Skin Potions 101

Skin Potions 101.


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First things first. 

ALL essential oils need to be used alongside a carrier or base oil when you are using them on your skin.  There are a few exceptions – one that we will mention a bit later on but the others don’t really apply to this type of use so for Skin Potions – lets stick to ALWAYS using a good base oil. 

You can choose up to 3 different essential oils for each step of your routine.  You can choose just one essential oils, choose 2 or 3 and and create a blend OR alternatively – you can choose to use one of the three pre-made blends we have on offer. 

More than 3 oils in a blend isn’t an extra benefit in anyway.  Both physically and emotionally, it gets kinda confusing and technical when more than 3 oils are used so seeing as though this is supposed to be an easy intentional process – let’s stick to 2-3 oils per product/method.

There is a maximum number of drops of essential oils per based on the amount of carrier oil you are using and we will cover that shortly.  We have also included what we lovingly refer to as the ‘stop light’ method info to help you learn very quickly which oils you can use more of and which you need to use VERY sparingly as they are overpowering both in nature and in scent.  Some of this is just a live and learn situation and from our experience that’s sometimes the most effective way to learn anyway. 


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The two most commonly used ways to choose oils are; 

  1. An information/knowledge based decision OR
  2. An intuitive decision. 

Choosing based on the information we offer and/or your own knowledge 

Each of the oils that we sell comes with a two sided, postcard sized, information card.  

One side refers to the physical/topical benefits of that oil and the other to the emotional/energetic benefits. 

This option is where you either read the information we provide and/or draw on the knowledge you already have on each of these oils and simply choose the oil/s that match most closely to what you need based on the properties they offer. 

If you are new to oils –  our cards are a great place to start because there is A LOT of information out there and we have kept it short and succinct and used what we consider the most beneficial content. 

Choosing Intuitively

This is kinda how I do life.  The more I ask me what is best for me – whilst simultaneously remembering that knowledge is important – the more aligned and peaceful I feel. 

If this is something you are already comfortable with – you can simply use whichever technique you use and ask away. 

There are two ways I choose oils intuitively; 

Both of these begin with me closing my eyes and taking 1-3 deep breaths to help me feel like I am in a neutral space emotionally… 

  1. I shuffle the information cards as if I am shuffling my oracle cards and I select however many cards I need for the blend I am making.  If I am making a cleanser I usually stick with one oil and if I am making a correction product to massage into my skin or leave on my skin – I usually choose 3 so they work synergistically. 
  2. I put all of my essential oil bottles in front of me OR I put my selected few that I am finding it hard to choose from and I let my hands pick the oils for me.  This is my personal favourite way of choosing. 


Our carrier oil of choice is Jojoba Oil. 

You can use this Australian grown magical oil as a cleanser, moisturiser and/or massage medium. 

It can be used alone or blended with oils. 

Both are equally as amazing. 


skin potion jojoba oil

Handy Hint – If you are using a oils – take their lids off and place the open bottles in front of you.  Trying to remove a lid when you have Jojoba in the palm of your hand is a bit tricky.  

Pop about a 10-cent piece pump of jojoba oil into your palm. 

To this much oil you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil safely.  You will work out how much you like as you go. Some oils are very potent so for example using 3 drops of Rose is very different to using 3 drops of Geranium – more on that soon. 

If an extra drop or two accidentally drips out which it will until you work out the fast drippers and the slower drippers – it’s all good.  Just add a bit more jojoba and massage the extra oil you have into anywhere else on your body.  Trust me your elbows and knees love it. 


Same as above except you might choose to use a little less Jojoba/carrier oil. 

If you use say a 5c piece amount of jojoba then drop back to 2 oils. Remember you want to use this all the way down your décolletage (neck and chest) too so 10c is usually perfect.   


As above again – if you want to use a little more – say a 20c piece – stick to 3 drops maximum of essential oils.  Zero need for more than that especially for use on the face. 


Some essential oils though very safe to use can be really over powering and even though the other oils chosen will be having the positive effect they promise on the skin and/or mind – it can be a little off putting when one is way more intense than the others so lets have a look at which ones we need to be a little more careful with!

We are going to put them into 3 categories – just like I learned way back when I did my Diploma.  We are going to have a RED group, an AMBER group and a GREEN group and we need to treat them just like Traffic lights!  At RED oils we STOP and make sure we are safe to go forward, at AMBER oils we proceed with caution and with GREEN oils we are pretty much good to go!

