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It is getting cooler, okay it’s getting cold, and when the weather cools down there is usually some sort of change or reaction in our skin. The most common side effect of the decrease in temperature is less skin oil or sebum, which means our skin is dryer and tighter resulting potentially in sensitivity, flakiness and irritation…not fun right!

To compound this effect, when there’s a shift in the seasons, often it’s a trigger for our detoxification system to eliminate the stores of toxins, through one or more of our elimination channels:

  • Defecation (poos)
  • Urination (wees)
  • Respiration (lungs)
  • Perspiration (skin)

Elimination is one of the 7 principles of great skin begins within, and is contained in this clever little acronym:

P – Protection

E – Elimination

R – Renew cells

F – Feed your skin

E – Essential Oils

C – Change constantly

T – Toxins to avoid

Change is also a critical element of the 7 principles, particularly when supporting the element of elimination.

Our skin is made up of trillions of skin cells all moving and grooving through different layers right up to our epidermis (layer of skin you can see). As you know, we believe that Great Skin Begins Within and every condition you are experiencing on the outside relates to something happening on the inside, but we must protect and nourish our skin topically while we get to the bottom of the real issue…

Water evaporates from our skin’s surface through diffusion—when your skin is moist and the environment dry; water particles naturally move away from your skin to the dry environment i.e. your skin becomes dehydrated (technical term – trans epidermal water loss), which is triggered by chemically (internally) or environmentally (externally).

So, what’s the solution?

Change. And change constantly.

As winter brings on the need for hot drinks, layers of clothes, and creature comforts we need to recognise and respond to how our bodies deal with that changing environment: internally and externally.

Keep a tab on:

  • Dehydration is obviously worse in cool/cold weather. We tend to go for the red wine and coffee—yes, that’s in the correct order;)—caffeine actually removes fluid from the tissues. It’s also a stimulant that has a weakening effect on your capillaries so if you have red itchy skin, abstain until it’s healed.
  • Alcohol does the same thing. It literally draws water out of your body and leaves a toxic by-product in the tissues.
  • Heating/Air conditioning can encourage blood to rush to face to cool it down and dries out the skin.
  • Hot showers, while a wonderful pastime in winter, it can strip your skin of its natural oils and reduce the protection of the acid mantle, which protects us from pathogens.

Your skin can change daily, and sometimes even hourly, because your skin’s condition reflects the state of health that your skin is currently in.

But hey, it’s not all bad news! There are heaps of gifts from nature that support these pesky temperaments:

  • Essentials oils feed your body with the ability to heal and reconnect. Especially those extracts from the roots of plants to feed the sub-cutis layer of skin (root level—we just love the wisdom of nature!) Funny enough, winter is also a time to eat earthy, root vegetables in our soups and juices (think garlic, ginger, and carrots).
  • Face mists to support the skin in face of the office air conditioner or the comforting fire place. Replaces hydration externally to tell your face everything will be okay.
  • Vegetable oils like jojoba protects the skin and doesn’t block pores, actually mimicking our skin’s sebum, which supports the acid mantle being maintained.

Our Bubbles Organic team @ HQ are here to support you this winter with our natural and organic goodness to reveal the most gorgeous, healthy version of you possible…

Till next time…

MUCH love

Kate and Mel xx