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How laughter is one of the fastest ways to build immunity.

So, I’m sitting in my car (its where I write these days) and I’m wondering how to start this important love note to you all.

I’m feeling REALLY done with all the stuff that’s going on right now and yet I was torn because I also wanted to reach out and share with you how Mel and I are moving through this and what our go to ritual’s and processes are…

I looked up and as I did – a gorgeous girl skated past.  Not only was she handling that skateboard like an absolute pro – she was also singing, bopping to music AND walking her dog.

YES!!  Thank you, universe, what I want to tell you is obviously important so here goes.

Our favourite 3 ways to stay calm in the chaos…


Did you know that 1 minute of anger supresses your immune system for up to 6 hours while laughing INCREASES it for as long as 24 HOURS!!

How fucking cool is that!

Not convinced?

Ok – here are 17 more reasons to dig out that old Ace Ventura DVD;

  • Boosts your immune and circulatory systems
  • Enhances oxygen intake
  • Stimulates your heart and lungs
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Triggers the release of endorphins (natural painkillers)
  • Eases digestion
  • Soothing to stomach aches
  • Relieves pain
  • Balances blood pressure
  • Improves mental functions (alertness, memory and creativity)
  • Improves overall attitude
  • Reduces stress/tension
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Improves sleep
  • Enhances quality of life
  • Strengthens social bonds and relationships
  • Produces a general sense of well-being

(sources will be listed below)

So, your number one remedy – whatever it is that makes you laugh do it more often and for longer.

Laughing and feeling good regardless of HOW or WHAT it is you are laughing at (I’m looking at all of the old school Adam Sandler movie lovers out there right now) will have you feeling grounded and calm in the chaos.

For me – I couldn’t be happier about watching my favourite Friends episodes every day or playing a silly board game with my kids.

PS – for those who also love Friends – my favourite is the one where they PIVOT the lounge chair up the stairs… Ross – he gets me ERRY time.

  • PRIORITISE some daily self-care even if it’s just one longer breath every morning and night.

So bloody simple and so bloody effective.

Guys – seriously – this is all you need – if you want to change the way you feel about anything.


Breathe in for 4 counts.

Hold for 4 counts.

Exhale for 4 counts.

Wait for 4 counts.

REPEAT if needed.

1-2 of these breaths will switch your nervous system from stress response AKA flight/fight/freeze over to Healing response AKA ‘rest and digest’ immediately.

This type of breath is one of the ways that stimulates the Vargas nerve which when activated will;

• Rapidly turn off the stress, hyper-arousal, and fight/flight via the relaxation response.
• Sharpen our memories.
• Fight inflammatory disease.
• Help you resist high blood pressure.
• Block the hormone cortisol and other oxidizing agents that age and deteriorate the brain
and body
• Block systemic (body-wide) inflammation – a major factor behind aging and poor health.
• Help us overcome depression and anxiety.
• Help us sleep better.
• Raise levels of human growth hormone.
• Help us overcome insulin resistance.
• Turn down allergic responses.
• Lower chances of getting stress and tension headaches.
• Help spare and grow our mitochondria- this is a key to maintaining optimal energy levels and
not harming our DNA and RNA.
• Affect our overall ability to live longer, healthier, and more energetic lives.

Please find more ways to stimulate your Vargas Nerve by reading that article in full using the link below.

SO many AHA moments while learning about the Vargas Nerve. Link below is worth a read. Promise you will love it.

Other things you might want to try while prioritising self care;

  • Walking outside in nature – with bare feet where possible.
  • Reading a book even if it’s only for 10 minutes.
  • Talk to someone you love for no reason at all except to connect with them.
  • If you have kids – get really fucking present with them. Play, dance, sing, watch what they love to watch with them, bake cookies etc etc.
  • Swim in the ocean. Soak up all those amazing negative ions and it’s even better if it’s cold because if you read the rest of the Vargas nerve article you will learn that’s another way it can be stimulated. WIN WIN.
  • Eat something you really really love to eat and savour every. single. mouthful. And do it at your favourite little café so you are supporting your ‘team’ while you are at it.
  • If you can – make a small sacred space in your home. It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be there all the time – it can just be something super simple to set up. Some crystals, a candle, some oracle cards – whatever floats your boat.  Then just sit in that space for a few minutes a day and practice gratitude and presence.

