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This is where we chat about all the things we use on the outside i.e. products and the ingredients we put in them – why do we use them and what is their role in the product.  Plus other things like  body brushing, coconut oil, exfoliation etc etc…


It is getting cooler, okay it’s getting cold, and when the weather cools down there is usually some sort of change or reaction in our skin. The most common side effect of the decrease in temperature is less skin oil or sebum, which means our skin is dryer and tighter resulting potentially in sensitivity, flakiness […]

Reconnect your dry, flaky, irritated skin with our one step remedy….

This month we are talking all things connection… Connection is as Brene Brown so fabulously describes “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” This not only applies […]

10 reasons we think Frankincense is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

There is no way I could ever try and choose my absolute favourite essential oil – that is a near impossible ask of any passionate aromatherapist – in saying that – there are of course some that stand out from the rest and Frankincense is one of them… I was a Sunday School kid growing […]

All things cute, cuddly (sometimes challenging & loud!) and of course organic…

Along with all the excitement of having a new baby on the way there are also lots of questions new mum’s ask themselves both about the impending birth and everything that comes with that new bundle of joy so we decided to answer as many of those questions as we can to try and help […]

Its all about the HAIR…! Why we love natural hair products..

I can remember being nervous when we first considered introducing natural hair products because my personal experience with natural hair products was not exactly awful but it certainly wasn’t something I had gotten excited about either. I can remember justifying my decision to continue using the not so natural hair product I was currently using […]

GREAT skin begins and ends with TEWL…

TEWL or Transepidermal Water Loss by definition is; 
the measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside a body (animal or plant) through the epidermal layer (skin) to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation processes. The reason it is important to understand a wee bit about it is that excessive TEWL results […]

OXI – what?? WHY understanding Oxidisation can prevent premature ageing…

You all know that when you cut an apple it goes brown right?? And if you choose not to paint a tin shed it rusts yes?? But do you understand why? The apple and the tin have oxidised… They were inadequately PROTECTED from their environment and more importantly from FREE RADIALS… We do have to […]

The gentle power of Essential oils…

I have chatted recently about a few different reasons why I LOVE essential oils… I thought it might be good to write about the basics behind what makes them so AHMAYZING so that 1 – I can refer back to it in new posts and 2 – you have a better understanding about why and […]

DIY Pantry Exfoliation

This week we are looking at the WHAT of exfoliating… What exactly should you be putting on your skin to renew and revive?? Normal/Dehydrated/Dry/Oily/Combination skin’s can use pretty much any of the following while; Sensitive/Eczema/Dermatitis/Acne/Rosacea skin’s need to proceed with caution pretty much everytime they use something and exfoliating is no different. We know the […]

Papaya Extract

Many people say they don’t understand how a natural ingredient can effectively protect, heal and replenish the skin in the same way a chemical or manmade product or ingredient can.  A very simple way to look at it is that the natural ingredients we use were here, in most cases, before man. Modern scientists are […]

Why Choose Organic Skin Care?

It really excites us as a company that manufactures organic skin care that there has been an explosion recently in the use of words such as “natural” and “organic” and “pure” in the health, wellness and beauty industry. This is due mainly to the global community becoming so much more educated and environmentally aware. The […]

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