NOURISH your body on the inside to get amazing results on the OUTSIDE!

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I swear to you that when I was standing in my partners new bakery yesterday I heard the warm sausage rolls calling our my name…. Sausage rolls used to be a weakness for me – I found it very difficult to NOT buy one and always had that sneaky packet in the freezer for times when only a sausage roll would hit that spot… Turns out back then I could not be trusted with them and weening myself completely was the only option – now that I am living a 90/10 lifestyle (the majority of the time) I am able to savour them when I do choose to indulge.. It all comes back to balance…

So other than whatever a sausage roll equates to for you and your sneaky winter treat – what other foods will will fill that void for a need for something super comforting, warming and of course delicious but also nourishing and healing for our bodies… Turns out there are LOADS of options!

insalata di verdure grigliate

Mmmmm roast vegetables! So good for the soul to eat this stuff in winter too… warms up all of us including our mood!

Something that is really important right now is to eat lots of root vegetables because its these times of the year when it is colder that we need to eat vege’s that ground and warm us up on the inside…  The trick is that good nourishing food not only nourishes us from a nutrition perspective – it nourishes our soul too – a mood warmer if you will…

My all time favourite is a tray of LOADS of different root vege’s including pumpkin, sweet potato white and yellow, parsnip, beetroot, onions, celeriac, zucchini, carrots etc all chopped up into chunky pieces. Roll them in coconut oil and lay them on the tray – sprinkle on your favourite herbs and spices – I LOVE changing this part up to keep it interesting – pop into the oven for about 40 mins and then serve. You can use them as a side or as a meal on their own depending on your protein needs… We often serve this as a side with a piece of grilled salmon… DELISH!

I love Sarah Wilson’s book ‘I quit Sugar for Life’ as it has some amazing comfort food recipes but without all the rubbish – for information purposes I personally haven’t chosen to quit sugar but if I can use recipes that don’t include it then I am totally up for that! I also love all of Jamie Oliver’s books too especially his 15 minute meals as sometimes that is about all the time I have to cook!

If you have a recipe that you would like to share – please copy and paste the link in the comments fields below – variety is the spice of life right so lets help eachother out! We also have HEAPS of recipes on our FUEL your BODY Pinterest page HERE so check that out too!

And because we are all about the skin – remember to always nourish your skin on the outside too.. Our AMAZING Be Nourished Body Butters are the perfect all over therapy for Winter – it is especially good as a hand cream so we will add a little pot with your order so you can decant some and take it everywhere with you… YAY! You can buy a tub here…

I don’t know about you but I am sure I can hear that sausage roll again or am I officially crazy…….??

Until next time