For me – I dedicate the first hour of my day to Yoga stretching (which includes above breathwork), meditation, journaling and reading in that order.  I have a 2.5-year-old, so I never really know how long I’m going to get so breathwork is always first.

Im using a ‘pop up’ sacred space right now because I am living in a two-bedroom unit while our house is renovated and it’s worth it.  It’s worth the 2 extra minutes to set it up and be in my own space for as long (or as little) as I get to have.

I’ve also been finishing my showers with ICE cold water since learning about how beneficial that can be to my immune system after discovering the WimHof Method – that’s a whole different conversation but wow – if you wanna know more about that I’ve included a link below.

The legend Wim Hof

I smashed a slice of toasted banana bread today too because yum.

  • Sensible conscious choices around cleanliness and immunity.

This ‘situation’ is the most perfect ‘creation’ to remind us about being more sensible and conscious around our cleanliness as a whole.

I made the choice not to vaccinate my youngest daughter Lucy and to instead immunise her using homeopathy so that was when we really turned the ‘sensible and conscious’ corner around cleanliness in our family.

I’m more recently noticing everyone around me beginning to make similar choices – choices, that in all honestly, we shouldn’t have needed any excuses to persuade us into being more conscious about but we did, and it has, so let’s look at some of the different ways you can do this;

  1. Hand washing more often and for a wee bit longer. I know – DUH – but this belongs in the number one spot because it’s really our first and easiest line of defence against unknowingly spreading any germs we might be carrying both to ourselves and to others.
  2. Refrain from touching your face and biting your nails. I personally see this as a positive because my go to in times of stress has been to nail bite and now I’m SO aware of it that my nails are actually growing really nicely… Seriously though – it’s a big one so just become aware of it and make the change as you notice yourself doing it. ZERO guilt required when you do catch yourself.  This is key.  Just a little ‘whoops’ and moving on is all you need.
  3. Self-Isolate if required. This current ‘climate’ has coined this term or maybe more so made it way more prevalent and I really like it. Self-Isolation is SO fucking important in general and we all need to do it more often not just in times of chaos or when we feel like we might be coming down with something – actually – if we did all self-isolate more often this craziness could have been avoided completely because it’s my belief that this is the overall learning we are all going to gain from this if we are the kinds of people who look for the blessing in times of challenge and chaos which I know you all do otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this.
  4. Be a little bit more aware of what’s going into your body. Let’s up the high vibing foods and supplements like fruits, vegetables (especially things like garlic and greens) vitamin C, diffusing and using essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary & frankincense, restorative tea’s over coffee (most of the time), reduce all refined white ‘bum glue’ high gluten foods, drink more clean/pure water etc.

We have about a thoooooussand articles on all of these topics on our website but if you want or need any extra help – shout out and we will be only too happy to share what we know or point you in the right direction.

I also have an incredible Naturopath down here on the Southern GC. Nicky Wood, who has written a very thorough well researched article on this virus WITHOUT the fear mongering and including ways to recognise if you might be infected and which solutions to use when.  I can’t link the article as it was only sent out as a newsletter and isn’t up on her website yet BUT if you want to read this please let me know and Ill will forward it onto you.  Email me at for this (and whatever else you want to ask)

Every single thing we do can come down to one very simple and yet completely powerful line;




So, let’s all do that instead of getting caught up in any fear mongering or hysteria because being solution focused is just a nicer place to be.  When you feel some fear creeping in – and you will because #human – take a long deep breath, call your best friend, make a tea or watch Ross make Fajita’s for the 34th time and know that it’s all going to be ok.

Sending you all LOVE & LIGHT.

(PS – links to all the things I have mentioned are just below…)

Now is the time to shine even more brightly friends.

Shine Shine SHINE.

All our love


Ian White from Australian Bushflower Essences shares his thoughts.  Mel and I have signed up to become Bushflower practitioners in June this year which is super exciting – especially after listening to this!

Vargas Nerve article.

The legend Wim Hof and his amazing resources for raising your immunity.  He has a FREE app where he teaches all of the techniques you need.  Such an amazing and generous soul.

The article on how laughing raises your immunity.

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