Chat With Us

As most of you know – Mel and I have been doing this for forever.

And so much of what we do (and LOVE) is chatting with you about what’s going on with your skin (soul, relationships. Kids, life in general….)  and the ways we can help.

We look at everything in life holistically.  EVERY ‘ONE’ thing in your world is having an effect on all the other things.  This can (and WILL) throw it all out of balance if harmony isn’t established.

You know we know your skin.

We even like to call ourselves Skin Whisperers.

We feel confident enough to do this because we have;


  • Our range of organic and natural skin care products (that we are adding 2 incredible new products too VERY soon) over 25 years’ experience in the health and skincare industries.
  • Our Skin Potions range which looks at the health and happiness of your soul and uses pure essential oils to help restore and rebalance your energy levels.
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences. We have just completed our Level One course with these guys and HOLY MINDBLOWING information.  We have the full kit on hand and can prescribe and offer personalised blends for you and your family. (We are booked to do Level 2 and 3 later this year.  We can highly recommend these workshops and these products)
  • Bestow Beauty Products. This is another new member of our growing family. Gut health and happiness = Skin health and happiness (or it’s a bloody good place to start anyway!) Think edible oils, probiotics, collagen, super food supplements and much more.
  • PLUS An amazing ‘A TEAM’ of holistic therapists to refer you onto if need be.

So we decided to make that whole process SUPER easy by introducing FREE 15-minute ‘chat with us’ sessions that you can book right here.  You will also be able to book one of these chats with any of our Skinologists VERY soon too (if you don’t know about Bubbles’ Skinologists – you can find out more HERE).

On these chats it’s up to you what we talk about – within reason of course but our scope is pretty bloody wide just quietly…

If there is ‘more to chat out’ we have some options available to continue the conversation if that’s what you need/want including personalised programs that we create just for you based around what you have told us you need.

Best thing to do is start. Book your chat

‘CHAT’ soon xx