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How much do you wanna know PART 3…

These recent Bubbles instalments have become a story that I hope never ends.  Well I guess that’s the point really, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I enjoy writing them.

So right now—if you’re following along we have just gotten CLEAN.  If you are new to this (firstly WELCOME!) or want to recap you can do that here.

Now that your skin feels lighter and has enjoyed a nice relaxing break from any nasty chemicals and toxins, it’s time to get intentional about what we do put on it from this day forward.

Intention is a VERY powerful word.  Alone it can change the outcome of pretty much every situation.  Our intention or what we intend for an outcome to be, drills down deep into the core of who we are.

We’re hitting that solar plexus again this week.  If you felt that there—you KNOW it’s your truth.

The fact that we’re all SO unique with different perceptions, feelings and experiences is one of the BIG reasons we decided to put you guys in the driver’s seat decide what goes into your skincare products.

Currently, you can select from what well now call our ‘essentials range’, with complete peace of mind that you’re only using the very best natural and organic ingredients on your skin. We make sure of that and always will.

Lavender oil. Not my favourite oil but SO SO full of amazing benefits for the skin and soul.

But in our essentials range, you can’t do is change any of the ingredients including the super powerful pure essential oils we use in every formulation.

In the shortest essential oil summary of ever if you aren’t already aware:

Essential oils are the potent liquid elixir found in plants and trees that when extracted and used correctly can help heal your body, mind and spirit.

Here is a snippet from last week’s post to further clarify:

Essential oils, which are essentially the building blocks of plants, are assimilated beyond the skin’s epidermis (the outside layer) through the sub-dermis into our bloodstream. Given blood’s job is to carry and build things, feeding it with essential oils is the greatest gift you could give your body.

The number of different essential oils available is MASSIVE, so to simplify this process we use and recommend 14 skin specific essential oils that embody everything and more than you’ll ever need to care for and nourish your skin.


Jars of yummy mask base

Each oil works on a different emotional and physical ailment; and when blended and used in synergy they become even more incredible—not only doubling in potency but can increase in effectiveness by up to 4 times.

Mother Nature really does provide pretty much EVERYTHING we could ever need.

At Bubbles HQ, we know which nourishing base ingredients to use. Skin is what we know and do perfected over many years. We’ll continue to whip them up for you with pure joy and positive energy,  BUT what we don’t know is what YOU need both physically and emotionally in that moment you applying the product.

As much as we would love to be there with you (and we kinda will be but I’ll explain that part later) we want empower you how to do it yourself!.

Let’s take a quick look at how we plan to deliver this amazing knowledge.

Step One—Get to know us.  All of you can skip this step if you want too because you are already on this special mailing list, which means you  have a pretty good idea of who we are and why we are banging on about what we are banging on about.  However, should you choose to we will be offering a variety of 2 hour workshops across Brisbane and the Gold Coast initially with other locations being offered as time goes on.

Step Two—Get Clean. A one-day workshop called Getting CLEAN.  This is a prerequisite for Step 3 and will be offered in person (across Brisbane and the Gold Coast initially) and we’re in the planning stages of an online version too.

Step Three—Get intentional. Ok so this is SO freaking exciting – our very first offering of a three-day Retreat to be held somewhere in the amazing Great South East to get us started and in other locations around Australia as the word spreads about just how incredible this three-day Retreat actually is.

Let’s share a few bite size pieces of this Retreat to really get you salivating for it;

  • The perfect amount of juicy content (including both Soul and Skin Anatomy done Bubbles style) that will be interesting and inspiring. Filled with aha moments but will be over before you start feeling twitchy
  • LOTS of hands-on workshops so you feel in love and super confident about your own little home apothecary.
  • We will talk the Five Elements of Great Skin: FEED your Mind, MOVE your Body, NOURISH your Soul, FUEL your Body and of course PROTECT your Skin.
  • I don’t know about you but when I’m using my brain—especially if it’s something I’m really excited about—I get an insatiable appetite, so we’ll make sure you are always fuelled with the most delicious and nourishing food you can imagine.
  • We will bend and stretch and reach for the sky with daily Yoga and walks in nature, and dancing…. Yes dancing. Don’t ask. Some things are best kept a secret.
  • We will connect on all levels of our being with the other kindred seekers on a similar quest for living in intention.
  • We will do NOTHING. Yep—there will be allocated times dedicated to doing absolutely nothing.  You might choose to sleep, read, wander, maybe swim if the location has that option, or whatever feels right for you.
  • Wine, cheese and chocolate. Oh we will eat LOADS of nourishing wholesome foods too but I have run a few of these Retreats now and the wine, cheese and chocolate sessions to finish the day are always a HIT!
  • Loads more but we haven’t even really gotten started organising it yet and we love a good surprise…

You can be as involved as you like and make some BFF’s for life OR you can sit quietly and observe. The choice is yours.

It’s YOUR Retreat after all.

MUCH love (and Happy belated Easter!!)

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