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How to heal unhappy skin with one simple yet powerful vegetable…

Hello lovelies.

How is week 2 of 2019 going for everyone??

One of the BIG intentions I set for this year was to be a more conscious eater and it wasn’t for the love of the animals (even though I do love animals and believe that kindness to all beings is SUPER important to increasing the happiness vibes of our planet) that was the driving force behind my decision…

It was the current state of my skin which is on and off redness, itchiness, bumpiness and pretty much unhappiness.

SO today we are going to talk about Hydrochloric Acid and celery and how they are a match made in heaven.

Who can guess how these two seemingly opposite objects go hand in hand???

Who else out there is all over the Medical Medium and his theories on self-healing.


This information is blowing my mind.

Now I first about him back when Lucy was a newborn so about 18 months ago now and I bought all the books and read them but with the whole life being turned upside down by a baby thing – I guess I kind of forgot about them for awhile…

Now I’ve spoken to you guys about the Doctrine of Signatures many times before.  It’s one of my most favourite topics to discuss.  For those of you who haven’t read any of that info and don’t know what it is here is a brief rundown.

The doctrine of signatures, dating from the time of Dioscorides and Galen, states that herbs, fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers that resemble various parts of the body including our internal organs can be used to treat ailments of those body parts.

So, for example celery – what would you say it represents in the human body – what does it look like??

If you said bones, you would be CORRRRRRECT!

Some more examples are;

Walnuts for our brain, carrots for our eyes and tomatoes and capsicums for our hearts.  Ill char more about this over the next few months…

Now mother nature doesn’t stop there with celery either.

Not only does it look like bones it has the same content of sodium as our bones do too!

I KNOW! (insert super excited face emoticon here)

Until recently that is pretty much I knew about celery but that changed recently when I discovered something that BLEW MY MIND.

This shiz is seriously just so cool and the more you know the more addictive it is.

So, what as Hydrochloric acid (or HA) have to do with this because I know you know that we do NOT eat that…

Well HA is what keeps our stomach healthy.  When the levels of HA in our stomach is too low – food that should have been fully digested in the stomach instead travels down into our intestines and takes up residence there where it begins to go rotten and give off a toxic gas called causing all sorts of lovely things like bloating and leaky gut.

Yes, delicious right.

Wee Disclaimer;
This content is taken directly from the books and or posts from the Medical Medium (whose name is Anthony btw).  Some of the information is scientifically proven and some is yet to be discovered by modern science.   If you don’t know much about the Medical Medium, then this won’t make much sense but let’s just say he gets his information from somewhere magical….

There are many things that cause the levels of HA in our stomach to lower to unhealthy levels – stress being a BIG contributor amongst other things like unhealthy foods, DDT (a common pesticide used by farmers, other environmental factors like pollution and the list goes on.

I have had red inflamed itchy skin on and off since my early thirties… I have always thought that my second pregnancy caused it as that is when it flared up for the first time but now I am leaning more towards that being simply a trigger for something that was lying dormant and would have eventually surfaced with or without pregnancy.  My second pregnancy was riddled with stress too so when you put it all together it makes a lot of sense.

Gotta love a bit of good hindsight.

Anthony says that Rosacea is simply another variety of eczema that flares up only on the face.  Mostly the cheeks, nose and forehead…   I already knew that skin conditions were related to the liver but Anthony believes it this the liver has EVERYTHING to do with all things skin..

As a company that makes. sells and teaches its clients about skincare – this is pretty important information for us to be aware of.

So, our liver releases derma toxins (which are formed by viruses feeding off the heavy metals and toxins in your liver) to the surface of the skin to protect you.   The skin knows your liver is getting overwhelmed with pathogens and their by-product and toxins and in a panic – it pushes poisons up to the surface in a rush to help.

Once again our body and the universe as a whole as far as planning goes is doing this to HELP US. Not to punish us. 

These derma toxins which are at least far away from your internal organs now, do make life uncomfortable. They are highly inflammatory to skin tissue, causing blemishes, cracks, scabs, flaking, scarring, bleeding, and rashes of all kinds.  The associated irritation occurs because of tiny nerve endings all through the epidermis (NOTE – until now I have believed that there are NO nerve endings in the epidermis as we are taught in beauty college that they finish in the dermis… so much learning!!) When inflammation occurs, the nerves get squeezed and pulled apart causing itchiness, discomfort and outright pain of the rash.

