Product Pricing

Something that was really important to us before establishing this company was being able to provide a high quality natural product at an affordable and reasonable price. There would be no point having a beautiful range of skincare products if nobody could afford or justify paying for them.

Prices of skincare ranges vary so greatly that it can be difficult for consumers to know if they are getting value for money or where the extra money goes on some of the higher priced products. The only solution is to research the products, their ingredients and the company selling them.

In some cases you will find that every cent can be justified and that you are paying a realistic price – in others this won’t be the case. We obviously cannot speak for anyone else, but we can tell you how we are able to maintain affordable and reasonable prices on products that contain premium & first class ingredients.

We are family owned and run so we can keep staffing expenses to a minimum with less chance of turnover and staff changes. We are looking to expand into the world of home parties in the near future using contractors so other than a few set up costs this will not effect our bottom line costs or the prices of our products.

We use Australian suppliers for every item we use with the exception of the micro fibre cloths (PS – if you are an Australian supplier of this item – please contact us as we were unable to find one!!) – this reduces costs that would come with importing, postage and travel from using more overseas suppliers.

We have no shop fronts. Our only costs are maintaining a website and a bit of travel to and from any markets we choose to visit.

We use other small business’s & friends for marketing, printing, editing, web & label design etc to keep these costs reasonable.

Skincare is our passion and the more people we can help to start really understanding and caring for their skin the better! By keeping our costs to a minimum we can maintain affordable and reasonably priced skincare that is natural, effective and full of premium ingredients to revitalise and keep your skin healthy and strong.