Product Care

Using and storing a natural product is a little different to one with synthetic ingredients – and looking after your product properly will maintain and even extend its shelf life. Our products are as fresh as the food you eat so they need to be treated with a bit more care. Here are some tips for caring for a natural product:

  • Store your products out of direct sunlight and heat. We use Amber packaging to help keep out most of the light however storage is very important for maintaining shelf life
  • Store products under 30c – a nice dark cupboard is a great place!
  • Use a spatula & clean hands when using products – especially those in jars to avoid contamination and always put the lid back on!
  • You can leave your products in the fridge to help extend shelf life.
  • You may notice that some products separate slightly – if this happens, simply shake or mix as this is only because we use a more natural emulsifier.
  • The shelf life of each product is different – on the products with more certified organic ingredients we have chosen a 6 months shelf life from opening however this is the minimum timeframe and most of our products will last 12 – 18 months if cared for properly.

If you have any questions regarding caring for your products please contact us.

Another important thing to mention is that as all of our products contain essential oils and different plant & fruit extracts, it is always recommended to do a patch test if you have allergy prone or sensitive skin.

We manufacture our products in small batches more frequently to help ensure their freshness and the longest possible shelf life.