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Something we thought might interest you is a word of the week.

SUPER simple concept.

We choose one word and we chat about it.

Full stop.

If you read the word at the top of the article and you have zero interest in it – you don’t read on.

If you do – you do.

you do you do. LOL.

Don’t mind me while I laugh at myself and my less than amazing copywriting skills.  (Hurry back from your holiday K2 – we miss you and your incredible word smithing)

I thought I’d start with Cleanse because when it comes to the skin – that’s where we start.

You would think that cleansing would be such a simple process – not much to it.  It’s sole purpose is to clean the skin of dirt and other environmental impurities which seems easy enough right??

Weeeeeellll – Not so much.

A LOT of different important things have to be considered when it comes to cleansing or more specifically a cleanser BUT once we get that part right (and we always do) then the step for you as the cleanser user is in fact super simple.

SO, what are these different and important things we need to consider when formulating a cleanser??

Firstly, the formulation needs to be pH balanced.

What does pH balanced mean you ask?

I have borrowed some words from ‘How Stuff Works’ to explain this because they have nailed it;

Because buzzwords like “pH-balanced” are common advertising tools in the health and beauty industry, it’s easy to ignore them and purchase a product regardless of its pH. However, when it comes to skin cleansers, pH levels do make a difference.

Your skin has a pH level of about 5.5. Skin — or at least the outermost layer of it — is slightly acidic.  The acidic layer (also known as the acid mantle) helps your skin retain moisture and keeps germs out. To help maintain this protective layer, use a cleanser with a pH level similar to that of the skin itself. If you use a soap that’s too alkaline, it will break up the acid in your skin, causing dryness.

The pH level of most skin cleansers is slightly higher than 5.5, so the cleanser can break down dirt and oil on your skin. However, soap — especially bar soap — typically has a pH level of 9 to 12, which is too high if you’re trying to keep your skin moist. Cleansers with lower pH levels leave your skin intact instead of breaking down the fatty tissue that serves to protect it.

Ok so I may or may not have mentioned this already but one of the reasons Mel and I are SO passionate about skincare is our own journey and not so amazing experiences with products over the years.

Mel was recommended a product (which will remain unnamed because it doesn’t have any impact on the story) by a trusted skin care salon in her twenties and the product completely stripped her skin.  What that means is that the protective layer mentioned above was pretty much destroyed with a product with a WAY too acidic pH and Mel suffered for months with red, inflamed and very sore skin that took a long time to properly heal.

So, it must be important to use a skin cleanser that says it’s pH-balanced, right? Yes and no. Most soap-free cleansers on the market today have balanced pH levels. The words “pH-balanced” on a cleanser can be a wee marketing tactic however if I had to choose between one that said it was pH balanced and one that didn’t (assuming I was happy with everything else in them) I would go with the one that says it was.  OR be more curious (one of my favourite words and actions of all time) and find out more about the company who makes it.

The next question is usually which cleanser is right for my skin type? Well here at Bubbles we have never used or been too concerned with someone’s type.

Why?  For a few reasons but mostly because we are only interested in one type and that’s healthy.  With our products it doesn’t really matter which inherent type you are.  This gets misdiagnosed ALLLLLL the time anyway so it’s just better not to waste too much of your precious energy on that question.  My opinion (and this is only an opinion) is that many skincare houses utilise all the different skin types to sell more product.

My brain doesn’t compute this though because if everyone can use one type as long as its gentle isn’t that easier?? Anywhoo – let’s not get distracted.

As far as cleansers go – I figured (while formulating our products. did you guys know I wrote and created the recipes for all our face range??) it just has to clean and do no harm.  I have super sensitive skin so gentle is a priority where possible in ALL of our products.

This means you don’t have to look at 5 different cleansers and wonder which one is best suited to you.

We have 3 ways to cleanse your skin and you choose based on the feeling you prefer.

Let me explain;

Cleanse Creamy.

The original and my personal favourite.

Its creamy and oh so gentle but gets EVERYTHING OFF!  I wear make up every day because it’s my sun protection product and because I just love how amazing I look and feel with it on (we can arrange the amazing Jane Iredale products for you too if you like – just email us at or ask your Skinologist*) and I only ever need to do one cleanse to remove it.  You might need to do 2 depending on the make-up you use but that’s pretty standard across the board anyway.  Its pH balanced of course and only has a light but delicious scent. It’s the best.

Cleanse Foaming

We formulated this product because a few of our regulars asked us too – yep we do that kind of thing here when we can – and this can also be used on every skin HOWEVER I don’t love the feeling on my skin because I do have slightly more sensitive skin than most – I can  use it if I have too and I have and its fine BUT its not my preference.

It has an organic surfactant (the ingredient that creates the foam) so no soaps or drying agents found here. It smells SO good – it has a warm spicy vibe to it and it also removes my make up in one cleanse.

If you are a soapy/squeaky clean feeling lover, then this one is for you.

And Jojoba Oil.

This product has its own blog because it has THAT many benefits and is really truly that amazing – it’s the base oil in most of our range and it’s what we recommend when someone is healing a skin condition or if someone wants the simplest natural approach possible.  I’m not going to chat benefits of Jojoba here but basically this is an all in one product.  You can cleanse with it – remove it and apply again as your moisturiser.  I always have a bottle of Jojoba handy just in case I want to use it and I go through phases where it’s all I use because I can sense my skin needs a break.  We also offer the option to add essential oils to jojoba too.  If you want to know more about that contact us on or ask your skinologist*

We will teach you all of this and more in our upcoming workshops and retreats too.

And then we have the additional cleansing option which is;


This is where you use an essential oil, tepid water and a microfibre cloth to compress your skin clean.   It’s another super simple and very pure way to cleanse.  I love this as a pick me up in the morning, but I prefer to use one of the above 3 products at night as I find that’s more effective for removing make up.  If you don’t wear make-up, then compressing at night is another beautiful option for you as you could then choose calming soothing oils to help you drift off to sleep.   I add these oils to my serum or face cream if I need them.

Also stuff we are going to teach… SO excited to start these workshops and retreats – can you tell?!?!

So how often do we cleanse??

This is a skincare industry myth I have been enjoying busting for years!  The old ‘you must cleanse your skin morning and night’ trick.

DO not fall for it.

If you cleaned your skin before going to sleep and all you have done is sleep, then you do NOT need to clean it again in the morning.

Exceptions to this rule might be people with VERY oily skin but even then, using a quick compress should sort that out.

We have always used ‘before bed’ and ‘on waking’ rather than night and morning as we have lots of shift working clients where morning and night doesn’t really apply.

So here is what we suggest;

On waking;

Mist with either Hydrate or Calm face mist OR

Compress with chosen essential oil

Followed by either a serum or face cream,

Finished with your chosen sun protection.

You can cleanse here if you want too.  Of course you can if you love that.  But don’t ever feel like you HAVE to that’s all.

Before bed;

Cleanse using chosen cleanser.  If you use heavyish make up cleanse twice.

If you don’t use make up you can still use a cleanser, or you might choose to compress.

Followed with serum and/or face cream.

The end.

No need to wonder about skin type.  Just use the one you love to use.

You can also cleanse in-between your day and night if you need to re-apply make-up too of course.  You can use it as often as you wish.  You just don’t NEED to in order to have amazing CLEAN skin.

So that’s Cleanse in a nutshell.   

All of the directions

Any questions send them through to us on or ask you Skinologist.

* a Skinologist is someone who works with us and sells our skincare for us after lots of fun training.  They get a pretty awesome commission for doing it too.. If that is something that interests you send us an email or phone us on 1300 LOVE SKIN.

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