Hydrate Face Lotion


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Quench your skin’s thirst with a lotion light enough to use whenever you like. Blended using premium oils and Certified Organic Aloe Vera to help retain moisture and hydrate your skin. Slow signs of ageing and soothe the irritation of dry skin with Borage Oil to help regulate skin hydration. Firm and revitalize your skin while Green Tea extract protects your healthy skin cells and fights free radicals.

This lotion is a great base for makeup leaving no oily residue and will also help relieve skin after sun exposure. An ideal day cream for all skin types and a great day & night cream for young, normal & oily skin types.

Created with…

Aloe Vera Juice – Extremely hydrating – helps retain moisture, relieves irritation and inflammation of the skin, cooling, increases collagen production, contains vitamins A, B, B6, C & E – helpful in preserving product, wound healing.

Borage Oil – Highest known content of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, excellent skin conditioner, regulates skin hydration, emollient and moisturising, temporarily firms and revitalises.

Green Tea Extract – High in anti-oxidants to fight free radicals, tonic for ageing skin, diminishes appearance of wrinkles, astringent, calming and refreshing.

Palmarosa Essential Oil – ON THE SKIN – hydrates, promoting healthy skin and relieving acne. ON THE MIND – It will help you let go of the ‘old’ and prepare for the ‘new’ – if we constantly adapt and change success is assured.

Frankincense Essential Oil – ON THE SKIN – Natures very own pro-age secret – it will help soften lines and restore tone to slackened skin. ON THE MIND – it will help you protect your space from fear and worry or anything that drains your precious energy stores. Feel PROTECTED AND FREE!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil – ON THE SKIN – it will help soften thickened skin while cleansing and refreshing. Its also great for open pores and for dissolving clogging. ON THE MIND – Remove all seriousness from your life and let laughter back in. Lighten up and enJOY life.

Sandalwood Essential Oil – ON THE SKIN – skin prone to allergies and frequent break out’s is regenerated and healed. Promotes elasticity while strengthening and building resilience. ON THE MIND – Allow yourself to be still. Strong and free of other peoples negativity and fears.

Available in 125ml

Ingredients: Queensland spring water, *aloe vera leaf juice, *macadamia oil, natural vitamin E, olive emulsifier, borage oil, *glycerine, parfum (natural preservative), *green tea extract, *carrageenan extract, *palmarosa, sandalwood, *frankincense and *sweet orange essential oils, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, positive energy.

* Certified Organic Ingredients

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Weight 125 g


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