How much do you wanna know about what you’re putting on your skin

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Ahhhhhh, I sigh in relief as savvy women (and men) start asking questions and become more conscious of what you’re putting on your skin.   It actually wasn’t long ago that it wasn’t discussed at all.

Not many, if any, were concerned with the ingredients their bottle of cream had, but now—as it’s on tap (just ask Siri)—we’re awakening to just how critical it is, because the skin is our body’s largest organ.

Before we reveal what we have planned education-wise—let’s reflect a bit more as I connect with my inner Julie Andrew’s Maria and “let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start”

Not being able to read, pronounce or explain most ingredients on a bottle while working in a salon many years ago–is one of the reasons I started Bubbles.  I applied a product to a lady’s skin and it never occurred to me that I had zero idea of what it actually was until she asked what the active ingredients were. And it wasn’t until my trainer showed me the more natural of their two ranges and said “if you have a client who doesn’t want chemicals—use this range” that I even began to wonder what the difference was.

Back then, as a 27-year-old, I cleansed using whichever cleanser on spesh at Coles and my ‘big spend’ was my ‘Oil of Olay’ moisturiser. I smeared a bit of that on every night in the hope of preventing the “7 signs of ageing” before they raised their ugly head at the paltry investment of $10 per bottle. What a joke. I bought into the marketing and conditioning of the beauty industry.  It’s funny now because I can’t even remember being that way, but I totally was.


Simple: no one told me differently and I didn’t pursue an alternative understanding education.

Far out, if for nothing else I achieve in this lifetime: I want people to get curious.

One of my favourite scientists of all time, Bruce Lipton, says “You are only personally responsible for everything in your life once you are aware that you are personally responsible for everything in your life”.

Yes, that’s BIG isn’t it?

It hits me hard in the solar plexus chakra every time too—SO much truth.

It marked the beginning of that particular journey for me.

Step one was uncovering pretty much everything I used at the time was jam-packed with chemicals and nasty ingredients that was also used to clean grease off the cement on driveways and roads. WTF?! (Uhh, hello, Coca-Cola uses its “the real thing” to clean its transport fleet)

I was also in the first few weeks of my Aromatherapy Diploma and I was unwittingly about to get all the answers to my questions. This was a course I signed up for ‘just for the fun of it’ was about to change my entire life’s trajectory. (Now I know: there are no accidents whatsoever in the universe)

It was later that week that I watched my lecturer create a cream using only two saucepans, macadamia oil, water, and an emulsifier that I FELT a wave of excitement rush over me.  It was love at first sight. I wanted to know everything there was to know about making my own skincare products and how to keep the process and the product as simple as possible.

I pretty much became a stay-at-home, mad-scientist after that—playing, testing, and creating products whenever I could, using only the simplest recipes and of course natural and organic ingredients.

If you read our blog a few weeks back (read here if you haven’t) this is when I opened my own home clinic and began creating unique and customised products for my clients’ emotional and physical needs.  I was in skincare-heaven.

13 years later, the research and data we have now on this topic is quite simply: overwhelming—especially when you don’t know where to start.  Sometimes it’s easier to just not ask and to stay unconscious to it, because being informed feels like the too-hard basket. I totally get that. And I’m not immune to it.

But guess what…

It’s REALLY important information—life-changing in fact.

That’s why we want to share our knowledge with you.  And in true Bubbles fashion it will be easy to understand, fun because why not, and it will be jam-packed with value.

To us education is very different to school, and Mark K Smith’s perspective nails what is it to us:

“The meaning of education is a process of inviting truth and possibility. It can be defined as the wise, hopeful and respectful cultivation of learning undertaken in the belief that all should have the chance to share in life.”

How cool is that.

No question mark about it.

Very is the answer FYI.

So what sorts of truths and possibilities will we invite you to look into?

Well, thanks for playing along. It’ll be things like:


  • How to read an ingredient panel on a product.
  • How to decipher between a long, hard to pronounce natural ingredient and a long, hard to pronounce toxic ingredient because lots of the natural ingredients have long, hard to pronounce names too.
  • Why some natural and even ‘organic’ products are $3/ bottle and others—that look and feel kinda the same—are much, MUCH more.
  • Why some toxic ingredients are less scary and why they can be ok in small doses.
  • What ‘synergy’ means and why it’s so important to understand a formulation.


What we won’t do is add to the overwhelm.  We simply want you feeling more empowered than you do now.  More confident in your ability to take responsibility of your own skin and that of your wee ones if you have them.

And then once all the toxic talk is finished, well that’s when it gets really FUN!

First thing we do is get Clean.

Clean Three that is.

Tune in next week to find out more about Clean Three, Intentional Skincare, SkinDEEP workshops PLUS our super exciting retreats we have planned to bring it all together (think walks, Yoga, incredible food including cooking classes, MYO skincare, FREE TIME, mindfulness practices and so much more possibility).

MUCH love