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A blend of nourishing and soothing oils, butters and clay to give your skin a well deserved weekly break from all the things that can have you feeling stressed, upset and off balance in any way.  (PS – you can use your mask more than once a week but once a week is a good general suggestion..)

Simply take a scoop with your fingers or a brush and apply a generous layer to clean skin.  You can apply to your whole face OR you can apply to specific area’s that you know need more love and attention.  Leave it sit on the skin for about 15-20mins minimum (you can leave it on as long as you wish) and use this time to do something that you love.  Listen to your favourite music, write a letter to a friend, read a book or maybe try our mindfullness ritual that you would have received with your purchase…

This mask is formulated using organic clay and oils to make sure that only the best more pure ingredients are going INTO your skin.  Notice we didn’t say ONTO because everything you put ON your skin ends up IN your skin…

It is extra beneficial (but NOT essential) to use a mask after your exfoliate your skin so maybe try that once a week.  If you don’t have our exfoliator you can simply add half a tspn of coconut or raw sugar to 1 pump of your oil blend and use that.

If you feel like you would benefit from some extra help remember that we are offering FREE 15 minute consultations which you can book right here!





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