Improve and enhance your relationships by changing JUST 1% of your day….

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This Saturday is Valentines Day, which will have a different meaning for different people.

I have always found it amusing that people wait for this particular day to show someone – new or existing – how they feel about them..

Lets chat firstly about those of you who like someone but haven’t told them… I admit – I kinda like the idea of the ‘secret admirer’ side of Valentines – that can be a cute thing to do… but why not just sign your name….?? Like seriously – lets get our vulnerable on here people and realise that we only get one life and if you haven’t noticed already it goes past REALLY fast and I swear its getting faster every year! There are Easter Eggs in the shops already for freak’s sake – its just how life roles now…

Something as simple as sending a picture text like this will MAKE their day! x

Something as simple as sending a picture text like this will MAKE their day! x

This means there is no time for dilly dallying around with feelings you KNOW you have – this doesn’t mean you have decided you want to marry this person – you just know you wanna explore this connection or this energy a little more to see where it leads… TELL them… what is the worst that can happen – they tell you that they don’t feel the same way – better you find out now so you can redirect that gorgeous energy of yours towards allowing the right man to make himself known to you… He is out there – I promise you that…

For those of you in a relatingship of any kind – new, awhile now and long term… This part is for you…
This is not me saying DON’T do anything on Valentines Day – not at all – this is me saying don’t WAIT until Valentines Day to do something… Do something that will make that person you cherish smile EVERY single day of the year… We could talk Love Languages here but that is a BIG conversation so ill save it for another day (look up if you are interested) and instead I want to tell you that spending 1% of your day – this equals 15 minutes for those of you who haven’t already worked that out – looking into the eyes and CONNECTING with your special ones is enough to completely change the energy in your relationship – Its true – research has proven it!

This relationship can be with anyone but we are not going to be able to give all of our special people 15 minutes because there simply isn’t enough hours in a day so on a daily basis its my partner and my two kids that get this time from me minimum EVERY single day… For my other special people – I make sure when I am with them – I am 100% present and reconnecting… I promise you – you will FEEL the difference…

So once you start implementing this and your relationship hits new heights of amazing – its up to both of you to decide if you wanna celebrate Valentines Day or not but the pressure to express a year’s worth of love is off which feels great!! And seriously it is WAYYYYY cheaper to buy flowers and have a super special overnight hotel date night on EVERY other day of the year anyway so do that instead!

Have a beautiful Valentines Day whatever you do peeps!  BIG love for us to you ALWAYS… You are ALL our Valentines xxxx

Till next time