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Our K.I.S.S. three minutes (or LESS!) skincare routine.

Because let’s be honest.  If I told you it was going to take you 40 minutes (or in my case even 15) to commit to a daily skincare routine most of you would either smile and agree and then walk away laughing at me under your breath OR you would love the idea and then only days later be left feeling potentially overwhelmed by it and then if you can’t find the time you’d feel guilty for not taking care of your skin properly.

We don’t want either of these things to happen.

That’s just silly.

My daily skincare rituals take me under 3 minutes.  I can probably smash them out in under 1minute if I wanted or needed too (which I don’t most of the time but more on meshing mindfullness with skincare next week) and it really shouldn’t be taking any of you much longer than that.

Here are our suggested ‘ON WAKING’ & ‘BEFORE SLEEP’ skincare routines/rituals.

NOTE – We have always and forever approached our routines as ON WAKING and BEFORE SLEEP.  This means that even those of you who have shift work jobs can use these same routines without having to get confused by ‘morning and night’.

Our cleansing stars.


If you have cleansed your skin right before going to bed the night before you do NOT need to cleanse your skin again the next morning.. This is something the beauty industry made up so you would use more product and they make more money.  The End.

Our first recommended step for on waking is to either spritz with a face mist or hydrosol OR to compress your skin with tepid water, a soft cloth and your chosen essential oil.  I LOVE this as the way to start my day – its an absolute addiction of mine.

Quick Compress instructions here;
Fill your basin with just enough tepid water to soak your face cloth.  Add 2-3 drops of yoru chosen oil – I love Bergamot in the morning as it is nature’s anti depressant so it lifts your energy and also calms any residue stress from the day before allowing you to quite literally start fresh each day.
Soak the cloth, gently wring it out leaving it quite damp and press gently into your face.  INHALE allllll the goodness and smile – then repeat as many times as you like.. I like to do it 3-4 times.
On the last compress – leave a bit more dampness on the skin so that when you pop on your cream or serum it can take hold of all that goodness and bury it deep into your skin as you massage it in… mmmmm YES!

You are now ready to start your day and go make magic happen.


Its the end of your day (whatever time that is for you) and you want to slide into bed and feel clean, grounded and ready to sleep.

First step – cleanse.

We have a variety of different cleanse options available depending on what you like.
In the picture I have used our Creamy Clean as that is our most popular way to cleanse.. I personally swap between that and Jojoba quite regularly depending on how Im feeling.

Massage your chosen cleanser into your face and décolletage making sure all the make up and daily build up of grime is cleansed from your pores and then use the same soft cloth with tepid water to gently remove the cleanser.   You can use the compress method here to cleanse too using Bergamot which is an incredible natural cleanser.

There is no need to ‘double cleanse’.   This too is another beauty trick to encourage more use of product and more money spent.  The only time you will need to double cleanse is if you wear quite heavy make up and you can still see and feel it on your skin after the first cleanse.  I wear a natural mineral make up plus mascara and brow powder every single day and I only ever cleanse once.

Once you have clean fresh skin you simply apply your chosen serum/moisturiser and massage or press that gently into again both your face and décolletage.

Sometimes I use our oil based serum and other times I use the cream – sometimes I use both.  All depends on the condition of my skin at the time and how Im feeling really.  One is enough in most cases but we also recommend both for some skin conditions we are helping people heal.

Now you can choose to add some short and VERY beneficial mindfullness steps into your skincare routine – they don’t even extend the time it takes by more than 1 minute and yet they make an incredible difference to your health and wellbeing.

We’ll chat more about that and some weekly routines very soon.


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