Praise & Raves

Don’t let us tell you how fabulous we are –
we’ll let our clients and customers tell you!

Bubbles Organic is everything I look for in a skincare line. I was first introduced to Bubbles in 2009 when my first child was born and quickly became addicted!
Since opening my beauty studio in 2010, Bubbles has been my product of choice, being used in all my skin and body treatments as I get simply amazing results. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 17 years and used many products, but I truly believe with Bubbles Organic I’m providing the best care for my clients’ skin and wellbeing, which compliments everything I stand for in skincare.

Gemma Sheehan 32, mum and owner of Signature Creations Beauty Clinic

Not only is Kate an amazingly astute businesswoman, with brilliant ideas and the capability to make them a reality, she is also a fabulous person who really understands people and her products reflect that. Her innovation, drive to succeed through bettering her industry, passion and dedication are surpassed by none. And best of all, you can’t help but smile with you chat with her – and learn alot! Kate has helped my business, Get Threaded, grow amazingly over the past year through the very innovative services we’ve created together and her amazing products.

Liz See owner of Get Threaded

I have been a qualified beauty therapist for 14 years. I have worked in very prestigious salons and am now running a successful studio salon from home. I use Bubbles Organic personally and professionally as well as recommending it to my clientele. Bubbles Organic is a wonderful range. I love the smell and feel of every product. The modern packaging and affordability is very appealing to my clientele. And Bubbles caters for not only the whole body and mind but the whole family. I also love that owner Kate loves her product. So much care and time goes into making every product absolutely perfect. I find Bubbles a very professional company to deal with. They are efficient, helpful and caring. I don’t say it often but I trust Bubbles Organic as a company and their products as well.

Myleigh Taylor owner of Myleigh’s

Bubbles is everything I have ever wanted in skincare. Being a parent of a cancer baby made me become more aware of what we put in and on our bodies. All the nasty chemicals in the mainstream skincare products suddenly scared the wits out of me and trying to find a good all natural skincare product that I could trust was really hard. The supermarkets had some but I never really knew what was in them – and then I found Bubbles. All natural, luxuriously smelling, affordable. I love all the products and I am constantly recommending them to everyone who will listen.

Corinne stay-at-home mum, aged 35

I love the fragrance of the whole product range. The natural ingredients leave my skin light and fresh and have helped to minimise pigmentation that I suffered after pregnancy. I have been using Bubbles products for more than four years now and I won’t be changing any time soon.

Bernadette aged 32

The service and communication I’ve received from Bubbles has been great. They’re friendly while also being professional. It’s awesome buying independent, Australian-made and owned organic products.

Simone aged 31