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This is where we focus on how we FEEL…. are we grounded and using our energy for the right things??  Are we resting and taking time out for ourselves… Are we looking after ourselves first… this is where we help you find soul-FULL clarity… x

NOURISH your body on the inside to get amazing results on the OUTSIDE!

I swear to you that when I was standing in my partners new bakery yesterday I heard the warm sausage rolls calling our my name…. Sausage rolls used to be a weakness for me – I found it very difficult to NOT buy one and always had that sneaky packet in the freezer for times […]

What is the true meaning of ‘connection’…..???

Beginning this blog was difficult for me because I feel like I have SO much information and passion for this topic that I couldn’t decide where to start… that is a good problem to have of course so Im not complaining but all the same – I had to sit with it for a few […]

10 reasons we think Frankincense is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

There is no way I could ever try and choose my absolute favourite essential oil – that is a near impossible ask of any passionate aromatherapist – in saying that – there are of course some that stand out from the rest and Frankincense is one of them… I was a Sunday School kid growing […]

Improve and enhance your relationships by changing JUST 1% of your day….

This Saturday is Valentines Day, which will have a different meaning for different people. I have always found it amusing that people wait for this particular day to show someone – new or existing – how they feel about them.. Lets chat firstly about those of you who like someone but haven’t told them… I […]

The 3 most important steps for an EXTRAORDINARY Mind Map…

When I was 15 and in year 10 of high school, I like most teens, hated to study… I detested it… I was only interested in reading one book and that was the next edition in The adventures of Sweet Valley High… Non fiction books were not on my fun list at all… Its funny […]

A Vision board versus a Reality board… why one is a more powerful description…

The first time I was introduced to a Vision Board was when I watched ‘the secret’ MANY years ago now… I remember vividly when John Assaraf told the story of how he was unpacking some boxes with his son after moving into yet another new home and they happened across a box of his old […]

5 ways you can regain PRESENCE…

This month we have been talking about Gratitude – we have been encouraging you all to think about things in your life that you are grateful for and to focus on what you HAVE rather than what you lack or perceive you lack… One of the BEST ways to really see and feel gratitude is […]

What is all the fuss about Gratitude…?

Gratitude is a word that seems to be becoming a bit of an ‘it’ word of today… and just quietly – rightly so! Before I go on – let me first explain a wee little bit about how our brain works when it’s in search mode… When our brain is searching for how we are […]

Put some PLAY in everyday…

My most favourite thing about Essential Oils is the way they subtly change your perception of your current situation and surroundings… Essential oils are described as ‘volatile liquids’. The Oxford Dictionary defines volatile as changeable, fickle, light-hearted and transient… I LOVE this description – the changes I am talking about that will alter your perception […]

The gentle power of Essential oils…

I have chatted recently about a few different reasons why I LOVE essential oils… I thought it might be good to write about the basics behind what makes them so AHMAYZING so that 1 – I can refer back to it in new posts and 2 – you have a better understanding about why and […]

A bit about Fate and Doterra Essential Oils…

Let me start by saying this is absolutely NOT a sales pitch for Doterra oils! This is me – sharing with you – information about a product I am using that could very well be an instigator for your life becoming more simplistic by subtly changing your perceptions around how you live, love and FEEL… […]


Balance – this is such an important little word.  For one, without it we can’t walk without falling over – that alone should prove it’s importance. We live in a society where people are becoming more aware that maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes fresh foods, exercise and some well earned time out is our […]

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