How much do you want to know about what you’re putting on your skin PART 2.

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This is Part 2 of ‘How much do you wanna know’—if you’re yet to read Part 1, you can do that here.

Now, where did we finish up? Oh that’s right—the EXCITING PART! The part where we will teach you all about getting CLEAN.

Yes, this is where we ‘detox’ the skin BUT the word detox has earned itself a bit of a reputation.  This is why we are keeping it simple and referring to this uber important step in the process as ‘getting clean’ because at the crux of it—that’s what the whole point it.

This is where we introduce you to the one and only: Clean Three.

If you are yet to meet her then get on those lil cotton socks because they’re about to be blown off. You can find lots of juicy info on Clean Three on our website, like which amazing essential oils are in its specialised blend, but here’s the gist.

Just like the principle of doing a cleanse by taking in plant-based food (juice or raw) to give your digestive system a break to detox and function optimally, the same applies to what we put on our skin.

Essential oils, which are essentially the building blocks of plants, are assimilated beyond the skin’s epidermis (the outside layer) through the sub-dermis into our bloodstream.  Given blood’s job is to carry and build things, feeding it with essential oils is the greatest gift you could give your body.

We all see the clues that it’s time to reconnect our body’s systems and move the toxins outta there. Often, we don’t acknowledge or feel grateful for seeing the red-hot clues, but that’s what congestion, inflammation, and irritations are. When a skin concern causes pain and stress, the team at Bubbles HQ’s advice is always the same: give your skin a break from anything man-made/synthetic for 3 weeks.

We use 3 products in the Clean 3 kit:


  1. Pure Australian Jojoba Oil—BEST freaking thing you’ll ever use on your skin.


  1. Pure specialised essential oil blend—formulated by mwah using science and intuition to create a charmed, little elixir that works its magic IN your skin (yes not ON—IN where it really needs it).


  1. A soft, skin-loving Microfiber cloth that even the most sensitive of skins will love.


Then you use ONLY these 3 products on your skin in 3 ways, for 3 weeks. Upon waking, and before sleep are two simple rituals, you just need to find your third, and then the Clean 3 experience is complete.

Lots of 3’s right.

Repetition is the best way to remember something because it either creates or reinforces a neural pathway in your brain.

We’re 100% about the Bubbles intuition but understanding the science too, makes it all that much more incredible.

In our SkinDEEP workshops we’ll go pretty deep into getting clean, why it’s important, what’s happening to your skin before, during, and after this process; and we make sure you understand and trust the products in Clean Three as much as we do.

Clean Three will give your skin a very well-deserved break from all other ingredients—even natural ones—and lets it breatheeeeee. Clean 3 delivers on the simple (but not simplistic) equation of eliminate + restore = invigorate.

Mmmmmm. I can really feel all of your skins exhaling as I type this.

Then once we have your skin feeling all fresh, new and sparkly, we keep it that way by using only natural, safe ingredients from now on which takes us into Part 3: ‘Intentional Skincare’.

Intentional Skincare is the practice and principles of cleansing, hydrating, healing, and moisturising your skin using the most simple pure ingredients possible right through to using our new intentional base products or our Bubbles essentials range, or maybe even a mash up of all three.  The choice and level of where you want to take your ritual is yours.  If you’re inspired to play alchemist, you can use our intentional masks, serums and creams that the blend themselves like your personal apothecary…

 Once you have your own little dispensary of goodness ready to go, we’ll show you how to combine a mindfulness practice with your skincare routine to transform this once daily chore into a time you crave.

Tune in next week for Part 3 where we’ll share more on getting Intentional, mindFULL and pretty much all things joyFULL.

MUCH love