THE LOVE SHACK has been a vision of Kate’s (the founder of Bubbles) for longer than she can remember & it dates back to when her own sister was being treated for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma almost 13 years ago at Brisbane’s Mater Hospital.  On top of the emotional & financial strain & the sheer exhaustion of the whole situation, Kate’s Mum & sister had to spend 2 weeks of each month in hospital with sometimes 10 or more other children & their parents.

THE LOVE SHACK will be the home away from home for the families of children with long term & terminal illnesses. There will be lots of quiet nooks & crannies for reflection & time alone, or if company is what you need, there will be volunteers to lend an ear & a great kitchen table to sit around together & share a delicious coffee or herbal tea.  There will be yoga & meditation workshops + regular massage therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists & more to guide the families with their ongoing health & wellbeing.  There will even be beauty therapists to make sure these super mums remember they deserve some attention too!

We are big believers in smiling & laughing being a very valuable medicine so there will be an in home cinema with all the best comedies (& a few dramas too!), boardgames galore, a library filled with great books & who could forget wii sports!

When the time is right for the THE LOVE SHACK to become a reality, we will invite investors to join us on this life changing, long overdue & essential home that will be filled with dreams, hopes, fun & most of all LOVE.