Reconnect your dry, flaky, irritated skin with our one step remedy….

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This month we are talking all things connection… Connection is as Brene Brown so fabulously describes “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” This not only applies to human nature but it also applies to our skin…

It is getting cooler and when the weather cools down there is usually some sort of change or reaction in our skin. The most common side effect of the decrease in temperatures is less skin oil or sebum which means our skin is dryer and tighter resulting potentially in sensitivity, flakiness and irritation… not ideal right!

When you skin is all of the above things where we need to focus our attention is – yep you guessed it – connection!

Our skin is made up of trillions of skin cells all moving and grooving through different layers right up to our Epidermis. Our Epidermis is the layer of skin you can see. As you know we believe that Great Skin Begins Within and every ailment you are experiencing on the outside of the skin relates to something that is happening on the inside but it is also important that we protect and nourish our skin topically while we get to the bottom of the real issue…


Lavender oil is the GO TO oil for SO many different skin conditions and ailments – it is a MUST for every natural first aid cabinet too…!

There are many different reasons why our skin cement (or interstitual fluid) is effected causing the dryness and flakiness like environmental factors, lifestyle choices and toxins found in the food we eat and some skincare and cleaning products – eliminating the reason your skin is dry and flaky is ALWAYS the most important step but while you are working that out, there is one very special essential oil that loves to ‘reconnect’ it and begin the healing process..

Yes good old Lavender saves the day again! Lavender reconnects the dermis (the layer just under the Epidermis) and epidermis, especially when the skin ‘cement’ has been removed. When talking reconnection Lavender is even more effective when blended with Sandalwood because they work in synergy and become even more powerful than when used alone. You simply add these oils to a skin specific carrier oil and you can use that blend on your skin as often as you like!

To make that step even easier for you – check out our new Customised Jojoba Blends. We give you the option of choosing up to 3 essential oils that we will prepare and add to Jojoba oil for you so that it is all mixed up correctly and ready to go as soon as you receive it – easy right! You can choose all the elements yourself OR you can book a complimentary ‘chat’ with one of our trained skinologists to help you decide which oils you should choose… As part of our complimentary service, we can also help get you started on working out the cause with our Healthy Skin Action Plans. We are all about keeping skin care simple because you have enough to think about already… let us cross one thing off that list for you… Here is an link to some more information on our Customised Blends if you are interested..

Until next time