Happiness is – Living with intent

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As we near the close of 2013 and a fresh new year sits eagerly awaiting us we have the option to choose how we look back at the previous year and just as importantly how we go forwards!

I can liken 2013 to riding a roller coaster…  this year for me has had some heart wrenching lows to the point where it felt like I may NEVER stop crying – EVER! But as life would have it – either side of these lows there were high’s that had me feeling like I could and would make all of my dreams come true easily and effortlessly…!  

So what have been the biggest lessons of 2013 that I can pass onto you to help you on your journey of growth and self discovery more commonly know as a lifetime???  I will share with you this;

It was Steve Jobbs who said
“because believing the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path”   

This could not be more true for what I have experienced this year.  I made a decision to end my marriage to a wonderful man earlier this year to whom I have 2 beautiful kids with – the reason (which took months maybe even years of soul searching to realise) was that my heart was telling me that was what I needed to do.  To this point in my life nothing has hurt me more than hurting Troy the way this did… but to have stayed would have eventually hurt him more this I know to be true.  

We are going forwards differently to most separations as we decided to always always put our kids first which seems to get forgotten in so many cases.  We are maintaining our great friendship and at this point in time our kids live in our family home all of the time and we come and go during the week so that they don’t have to.  

We have also chosen to spend time on the weekends together as a family because that is exactly what we are regardless of the marital status – we are a family – forever.  Yes this will of course evolve as time goes on and new people enter our lives but it will only be hard we choose for it to be – we are instead
chosing to believe we will attract more amazing people who love the way we live and can’t wait to become extended members of our unconventional but loved fuelled family unit.  

The high’s have been just as amazing! 

I started business coaching with The Entourage in May this year and the results are mind blowing.  Not just on a business level but on a soul and spiritual level as well because if you are in what my good friend Ben happily refers to as ‘your flow’ all of the right stuff will just keep happening. 

This year I truly embraced authenticity and I have realised that the REAL version of me is the very best version there is – to be able to live without a mask is refreshing and liberating.  I have met people with whom I have an immediate connection and I just know that there are bigger forces at play that made sure that we met… I have learned to listen to that inner voice regardless of how quiet it might be…

Sometimes it takes sitting really quietly and listening really intently to hear it – now for me its literally like having a conversation with another person in the room it is that clear.  Could this make me look or sound a little woo woo??  Maybe – but my belief is that we can all harness the power of our own minds and use this unlimited resource to our advantage every single minute of every single day. 

In 2014 I am looking forward to spreading this message even more widely!

There is one word that I will use that pretty covers what you need to do when you are staring into the face of all of the above – the unlucky, the heart wrenching, the happy and the FABULOUS!  


I will be the first person to tell you that this can be HARD!  It can feel like the most annoying word ever especially when times are tough – I remember asking my sister and my life coach on so many occasions through the really hard days – ‘what can I do to make this not hurt so much?”  The answer is always TRUST.  But there is something positive you can do to – you can be GRATEFUL for what you do have. 

It is so easy to focus on what we don’t have that we so often forget to remember all of the things we do… this can be as simple as the ocean… this is on my gratitude list ALL the time!  The fact that I can walk to the ocean from where I live makes me super lucky but just having them is worth a mention. 

When we remember what we are grateful for it opens us up for more of those things!  We attract what we feel so if we are feeling grateful for something – we will attract more things to be grateful for…  

That brings me to what I would LOVE for you all to join me in doing this New Years Eve…  

Find a HUGE empty jar – from January 1
st everytime something good, sweet, fun, exciting and happy happens to you – write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.  Next year at this time – we will be able to read back through all of the amazing things that have happened to us in 2014.  So many of the things that make our hearts smile on a daily basis get forgotten… I can only imagine how many of mine will be kid related!  Those guys can light me up in ways I never thought possible!!   We could even put something in the jar every day that we are grateful for… imagine reading back through 365 gratitude notes to finish the year… PERFECT! 

So when you are deciding how you feel about the past 12 months or about the year to come… remember to trust, to show gratitude and be grateful for all that you DO have, to notice the small things that make you smile, to spend more time with yourself listening to what it is that makes YOU happy… surround yourself only with those you give you wings and remember always that ‘those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” Roald Dahl…

Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to growing and sharing with you in 2014…