GREAT skin begins and ends with TEWL…

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TEWL or Transepidermal Water Loss by definition is;
the measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside a body (animal or plant) through the epidermal layer (skin) to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation processes.

The reason it is important to understand a wee bit about it is that excessive TEWL results in all of those irritating and difficult to manage dehydrated skin conditions – think itchy, flakey, rough and tight!

So how does TEWL occur and how can you ensure you skin is dewy and gorgeous instead??

Gorgeous glowing skin all year round...

Gorgeous glowing skin all year round…

TEWL is effected by two main factors;

1 – PHYSICAL causes…the environment YOUR skin ‘lives’ in ie, the humidity, air conditioning, and the external temperature…
2 – CHEMICAL causes… YOUR diet choices like caffeine and alchol consumption PLUS the products you are using on your skin to clean and protect it.

The Physical Causes are a lot of the time outside your control however you are still being exposed to them so you need to protect your skin accordingly… If you are living somewhere where your skin is exposed to the Dry Cold, oiling your body every day with Jojoba will help protect from dryness and dehydration while if you are being exposed to Dry Heat you need to ADD water so DRINKING lots of water is step one and also using the face mists, serums and lotions in our Be Hydrated range will help too.

The Chemical causes are COMPLETLEY within your control so this is where you can make some small tweaks that will result in much happier skin! The two primary contributors of TEWL internally are Caffeine and Alcohol.
Caffeine actually removes fluid from your tissues – no word of a lie so consuming high amounts will severely dehydrate your skin (On top of that it is a stimulant which means it has a weakening effect on your capillaries’ so if you have red itchy skin – stay away until this has completely healed!)
Alcohol does the same thing. It literally draws water out of your body and leaves a toxic by product in the tissues. These are the facts and we must first understand them and then respect them. We only get one body – it needs us to treat it like the temple that it is!

Our followers know that we are all about 90/10 here at Bubbles which means our philosophy is 90% of the time do what you KNOW is right for your body and skin and then 10% of the time you can treat yourself without needing to feel guilty about it. (see blog)

When it comes to Caffiene and Alcohol this absolutely applies… I am a BIG supporter of a goooood coffee and also of a hazelnut Caprioska (if you haven’t tried one of these you MUST! Delish!) however I can do this repercussion free because I am protecting and treating my body the way it deserves MOST of the time.

Balance the alcohol with hydrating water this silly season x

Balance the alcohol with hydrating water this silly season x


Our 2 TOP TIPS for preventing too much TEWL over the coming silly season are;

1 – Drink a water with every alcoholic drink and coffee you have.
2 – Drink 750mls of water BEFORE anything else in the morning.

If we FUEL our body the right way most of the time – we earn the right to PLAY!
Drinking LOTS of water in these warmer months will – PROTECT your skin!

Till next time…