Our workshops are a little different to the standard “home party” you might have experienced in the past. Our intention is that once you have spent some time with one of our experienced and trained Skinologists, you will feel confident, and more importantly, excited and empowered about taking your health and wellbeing into your own hands. The best part… Your Skinologist becomes your personal point of contact and will continue to provide you with everything you need to help you enJOY finally taking care of YOU

Our entire range of products will be on display to touch, feel & smell at all of our workshops. However, as mentioned above, our intention is to help you gain more of an understanding around our philosophy that “Great Skin Begins Within”. The topics are always changing to keep the workshops current and exciting and will revolve around our 5 elements of Great Skin which are:

This is where we chat about all the things we use on the outside i.e. products and the ingredients we put in them – why do we use them and what is their role in the product. Plus other things like body brushing, coconut oil, exfoliation etc…

All things nutrition. We chat here about ways to fuel your body rather than feed it. Why we avoid refined white foods and sugar MOST of the time. What does the theory 90/10 mean and why is it important? How do we stay hydrated and what is all the fuss about water?

This is where we focus on how we FEEL. Are we grounded and using our energy for the right things?? Are we resting and taking time out for ourselves? Are we looking after ourselves first? Are we being present with the people that matter to us enough? This is where we help you find soul-FULL clarity!

This is about why it’s important to keep our primary mode of transport strong, flexible and lean and hints and tips on cool ways to do that. We can do very little if our body decides to stop moving. We NEED to treat it with the respect it deserves.

Our brain is a muscle just like those in our arms and legs and we have to move it or lose it! We also need to fill it only with positive and calming thoughts… In this element we will chat about how, what, when and most importantly WHY…. Let’s become experts of the amazing machine that drives our every thought -because “thoughts” equal “things” and so we only wanna choose the good ones!

Hostess Rewards

We reward our workshop hostesses a little differently to other Home Party favourites. We believe that you should be rewarded immediately for welcoming us into your home – not only once certain sales targets or party bookings are met.

skincare consultant

15% off

The retail value of any Bubbles skincare products you order for yourself at your party.

organic skin care

10% off

organic skin care

Your Hostess Treatment & Gift

On receipt of the payment for your party sales you will also receive:

For every additional Workshop booking taken at your workshop, you will also receive an additional 5% off your own skincare order.