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100% Certified Organic oils that have been chosen specifically for their ability to calm & soothe the skin have been used in this ‘anything goes’ balm. Zinc Oxide helps soothe the skin from itching, rashes, and moist skin conditions like under a wet nappy! Chamomile & Calendula, two of the best known healing herbs will ease minor skin irritations & inflammations including general abrasions. Also great for chafing, windburn and sore nipples! You will fall in love with this ‘Absolutely Essential’ balm.

Like the name suggests this is a multifunctional balm!! It’s in our baby range because it was made initially as a nappy balm for Kate’s son however it has been used on just about everything else since then! It is a fantastic bottom balm and will soothe, calm and help prevent nappy rash. It is also fantastic to use on your nipples while breastfeeding to keep them soft and reduce inflammation. Every ingredient used in this balm is Certified Organic apart from the Zinc Oxide so it is as close to nature as possible!

We chose to use Zinc Oxide in this balm because when we spoke to a large group of Mums we found that most believed that balms/creams containing Zinc were more healing and helped prevent nappy rash with more success than those without. Zinc oxide helps heal the skin from itching, rashes, and moist skin conditions such as the skin under a wet nappy! It is useful for wound healing, acts as an astringent and also helps with the treatment of acne. It controls inflammations and relieves the skin against irritations. It is known widely as an ingredient used in sun protection creams however please note the percentage used in this balm is NOT enough to provide protection against UV-A & UV-B rays.

We have heard stories since of it being used for so many other reasons. For cuts, abrasions, rashes – even as protection under arms before surfing to prevent chafing! The best part is that it is safe to use just about anywhere and more often than not – fixes the problem!

If you find something else that it works on – please let us know so we can keep adding to the ever growing list of beneficial uses! ENJOY!!

Available in 45gm and 95gm

Ingredients: *macadamia oil, *beeswax, *shea butter, zinc oxide, *calendula infused oil with *olive oil, *glycerine, purified water, *calendula extract, *chamomile extract, *roman chamomile and *lavender essential oils, parfum (natural preservative), potassium sorbate, positive energy.

* Certified Organic Ingredients.

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