Ingredients we choose to use

We are often asked about natural ingredients, do they really work and what affect do they really have on the skin and body. Kate, the founder of Bubbles, is a fully qualified clinical aroma therapist and a big believer in the proven results of pure essential oils, so they are used in almost every product in our range. We also use plant extracts, fruit and seed carrier oils, organic clays, active botanicals, and more, to further improve the results. Please see the table below listing all the products we use along with the properties of each and the demonstrated results they have on the skin.

Want to know what is in your Bubbles product?

We adopt a policy of full disclosure for all ingredients used in Bubbles products. Our labels outline all ingredients in descending order of inclusion. Please use the A-Z menu below to find out more about specific ingredients.

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Ingredients we avoid and why?

Parabens (propyl, methyl, butyl, ethyl & isobutyl): The most commonly used preservative in hair and skin products. Mainly due to it being VERY inexpensive to use and also because it is a very effective preservative – HOWEVER – they are also;

  • Toxic and made from synthetic ingredients
  • Prevent moisture from getting into and out of the skin
  • Have been linked to immunotoxicity
  • Many people are documented to have allergic reactions to them

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS): A very common surfactant/foaming agent used in shampoo, toothpaste, foaming cleansers & shower gels etc… It has been documented to irritate sensitive skins and contribute to skin dryness. It has been linked to irritations of the skin, eyes and lungs. In higher concentrations it is used by industries to remove grease and to clean engines and machinery.

The US, Europe, Japan and Canada have all restricted the use of them in skincare products.

Artificial Colour and Fragrance: Used to make a product smell and look better than it does in its natural state. Problem with this is they also contain hundreds of synthetic ingredients (not listed on the product most of the time). They have been linked to neurotoxcity and immunotoxcity. Artificial colours have been found to cause nausea, mood swings, headaches & fatigue (K Farrow, Skin Deep 2002)
Linked to irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs.

Mineral Oils & Petroleum By-Products
: A commonly used emollient in skin and hair care products – used in a high percentage of baby products. A leftover by-product from the distillation of crude oil, it is completely foreign to the human body and has many known harmful effects. It sits on top of the skin clogging pores which makes elimination of toxins through the skin difficult. As this is the skins most important job you can see how continual use could start to affect your health.

Production of & use of this product is also very harmful to the environment which is another important reason we avoid it completely!

At this stage there is NO credible evidence that the above ingredients don’t have a negative/harmful result on your body. Who knows what the continual/daily use of these toxic ingredients is REALLY doing to both your body and the environment??? Only time and more research will tell – The fact that the US, Europe, Japan & Canada all have strict restrictions on there use in skincare only goes to show that government and consumer awareness is on the rise.

We could go on and list a whole range of other synthetic ingredients that we choose not to use but this would be endless and we would prefer to spend our time talking about the amazing ingredients we DO use instead!

So we have listed only the most common & well known nasty’s so you get a basic idea of why we choose to avoid them. If you would like to read more about other ingredients you should be wary of in skin and hair care products please see or contact us with any questions you have.