OXI – what?? WHY understanding Oxidisation can prevent premature ageing…

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You all know that when you cut an apple it goes brown right?? And if you choose not to paint a tin shed it rusts yes??
But do you understand why?
The apple and the tin have oxidised… They were inadequately PROTECTED from their environment and more importantly from FREE RADIALS…

The same thing is happening to your skin....!

The same thing is happening to your skin….!

We do have to cover some science to help you understand this properly… its important though, so please keep reading…

Some of you may have heard the term ‘FREE RADICALS’ before – some of you might even know what they are – for those who don’t here is a quick definition;

Free Radical – an atom or group of atoms with at least one unpaired electron; in the body it is usually an oxygen molecule that has lost an electron and will stabilize itself by stealing an electron from a nearby molecule; “in the body free radicals are high-energy particles that ricochet wildly and damage cells”

Basically one electron stealing atom initiates a continual cycle of electron stealing atoms. You see healthy atoms have even/balanced numbers of electrons so when a crazy unbalanced atom steals an electron from a cruisey healthy atom – that atom may now have balanced numbers but it has created another unbalanced atom in its wake! Plus on top of that, the atom that now has a stolen electron may have an even number again but this new electron will never quite match the other electrons that were already part of the atom so it becomes a damaged atom regardless of the fact that it now has balanced electrons again – Phew! I hope that makes sense!

This free radical damage is why scars and lines stay even though our skin replaces itself every 28 days – the damage is programmed into our cells and the DNA is altered to replicate the damage.

Prevention is ALWAYS easier than cure... Use Antioxidants on the inside and out daily... x

Prevention is ALWAYS easier than cure… Use Antioxidants on the inside and out daily… x

To prevent free radical damage also referred to as oxidative damage, the best way is to protect and therefore PREVENT…

How do we stop the apple going brown?
A – we put it in a airtight container or use lemon juice

How do we stop the tin shed from rusting?
A – we paint it!

The answer to stopping free radicals attacking your skin is ANTI OXIDANTS!

Think of the words – Anti – Oxidant – Anti which means to be opposed to and oxidant – SO – anti oxidants stop the oxidisation process or the free radical damage by providing that missing electron so your atoms don’t go on an electron stealing rampage! It really is that simple!

Our Be Hydrated Face Mist is jam-packed with antioxidants and was created purposefully for this reason. It can be spritzed onto the face whenever and as often as you like to ensure that you have plenty of those extra electrons for your body to use.. Its also SUPER hydrating with Certified Organic Aloe Vera and it can even be used over make up – in fact if you use a mineral make up it will help set and lengthen the coverage time as well – WIN WIN!


We can also help eliminate Free Radicals with internal Antioxidants too and the best way to remember this is by using ABC… Foods naturally high in vitamins A B and C like berries, citrus fruits and pretty much all RED foods (Try these red foods: beetroot, tomato, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, red grapes, cranberries, red apples (skin on) are SUPER when it comes to preventing the oxidisation process from the inside and we all know that GREAT skin begins within…!

Using anti-oxidants daily will PROTECT your skin…

Till next time