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So you wanna know a bit more about becoming a Skinologist??

Before we get started – there are 3 crucial things you need to know about us as a company first;

We do hugs, we do high fives, we say ‘YAY!’, and we dance – in public – with everyone watching – with no music – get great news or just feel called to it or remember how amazing life is… We do light and we do fun. We have zero interest in heavy, melodramatic or gossip.

We put family first. This goes for us and it goes for you. We will always prioritise our most important people and we will encourage and support you to do the same.

We don’t really do the whole work/personal life boundaries thing – we are sharers – some might even say over sharers. We put our whole hearts into everything that we do and we consider the people we work with family so you will need to be ok with joining that big extended ‘work family’of ours.

If what’s above excites you then please do keep reading

I found bubbles in 2017 whilst browsing the internet for a detox for my skin. As I beauty therapist, I knew what I was looking for in a quality product and I found that in bubbles. I have been a Skinologist for bubbles now for over a year. My clients love their products as do I; I have regular orders. The incentive is fantastic and definitely worth my while. No minimum orders, no pressure of sales targets and everything is at my own pace. The support from Kate & Mel at HQ has been fantastic.. only a text, call or email away. ~ Kate Schaffer

In Yoga and Ayurveda it is said that all life – humans, animals, tree’s and even the more solid things like clothing, houses and food etc – is made up from the five fundamental elements or Pancha Mahabhutas – which are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Together –they are the core building blocks of what connects us to everything around us. So to honour this ancient life principle – we have used these elements to help describe and explore what being a Skinologist might mean to you;

  • EARTH: Comfort, certainty, community, grounding, financial freedom, abundance, manifestation, family, HOME
  • WATER: Creativity, connection, adaptability, fluidity, softness, compassion. Be the water, not the rock.
  • FIRE: Action, transformation, passion, self-love, drive, discipline, dedication, Inspiration, growth.
  • AIR: Motion, expansion, rhythm, grace, mobility, intention setting, visualising, the power of the mind.
  • SPACE: Pure possibility and unlimited potential, stillness, awareness, vastness, openness, wisdom. A place where magic happens.

Yeah, we know.

It’s not what you expect to find under ‘Position Description” but we know that the right people will see what we see or more accurately – what we want them to see….


This is no ordinary ‘position’ and we are no ordinary company.

We do things differently.

We come from the heart and our dream is BIG so it’s important that the right women ‘see’ the magic that’s hidden in our words.

Still wondering if you are the right fit??

bubbles skin consultant
If you answer YES to 4 or more of the following please keep reading.
Do you;
  • see the world through the same rose-coloured glasses as we do
  • want to experience all the beauty life has to offer
  • love adventures (we have lots planned)
  • find real satisfaction in making other people feel good
  • want real connection, real conversations, in a real safe supported space.

You have probably now worked out that we are people who say things like ‘sprinkle fairy dust’ but we are also really diligent savvy business women so here are a few fun ‘business’ like facts you might be wondering about;

Yes – you pretty much have limitless money-making potential
Yes – we will provide you with training and support. (The training is NEXT level too btw. We even hired an extraordinary and genuine sales genius to write that part for us just in case you really wanna take this thing by the horns…)
Yes – you choose how much or how little you work.
Yes – you can choose to simply sell products to friends and family and keep this a hobby or side business – we are mums – we totally get that phase and how important it is to have something that is just for you.
No – we don’t do hard sell because quite frankly it sucks and doesn’t work.
No – we don’t hold your commission if you don’t book ‘2 or more workshops’ – that is annoying and again doesn’t work.

And YES – we will answer any other questions you have so if this has you feeling like a little giddy with excitement and you NEED TO KNOW MORE please fill in your details in the area below and your information will go directly to Mel (one of the founders and owners of Bubbles) and she will be in touch with what happens next…

Our Next Intake Will Open February 2022

(but send us your details below and we will contact you then)

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Lastly – if becoming a Skinologist isn’t really your thang but you think you might like to use one of our extraordinary girls to take care of all your skincare needs please click here and we will arrange a connection *