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How much do you want to know about what you’re putting on your skin PART 2.

This is Part 2 of ‘How much do you wanna know’—if you’re yet to read Part 1, you can do that here.

Now, where did we finish up? Oh that’s right—the EXCITING PART! The part where we will teach you all about getting CLEAN.

Yes, this is where we ‘detox’ the skin BUT the word detox has earned itself a bit of a reputation.  This is why we are keeping it simple and referring to this uber important step in the process as ‘getting clean’ because at the crux of it—that’s what the whole point it.

This is where we introduce you to the one and only: Clean Three.

If you are yet to meet her then get on those lil cotton socks because they’re about to be blown off. You can find lots of juicy info on Clean Three on our website, like which amazing essential oils are in its specialised blend, but here’s the gist.

Just like the principle of doing a cleanse by taking in plant-based food (juice or raw) to give your digestive system a break to detox and function optimally, the same applies to what we put on our skin.

Essential oils, which are essentially the building blocks of plants, are assimilated beyond the skin’s epidermis (the outside layer) through the sub-dermis into our bloodstream.  Given blood’s job is to carry and build things, feeding it with essential oils is the greatest gift you could give your body.

We all see the clues that it’s time to reconnect our body’s systems and move the toxins outta there. Often, we don’t acknowledge or feel grateful for seeing the red-hot clues, but that’s what congestion, inflammation, and irritations are. When a skin concern causes pain and stress, the team at Bubbles HQ’s advice is always the same: give your skin a break from anything man-made/synthetic for 3 weeks.

We use 3 products in the Clean 3 kit:


  1. Pure Australian Jojoba Oil—BEST freaking thing you’ll ever use on your skin.


  1. Pure specialised essential oil blend—formulated by mwah using science and intuition to create a charmed, little elixir that works its magic IN your skin (yes not ON—IN where it really needs it).


  1. A soft, skin-loving Microfiber cloth that even the most sensitive of skins will love.


Then you use ONLY these 3 products on your skin in 3 ways, for 3 weeks. Upon waking, and before sleep are two simple rituals, you just need to find your third, and then the Clean 3 experience is complete.

Lots of 3’s right.

Repetition is the best way to remember something because it either creates or reinforces a neural pathway in your brain.

We’re 100% about the Bubbles intuition but understanding the science too, makes it all that much more incredible.

In our SkinDEEP workshops we’ll go pretty deep into getting clean, why it’s important, what’s happening to your skin before, during, and after this process; and we make sure you understand and trust the products in Clean Three as much as we do.

Clean Three will give your skin a very well-deserved break from all other ingredients—even natural ones—and lets it breatheeeeee. Clean 3 delivers on the simple (but not simplistic) equation of eliminate + restore = invigorate.

Mmmmmm. I can really feel all of your skins exhaling as I type this.

Then once we have your skin feeling all fresh, new and sparkly, we keep it that way by using only natural, safe ingredients from now on which takes us into Part 3: ‘Intentional Skincare’.

Intentional Skincare is the practice and principles of cleansing, hydrating, healing, and moisturising your skin using the most simple pure ingredients possible right through to using our new intentional base products or our Bubbles essentials range, or maybe even a mash up of all three.  The choice and level of where you want to take your ritual is yours.  If you’re inspired to play alchemist, you can use our intentional masks, serums and creams that the blend themselves like your personal apothecary…

 Once you have your own little dispensary of goodness ready to go, we’ll show you how to combine a mindfulness practice with your skincare routine to transform this once daily chore into a time you crave.

Tune in next week for Part 3 where we’ll share more on getting Intentional, mindFULL and pretty much all things joyFULL.

MUCH love






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How much do you wanna know about what you’re putting on your skin


Ahhhhhh, I sigh in relief as savvy women (and men) start asking questions and become more conscious of what you’re putting on your skin.   It actually wasn’t long ago that it wasn’t discussed at all.

Not many, if any, were concerned with the ingredients their bottle of cream had, but now—as it’s on tap (just ask Siri)—we’re awakening to just how critical it is, because the skin is our body’s largest organ.

Before we reveal what we have planned education-wise—let’s reflect a bit more as I connect with my inner Julie Andrew’s Maria and “let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start”

Not being able to read, pronounce or explain most ingredients on a bottle while working in a salon many years ago–is one of the reasons I started Bubbles.  I applied a product to a lady’s skin and it never occurred to me that I had zero idea of what it actually was until she asked what the active ingredients were. And it wasn’t until my trainer showed me the more natural of their two ranges and said “if you have a client who doesn’t want chemicals—use this range” that I even began to wonder what the difference was.

Back then, as a 27-year-old, I cleansed using whichever cleanser on spesh at Coles and my ‘big spend’ was my ‘Oil of Olay’ moisturiser. I smeared a bit of that on every night in the hope of preventing the “7 signs of ageing” before they raised their ugly head at the paltry investment of $10 per bottle. What a joke. I bought into the marketing and conditioning of the beauty industry.  It’s funny now because I can’t even remember being that way, but I totally was.


Simple: no one told me differently and I didn’t pursue an alternative understanding education.