RED oils

Geranium – this oil has a very overpowering aroma and even one drop can change the scent of a product especially in the amount you will be using – the oil itself is safe but when too much is used – it can make people get a bit headachy.  SO STOP check how fast it comes out and use one drop maximum of this oil in any of the above options.  

Vetiver  – this oil is also as Geranium – VERY overpowering – the oil itself is safe but when too much is used – it can make people get a bit headachy.  It is also very thick and will be slow to come out – you may even find it easier to remove the dripper and use a separate dripper to decant it.  (We will also be able to supply you with these in bulk).  Maximum one drop per blend.

Cypress – this could probably be in AMBER but I feel the smell is quite intense and I know that some people find it that way so I have decided to be safe and pop it in here instead.  All of the above again applies – 1 drop max per blend.

Sandalwood – If you don’t know already there is a world shortage of Sandalwood atm so this is very important as it is expensive for us to buy which means it is expensive for you to buy so we need to put it here so that you are aware of that.  It is a completely safe oil and at 25% dilution in Jojoba is completely safe to use but it does have a strong aroma and you only need a very small amount so stick with one drop for now.

AMBER oils

Frankincense – This like most Amber oils is quite safe – it does have quite a powerful aroma so we still need to tread carefully when using it.  It is very woody and exotic and one of my absolute favourites – You could go to 2 drops with this oil but one is probably enough.

Rosemary – Mmmm this is a gorgeous oil with so many benefits.  It has quite a strong aroma which is why it is an Amber oil.  In a massage blend where you are adding 5 drops you could add 2 drops which is mainly where you would be using Rosemary otherwise just the one would be plenty.

Tea Tree – Another great oil that is strong in aroma – lots of people relate tea tree to cleaning products as it is great as an antiseptic and truly is First Aid in a bottle.  Because of its strength be cautious and one drop is usually enough.

Jasmine – Our Jasmine is blended at 3% potency in Jojoba oil which makes it fairly safe to use however it can be quite overpowering so we still recommend that 2 drops is the maximum used.

Rose  – Again like its sister oil Jasmine – this oil is blended at 3% in Jojoba and is very safe to use however can be overpowering when too much is added – stick with 2 drops of this one.

GREEN oils

Roman Chamomile – a superstar of an oil!  Also blended at 3% in Jojoba it is very safe to use and has a gentle aroma so you can add a full 3 drops of this oil if you should choose to – however it is always best to create a synergy with another oil and increase the benefits of both!  Lavender and Roman Cham work SO well together!

Lavender – This is one of the most well known and also one of the safest oils to use – it can be used direct on the skin – the is especially beneficial on a burn – apply immediately after the incident as occurred!  It can be strong however so check with your client how they feel about it – safe to use on its own but blended will increase the benefits.  I would use a maximum of 3 drops per blend so in the 50ml jojoba always mix with something else.

Orange – YUMMY – the oil that promotes happiness!  Again this can be used up to 3 drops safely but it has got quite a strong aroma so two is probably enough.  REMEMBER when adding to a massage oil that this oil is photosensitive so always apply sun protection.

Bergamot – Such an amazing oil!  As with Orange – you could use up to 3 drops however 2 is probably enough – Bergamot is a great oil on its own as a cleanser – you would advise your client to use the compress method – again photosensitive so please apply sun protection.

Lemon – As above – safe to use up to 3 drops but it can be overpowering so 2 is recommended – blend with Lavender for a really lovely unique fresh scent to help create a sense of calm and increase productivity – nice little tip right. And again – photosensitive – please apply sun protection.

AND last but absolutely not least – MINDFULLNESS and where does it fit in??

skin potions massage

You are probably thinking – ahhhhh that’s enough info for me to digest thanks very much BUT this is the part – and I actually can confidently promise you this – that will change the way you see ‘skincare’ forever. 

So we have done a super simple breath work recording (with more planned to come) that you will receive via email when you purchase your first Skin Potions product. 

It’s a 90 second breath work track where I walk you through a simply inhale exhale practice.  

These recordings are simple reminders to breathe in and out, to relax your shoulders, eyes and jaw etc.  There is no music simply because I couldn’t work out how to do it in time but I will – hopefully soon LOL. 

You simply press play as you are beginning whichever part of your skincare routine you are using it alongside.  I like to use it when I am cleansing so I feel calm from the get go. 

LIFE changing. 

PS – If you need more info you can book a FREE 10 minute chat with us here. 

PPS – OR you can read more about essential oils here.