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Jojoba is pronounced Ho-Ho-Ba. The ‘J’ is pronounced as an ‘H’, just like in our Mexican favourite: Jalopeno. Why did we call the article: Jojoba, October is over? Umm because it sounds kinda similar as you let it roll off the tongue heheJ.

We really love Jojoba.

There’s not enough time in the day to explain all the ways it in which we respect and cherish this little beauty. But if you want to just keep it really simple: Jojoba does the job of many functions—cleanser, moisturiser, all-round line diminishing, redness reducing, and healer extraordinaire.

It’s more a wax than an oil. Its structure mimics that of our skin’s sebum (25-30 percent liquid wax ester), which makes it really easy to assimilate into the pores and keeps things moving in and out of the skin’s layers. It does not cause clogging or congestion, the opposite in fact. This is why its loved by almost all skins (regardless of the type) and at Bubbles, we don’t get caught up in types anyway and it’s our love of jojoba that taught us that.

We sourced our Jojoba in Australia because it grows in the same environment that our skin lives in. And it’s cold pressed to protect its magical properties. Speaking of, the reason why Jojoba is such a worshipped commodity at Bubbles Organic is because it stuns us with:

  • Potent antioxidant that prevents bacteria from growing (think infections).
  • Molecular structure to change with the climate, and therefore moves to a protective state to suit a skin living in that climate.
  • Supports collagen and elastin to be strengthened.

It appears in almost half of our products (we have38 Bubbles products in total).

  1. Be Clean (creamy cleanser)
  2. Restore ProAge Cream (Be Replenished)
  3. Pout Vanilla & Sweet Orange Lip Balm
  4. Pout Sweet Mint Lip Balm
  5. Be Hydrated Face Mask
  6. Detox Face Mask – Be Clear
  7. Calm Face Mask for extra sensitive skin
  8. Be smooth face polish (jojoba beads)
  9. Be Replenished Restorative Serum
  10. Balance Hair Serum
  11. Be Clean Shampoo
  12. Be Silky Conditioner
  13. Baby Breathe Balm
  14. Wash & Lotion – creamy clean
  15. Sweet Dreams Massage Oil

And did we mention that we do a whole range of customised Jojoba Oil blends? Clearly, Jojoba is an excellent carrier oil as it appears in so many of our products. You can pick 3 different essential oils to be blended into our Jojoba Oil, or tell us what you’d like to achieve with your skin and will do the work for you.

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Much love,

Kate & Mel xox