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All things nutrition – we chat here about ways to fuel your body rather than feed it.  Why we avoid refined white foods and sugar MOST of the time… what does the theory 90/10 mean and why is it important? How do we stay hydrated and what is all the fuss about water about?


It is getting cooler, okay it’s getting cold, and when the weather cools down there is usually some sort of change or reaction in our skin. The most common side effect of the decrease in temperature is less skin oil or sebum, which means our skin is dryer and tighter resulting potentially in sensitivity, flakiness […]

NOURISH your body on the inside to get amazing results on the OUTSIDE!

I swear to you that when I was standing in my partners new bakery yesterday I heard the warm sausage rolls calling our my name…. Sausage rolls used to be a weakness for me – I found it very difficult to NOT buy one and always had that sneaky packet in the freezer for times […]

Is your water ‘positively charged’??? Our’s is!

I just love how the universe always steps in and helps me when I am struggling to make a BIG decision… One of the biggest decisions I ever had to make with Bubbles was when I was reformulating our products to make them even more close to nature and organic than they first were… I was […]

GREAT skin begins and ends with TEWL…

TEWL or Transepidermal Water Loss by definition is; 
the measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside a body (animal or plant) through the epidermal layer (skin) to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation processes. The reason it is important to understand a wee bit about it is that excessive TEWL results […]


Balance – this is such an important little word.  For one, without it we can’t walk without falling over – that alone should prove it’s importance. We live in a society where people are becoming more aware that maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes fresh foods, exercise and some well earned time out is our […]

Papaya Extract

Many people say they don’t understand how a natural ingredient can effectively protect, heal and replenish the skin in the same way a chemical or manmade product or ingredient can.  A very simple way to look at it is that the natural ingredients we use were here, in most cases, before man. Modern scientists are […]

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