Far out, if for nothing else I achieve in this lifetime: I want people to get curious.

One of my favourite scientists of all time, Bruce Lipton, says “You are only personally responsible for everything in your life once you are aware that you are personally responsible for everything in your life”.

Yes, that’s BIG isn’t it?

It hits me hard in the solar plexus chakra every time too—SO much truth.

It marked the beginning of that particular journey for me.

Step one was uncovering pretty much everything I used at the time was jam-packed with chemicals and nasty ingredients that was also used to clean grease off the cement on driveways and roads. WTF?! (Uhh, hello, Coca-Cola uses its “the real thing” to clean its transport fleet)

I was also in the first few weeks of my Aromatherapy Diploma and I was unwittingly about to get all the answers to my questions. This was a course I signed up for ‘just for the fun of it’ was about to change my entire life’s trajectory. (Now I know: there are no accidents whatsoever in the universe)

It was later that week that I watched my lecturer create a cream using only two saucepans, macadamia oil, water, and an emulsifier that I FELT a wave of excitement rush over me.  It was love at first sight. I wanted to know everything there was to know about making my own skincare products and how to keep the process and the product as simple as possible.

I pretty much became a stay-at-home, mad-scientist after that—playing, testing, and creating products whenever I could, using only the simplest recipes and of course natural and organic ingredients.

If you read our blog a few weeks back (read here if you haven’t) this is when I opened my own home clinic and began creating unique and customised products for my clients’ emotional and physical needs.  I was in skincare-heaven.

13 years later, the research and data we have now on this topic is quite simply: overwhelming—especially when you don’t know where to start.  Sometimes it’s easier to just not ask and to stay unconscious to it, because being informed feels like the too-hard basket. I totally get that. And I’m not immune to it.

But guess what…

It’s REALLY important information—life-changing in fact.

That’s why we want to share our knowledge with you.  And in true Bubbles fashion it will be easy to understand, fun because why not, and it will be jam-packed with value.

To us education is very different to school, and Mark K Smith’s perspective nails what is it to us:

“The meaning of education is a process of inviting truth and possibility. It can be defined as the wise, hopeful and respectful cultivation of learning undertaken in the belief that all should have the chance to share in life.”

How cool is that.

No question mark about it.

Very is the answer FYI.

So what sorts of truths and possibilities will we invite you to look into?

Well, thanks for playing along. It’ll be things like:


  • How to read an ingredient panel on a product.
  • How to decipher between a long, hard to pronounce natural ingredient and a long, hard to pronounce toxic ingredient because lots of the natural ingredients have long, hard to pronounce names too.
  • Why some natural and even ‘organic’ products are $3/ bottle and others—that look and feel kinda the same—are much, MUCH more.
  • Why some toxic ingredients are less scary and why they can be ok in small doses.
  • What ‘synergy’ means and why it’s so important to understand a formulation.


What we won’t do is add to the overwhelm.  We simply want you feeling more empowered than you do now.  More confident in your ability to take responsibility of your own skin and that of your wee ones if you have them.

And then once all the toxic talk is finished, well that’s when it gets really FUN!

First thing we do is get Clean.

Clean Three that is.

Tune in next week to find out more about Clean Three, Intentional Skincare, SkinDEEP workshops PLUS our super exciting retreats we have planned to bring it all together (think walks, Yoga, incredible food including cooking classes, MYO skincare, FREE TIME, mindfulness practices and so much more possibility).

MUCH love

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Where we are heading…



What an amazing response we got from last week’s reflection over where we have been.  Seems many of you loved finding out more about us and then some of you loved sharing a walk down memory lane as you were on the path with us for most of that time.

Well we loved it too.  And believe it or not—we learned EVEN more from articulating it in a blog about who we want to be: personally and professionally.

So, here we are, ‘back to the future’ in 2018.

Both Mel and I are sitting in our own WTF points about slightly different things but mostly about how we want to FEEL about Bubbles and what it means to both of us.

Most of you know by now that we’re sisters.  We are pretty amazing at doing life stuff as sisters (e.g. Christmas gatherings etc) and leaving ALLLLL the Bubbles stuff separate, which we thought made us super clever.  Well it meant that stuff lurked below the surface a little too long and become like that volcano in Bali.

Our formula to work it out:

  • A long walk on the beach—grounding and clearing
  • with coffee—delicious and cures most things
  • a smear of our ELEVATE roll on—energising and uplifting
  • a frank chat—clarity and peace of mind ensues.

I’ve been working with people to discover knowing how they want to feel about something, what is their real why though my ‘a more intentional life’ coaching program. By ‘real’ I urge not the fake, “I know this is what I’m supposed to want/have/feel why” through our social conditioning, and how to uncover your natural soul gifts—what you’re born to do/be through uncovering:

  • what you’re innately really damn good at
  • being aware of what drains your energy
  • refuelling your energy by tuning into your soul barometer—yep it’s a real thing!

Mel and my chat started with what we didn’t want to feel anymore: restricted, overworked, ignored, not appreciated, restless, and creatively bankrupt. Amazing. Must clear those weeds before planting the new seeds! And then we really started talking…what our hopes and dreams for Bubbles were.

