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Happiness is….. Introduction Blog.

jess-w-746.jpgThis week I wanted to share with you some life changing tips I have been learning from a book I am reading called “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor.  

I have always been interested in the science behind what I ‘know’ to be the truth which is that thinking positive creates a happier person and in turn a happier life.  
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What happens in the brain to make this seemingly simple action of thinking positively change the way we look at the world?  

It has been proven in the past 20 years that the way scientists viewed the brain and its ability to change was completely wrong.  It was once believed that the brain could not grow or change – that is remained the same regardless of how much smarter you got over a lifetime of wisdom.  With today’s technology using MRI’s and scanning new research has shown that the brain can in fact change and does ALL the time.  One of the examples from the book I especially like was this one;

“A group of kids were given a task of putting blocks together in a set format.  Half the groups were primed to think of something they really loved and made them happy (which in my kid’s case would be nuggets for dinner!)  The other half was told nothing except the instructions.  “The group who were primed to be happy significantly outperformed the others completing the task both more quickly and with fewer errors”  

Society tells us that if we work really hard we will be successful and that this success will bring us happiness – More recent studies have fortunately gone on to prove that this is in fact backwards. 

Its is HAPPINESS that equals SUCCESS not the other way around.  We are always going to be more creative, productive and motivated when are coming from a place that is positive.

How does it relate back to your skin?? 

Very simply and powerfully – if we are happy on the inside we will glow and feel amazing on the outside… So much of who we are comes from our thought patterns and what we believe to be true – So BELIEVE you have GREAT SKIN and you are more than half to achieving that…

We will add a little more each month to start spreading happiness as far and as wide as we can.

Happiness is… what will bring you success.

Until next time…