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Exfoliation – Why, who, when, how and what…

So we have covered the WHY in our Renew to Revive entry, lets cover the who, when, what and how so we can all find that inner glowing skin we know wants to come out and shine!


Everyone! That includes all of you boys and the men in our lives ladies!  There will be times when certain skin conditions will require you to be more gentle or to take a little break completely eg if you have gotten sunburnt – hopefully this happens rarely or NOT AT ALL – you would NOT exfoliate your skin until it had healed completely.


Normal, dehydrated, oily, dry, sensitive            once a week.

Sundamaged/mature                                     twice a week.

Acne, eczema/dermatitis, rosacea                    once a week

(assuming it is not overly irritated or weeping.  In these cases you take a break)jess-w-729.jpg


Normal, dehydrated, dry, oily, sundamaged/mature

You can use pretty much any method discussed.  For homecare the best option is a product like our ‘Be Smooth Face Polish’ (as a link).  You would gently massage it into clean skin, remove with tepid water and finish with your chosen moisturiser.  Video here of Jess using Be Smooth??

Sensitive, eczema/dermatitis, rosacea, acne

(depending on the level of sensitivity – sensitive types may fit into the above group but overly sensitive types need to use this method)

Avoid any weeping skin or pimples.

Use a pump of your chosen cleanser with half a teaspoon of Be Smooth Face Polish (%%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/products/be-smooth-face-polish.html) and mix in your hands.  Extra gently apply to the face – massage if you can but if sensitivity is high just apply and leave for 10-15 mins while the fruit extracts do their thing then remove with a soft cloth and tepid water – finish with our Be Calm mask or Be Replenished Serum  – or boys our HE preps and soothes balm is great here too.

Next week we will cover the WHAT and show you some DIY pantry ideas that everyone will benefit from!

Until then…

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