Happiness is de-cluttering your mind

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Clear the clutter and find focus!

Clutter is rarely a good thing… whether it be our work desk, our kitchen cupboards, our car, our inbox or even more importantly our mind!  It is near impossible to focus on one task when you have a whole heap of other seemingly important tasks either in your physical view or clouding your mind…

We need to de-clutter STAT!   

When it comes to the physical clutter LESS is always more!  We seem determined today to buy every new gadget that comes out and on the downside even less determined to throw anything out!  Have you all seen an episode of Oprah when she visits the home of a hoarder and gets them some help??  Now I am nowhere near that bad but I have been known to keep a empty Jaffas packet for over 10 years because it was from a first date…!

Today I want to focus more on mind clutter as that is I believe the very best place to start!

In order to do this I need to ask you to grab a piece of blank paper, a pen or pencil and a thick marker (or for you really tech savy peeps – your ipad, pen and the evernote app!)

Now I want you to write down EVERY single thing that is on your mind right at this very point in time.  EVERY single thing!  This is your private to do list and does not need to be shared with anyone.  Add anything that pops into your head from ‘write proposal for meeting with blah next week’ to ‘get waxing done’!  This could be a SUPER long list or it might be short – just as long as everything you think of is written down – it is right!

Ok once you are done with the list – grab your marker!

The next step is to write next to each thing on the list one of the following letters;

M – Move

I – Important

N – Not important

D – Delegate

Move – are the things that can wait until tomorrow or later in the week/month (we are going to create another list for them!)

Important – these are the things that you need to focus on TODAY and today only!

Not Important – these are things we can delete completely!

Delegate – are the things we can give to someone else to do.

Once you have given everything on your list a place – write up the MOVE list with all the tasks that can wait until another time, write up the DELEGATE list and put the name of who you are going to delegate each task too and rewrite up the IMPORTANT list so you have a much smaller and focused list of tasks that need your immediate attention.

HAPPINESS IS – breaking down a to do list into bite size pieces!

Until next time…