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glow organic skincare for girls

Oh hey there…!

Thanks so much for dropping by…

Our names are Kate and Mel and we are so happy to have you here.
We are sisters who share a love for all things skincare…
mmmm its more than that – we love EVERYTHING about the quest for skin that looks and feels amazing 
Because that kind of skin – skin you see in the mirror and smile about – that skin doesn’t come from the cream inside a jar.
It comes from deep within you.
organic skincare teenager

Having skin you love is actually a combination of three very important things:

Using the right skin care products to cleanse and protect +

Learning how to feel happier and more confident about who you are.

Creating daily self-care rituals that you look forward to.

And the sooner you start – the more a part of you it will become.

Our hope is that you will learn that taking care of you – your mind, body and spirit –  is one of the most important parts of your day.

We don’t talk skin types.   We don’t think that matters.
On our quest for amazing skin the only important part we all need to agree on is that glowing skin is the best skin regardless of its type.
We prefer to teach you about the parts of your skin you need to protect so that you understand why it’s so important you take such good care of it.
It’s always easier to commit to something when you know WHY.
We also love to talk about the power of essential oils and how just one teeny drop can change the way you are feeling in an instant.
Like really!
And that’s the part of this we love the most.
Because we know that feelings like “not being pretty enough, not feeling smart enough or funny enough, not wanting to get out of bed,  not understanding why people act a certain way and seem unkind and hurtful”… we know they cross your mind.
We know that your mum doesn’t always see your point of view and that you sometimes feel alone and like nobody really understands.
We know this happens all the time – we can remember it and our girls are going through it too.
Glow skincare for girls
We want to show you just how easy it is for YOU to change the way you feel.
  • To feel more confident.
  • More joyful.
  • More peaceful.
  • More calm and
  • More HAPPY

All of the above and more!

We want you to feel in charge of your feelings instead of feeling like they are in charge of you.

We also want to introduce you to other girls who have felt the same way as you and who are learning the same things as you and making the same changes as you.  

We are going to run retreats and workshops where you can meet other girls and learn even more hints and tips for living your very best life – with glowing skin of course!

There is such a HUGE power in a group of girls on a quest like this.

It just feels so completely magical. You truly can be your own superhero.

Because when you feel happy, confident, calm and peaceful – those feeling create a glow, a glow that radiates from deep inside.
Glowing Skin

“As we let our own light shine – we unconsciously give others permission to do this same” – Nelson Mandela

Are you ready to start shining??