The level to which these symptoms disrupt your life can depend on the type of viruses present and the levels of heavy metals and toxins in your liver.

So interesting isn’t it.

We have always said that GREAT SKIN BEGINS WITHIN and I guess this has never felt more accurate than right now.

Now its also SUPER important of course to nourish your skin on the outside too which is why we make the amazing all natural and organic products we do so that you can use delicious products that align with all types of skin healing and restoration.

We are about to start running workshops both in person and online to teach you how to make your own skincare potions using our all organic bases and pure essential oils.

I am currently using only pure jojoba, a few essential oils and our Calm Mask on my skin right now as I want to ensure that I don’t overload it.

When you are healing a skin condition its all about LESS is more.

If you want help with which oils and products would be best for your own personal healing journey that is what we LOVE to do and you can contact us on ANYTIME to have your questions answered.

(I am a fully qualified clinical aromatherapist too btw so oils are kind of like oxygen for me – they are THAT important because they seriously have THAT much impact)

Ok – so how does celery fit into all of this??

Well apparently, good old once seen as quite boring and used only for Grandma’s chicken soup celery is quite the magical healing miracle food that when juiced will become your ultimate healing weapon.

One of the reasons it is SO healing is that it raises hydrochloric acid in the stomach so that food digests with ease and doesn’t putrefy which prevents a multitude of gut related disorders.

Here is an image Anthony posted recently with a very brief summary of the benefits of celery.

To see more information on each of these points please go to his Instagram feed @medicalmedium to read this and MANY other posts and testimonials from people who are now enjoying the radical healing benefits of Celery juice.

Anthony also remind us of the Spiritual Lesson that each food offers us and with celery its about resisting the need to overcomplicate things…  Drinking celery juice is the simplest of measures – sometimes its actually too simple that people right it off completely or add other vegetables because they assume this MUST be more helpful but turns out – its not.
He asks us to look at other parts of our lives where we are overcomplicating things when a more simple approach is the best….

That right there is my motto for 2019…
Choosing to go down stream and WITH the flow not against it and looking for a more simple way to do life in general.

So TRUST ME when I say that is is SO worth reading this stuff and seeing for yourself.  I have 3 of his books now and absolutely love all of them.  I’ve just ordered the most recent book which is liver specific when I learned that he believes all skincare issues stem from liver issues..

I have been juicing celery first thing each morning for a few months now BUT initially it was a bit haphazard. If I ran out I just missed a day or had a smaller cup and if I didn’t feel like it one morning id skip it and have a tea instead (which was my usual morning ritual…) BUT as of the 1st of January I decided as a part of my intention to live more consciously of which eating more consciously is a HUGE part – that I would commit to the 16oz (which equates 473mls that Anthony recommends) each and every day for 3 months minimum.

My 500ml cup of celery juice ready for drinking!
A whole bunch cup up and ready to be juiced.
How pretty are they when you look at it from this angle…

I’m making some other food changes too which I am thoroughly enjoying and Ill share some more of that soon but for now I’d love to encourage you to read a bit more on the wonder that is celery and jump on board with what seems like hundreds of thousands of people globally who are now loving this Celery Juice Movement.

Like seriously – celery is selling out down here on the coast.  I now have to pre-order it because it’s a cold weather vegetable and to buy it spray free/organic it is getting difficult!  I have used supermarket celery when I’ve needed too – I just made sure to give it a really good wash with the special vegetable wash I have…

Anthony suggests having it on an empty stomach so that’s what I do but you can have it at any time during the day if that feels too hard to start with.

Baby steps people.

It’s all about moving in the direction of where you want to be, but we can move as slowly as we need too to avoid overwhelm and the possibility of throwing in the towel altogether.

I’ve been looking for an answer to my sometimes-irritated red itchy skin for what seems like forever so I was happy to jump on board 100% and give it every chance of helping my heal.  For me this is just step one.  The next step is checking out his heavy metal detox juice and starting that too…

One step at a time….

Celery juice for the WIN!

Have a fabulous weekend.

Lots of green juice love.

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