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Mel and I have both been told, on several occasions, that we were white witches in not just one, but many, of our previous lives.

Yep it seems we were drowned and burned at the stake time and time again for creating potions and elixirs to help heal those who came to see us for our magical remedies.

So we are feeling pretty grateful to be able to do it without the fear of death this time round.

We know that’s why we have always been drawn to the idea of customised skincare.

Why we have never been able to drop the idea of creating a product where people get to choose which oils they use each day to support both their physical and emotional states.

It’s probably also why we had perfection hang up’s that delayed it being ready wayyyy before now.

Every single thing we do comes from a heart space, but this feels even deeper if that’s possible.

This feels like it’s infused with our life force energy.

And by that I don’t mean the reiki we intentionally fill all of our products with – I mean the hours of heart storming, planning, perfecting and reshaping that has turned this into everything we have dreamed of.

And SO much more.

Welcome to a new paradigm in Skincare.
A place where your skin and soul collide to create a more wholehearted, higher vibrating you.
What If…
  • Your skin care was also your mindfulness practice…?
  • You felt empowered and confident to heal, restore and maintain your skin and any conditions that popped up?
  • You had skin whisperers you could contact to get support and help if you did need it?
  • You could feel calmer, more present and more eager about life simply by tweaking your current daily skincare rituals?
  • want real connection, real conversations, in a real safe supported space.

You can.

With Skin Potions.

Intentional skin care that combines mindfulness practice, intuition, pure essential oils & organic bases to create a simple yet sacred daily ritual that will awaken your soul and love up your skin.

As a user and lover of Bubbles products already, I was so excited to be a part of their experimental journey that is Skin Potions.

Whether it was in a cleanse, mask, exfoliate, moisturiser, massage or compress process, it was both fun and interesting learning and experimenting with what my skin liked best. Plus the user-friendly postcards on each individual essential oil, keep it quick and fuss free.

Incorporating Skin Potions into my routine, meant my skin survived Winter perfectly last year! Not a sign of dryness. It felt consistently hydrated and fresh and has done throughout the entire experience.

I love that Kate & Mel are so passionate about what they make and do, and I love that it helps makes me feel empowered about looking after my skin. Simple to use, yet still so luxurious.

A huge part of my daily self care….  Natasha, 42

skin self care

The overwhelm of ‘fitting it all in’ is becoming something we simply accept we are always going to feel.

Well F that.

That is no way to live and it’s a fact that the feeling associated with emotions, like guilt and overwhelm, will switch the chemical composition of your body from alkaline to acidic in 10 seconds flat.

(Please imagine me clicking my fingers quite ferociously right now for extra impact – like BOOM!)

Skin Potions lets you take 2 of the things from your list and smash them out together in as little as 5 minutes per day.

If we are going to be cleaning and moisturising our skin anyway – we figured why not mash that up with a short mindfulness ritual so we can tick two things off at once.

Oh that feeling of ticking things off your list instead of adding more on.

It’s rare right?

So, we MUST take advantage of it where we can.

And in true marketing fashion….

BUT wait – there’s more!

Not only are you getting your Zen on while you wash away the day – you are also intentionally choosing which essential oils to use based on the incredible properties of purposefully chosen skin specific oils.

Oils that will work their magic on both your skin and your soul.

You get to choose how big you go.

You can keep it super super simple and use our “already mixed up for you” blends


You can go BIG and buy as many individual oils as your little heart desires and create your own little masterpiece blends every day of the week.


You might sit somewhere in the middle and do a bit of mixing and blending here and there alongside our Bubbles essentials that you already use and love.

Tote’s up to you.

And we have your back whichever way you decide to go.

And guess what?! There is STILL more.

We have done up 5 little video’s to get you started and to kinda hold your hand while you and your new products get acquainted.

You will be feeling all confident and savvy faster than you are thinking right now because at the base of this – it’s about you knowing YOU and what YOU need.

And we all instinctively do – we have just forgotten to tune in and ask.

Let’s get back to our roots and start loving ourselves more and proving that with the self-care we CHOOSE to gift ourselves with each and every day.

Your happiness begins and ends with YOU and right here – right now you can begin to shift into a higher gear (and frequency) by taking 5 easy and really enjoyable minutes to reconnect with yourself.

I love that it’s natural. I love that it’s Aussie owned and made. I love that Kate & Mel are so passionate about what they make and do; and I love that it helps makes me feel empowered about looking after my skin!

Here are the kits you can choose from:



I want it all – please

OR you can buy them one by one until you have collected all of them –
because you are going to want too once you start.

Welcome to Skin Potions.

We are SO happy to have you.

The selection of oils you can choose from…