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I can’t tonight sorry – Im washing my hair…


Last week, we zeroed in on one BIG tip that could change the game. And, Oh My Omega, it was a good one! (read here with ‘Shout your skin a drink.)

Now that we’ve got your face immersed in some amazing essential fatty acids with our Restore Serum and its omega crew (namely: 3, 5, 6, and who could forget 9—love that guy), let’s look at healing and nourishing our scalp with jojoba.

Like our Mexican favourite, Jalopeno, the ‘J’ is pronounced as a ‘H’. Jojoba (Ho-Ho-Ba) is more a wax than an oil. Its structure mimics that of our skin’s sebum (25-30 percent liquid wax ester), which makes it really easy to assimilate into the pores and keeps things moving in and out of the skin’s layers. It will not cause clogging or congestion, the opposite in fact. This is why its loved by almost all skins, regardless of the type.

As I lamented the other day, my scalp has been dry and all a bit itchy and scratchy this winter. Part of the solution is to get all up in the grill of our Balance Hair Serum as Mel demonstrated on our Instagram page. Our Balance Hair Serum will nourish, protect and most importantly balance your scalp and hair. Being a pure natural wonder, Jojoba will moisturise the scalp providing nourishment and hydration deep down where it is needed, but will simultaneously help balance sebum production to avoid greasy unmanageable hair. In this serum though, jojoba doesn’t do all the heavy-lifting; it is in cohorts and perfect harmony with rosemary, lavender, sage.




Here’s how those guys help:

  • Rosemary—discourages hair loss and boosts growth. (Also amazing for the memory, so take a trip down that lane while in the shower!)
  • Lavender—super healing and gets to work on burns and wounds.
  • Sage—antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial etc. The list goes on.

Following on from Ingredients we LOVE and those we avoid and why, I think you can guess that jojoba is 100% on the LOVE list. But here’s one we don’t and you’ll find it swimming in a common household go-to for scalp issues—Head and Shoulders.


Oh hi, parabens, fancy seeing you here!

Parabens are preservatives used to prevent bacteria growth and other microbes and is commonly found in anti-dandruff shampoos for storage and use, among other mainstream ‘skincare’ products. You’ll find parabens listed as “benzoate” in Head & Shoulders’ list of ingredients. But as with most chemicals, there’s a lot of different terms they hide under. As we explain on our website our ingredients, parabens are not one of them because they:

  • are toxic and made from synthetic ingredients
  • prevent moisture from getting into and out of the skin
  • have been linked to immunotoxicity
  • can cause allergic reactions.


And, as you know, we only use natural ingredients from plant extracts, fruit and seed carrier oils, organic clays, and active botanicals.

So, immerse your scalp with our special Balance Hair Serum blend and tell your friends, “I can’t tonight sorry, I’m washing my hair”!

Much Love

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