addition to your skincare rituals.

Daily face ritual – a forever Not Negotiable.

Does this all sound easy or would you guys like some video tutorials on stuff like this??

If you would PLEASE let us know as we are planning to do some but can absolutely start here if that is something that would help you guys out?

If any of you want a more specific treatment plan for something you are wanting to heal and restore yourselves, please do let us know – we’d love to help wherever we can.

Call us on 1300 LOVE SKIN or email

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

Till next time beauties..

MUCH love

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