We’ve done this SO many times over the years. We do it regularly in fact.  What we weren’t doing was staying focused on JUST that and as mentioned in the previous blog—we we’re ‘doing the do’, which is a common challenge for small business.  Finding the time to work on the business while being busy working in it.

We both said LOTS of stuff and gave each other the floor (or the sand in this case) and the space to chat frankly about what we wanted and needed and a framework for the next few months became really clear.

We both felt an excitement about Bubbles that we haven’t felt in a long time and it was like we opened the flood gates of creativity and ideas that have been shut because holy wow!

This time, Mel and I are determined to make these dreams a reality, before someone else sneaks up and snatches them out from under us. So, after alllll that, here’s what we both want for and from Bubbles.

  • Connecting with you—we want to love you way more than we have been loving you and we want to offer you more.
  • Sharing insight with you—we want to share with you the ridiculous amount of our knowledge on skin, on ingredients, the body, the mind, and the soul (phew!). And not just with blogs and Instagram posts, but REAL education, both together and in person at workshops and retreats.
  • Giving you a team of Skinologists—we’re going back to where it all began and investing LOTS of energy and time into building a team of incredible Skinologists to support you and help make skincare effortless and fun again. We already have 5 new ladies in the training stages now, preparing to meet and connect with you soon.
  • Empowering you to customize your skincare—we want you to know YOU and your skin and how it all connects. So much so, that you can customise your skincare whenever you need EFFORTLESSLY in your own little apothecary that attends to both your emotional and your physical needs.
  • Making skincare mindFULL—we’re creating short, easy, and fun routines for you to enjoy alongside your cleansing and moisturising rituals. Not only to give you more peace and contentment, but to save you TIME by combining the two practices into one daily practice.
  • Inspiring more intention in rituals—we want to inspire more intention with everything you do in your life—starting with your skincare. How?  Well, we use all my new skills and give content at basic and advanced levels, so you can dive as deep as you like.

So where are heading in a nutshell? We’re going DEEPER into each of those areas over March to share the Bubbles’ ‘Slow Skin Movement’ with our new podcast and workshop title: SkinDEEP.

Tune in next week when we go DEEPER into connecting with you and what that means..

Kate & Mel x

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Where we have been…

This blog turned out a little different to my plan.  I thought it would be a synopsis of the Bubbles’ history and what led us to where we’re going now, but in the process of writing it—I realised there was SO much more to it—and I began sharing to explain where we are going, we must first look back on

Before you begin a journey of change—it’s awesome practice to first look at where you have been—to reflect on what you loved and what pissed you off, what helped you grow, and what made you feel stuck and restricted.  SO much can be learned by observing these things and more importantly: how they made you FEEL.

We are changing.  Both Mel and me personally and Bubbles too.

And it’s REALLY exciting, but it didn’t feel that way at first.

That in itself is a phase of change. The phase where you haven’t quite realised that something must change and you’re clinging onto what you have, like your life depends on it—anyone been there? Epiphanies like this can take a really long time to percolate because a myriad of things culminate to build the impetus of change.  Initially, it can feel scary, icky, confronting.  And it can disguise itself as mistakes, confusion and lack of direction when all along it was simply a little nudge from Miss Universe herself helping us discover that exciting ‘something new’, buried under the cosiness of sameness.

 So, come with us, as we reflect on how we got here, and the undercurrent of emotions that drove the decisions of the Bubbles brand to date.

Our first label design.
Making products in my laundry and stacking them on the kitchen bench.
The first re-brand back in 2013.









My first adventure as a skincare company was making customised products for small home beauty clinic’s clients back in 2007.  I made a few base products—different lotions and potions, and added customised oils and extracts for each client’s needs, both emotional and physical levels.

Two years later, I launched the first retail range. You see I couldn’t sell the customised products to non-clients as I didn’t hold the right insurance for that. So, when clients, friends, and family began asking to buy the products I used on them, I was compelled to get that pesky insurance and create a product range I could sell to anyone.  This meant customised products pretty much stopped because I was invested in selling my new range because of the energy and money I invested in creating it.  Everyone transitioned across without ease.

Our first ever logo

Then in 2011 I was eager to grow my small business I had unknowingly, and organically started into something bigger so my sister Mel joined and offered home demonstrations (now called workshops) with a small but amazing team of consultants (now fondly coined as ‘Skinologists’) and we showed groups of mostly women how to use our products alongside some simple skin care basics.  These were an absolute HIT and I’m heartened that 70% of these clients are still Bubbles lovers.

One of our men’s range promotions that did REALLY well.

In 2012, we started selling our range to beauty salons and boutique retailers around the country.  We worked alongside the salons to create a professional range and for some we customised white-label products that they could label as their own.  Oh, the excitement of whipping up new formulations…I would work into the wee hours of the morning getting them just right. This stage really got the creative juices and ions flowing; positively joyFULL times to be in business.

We also kicked massive arse in winning a tender contract with Queensland Rail that year to supply onboard shower packs for their long-distance patrons.  Yep, our small business took on the big guys and won.  We were grateful to learn that even government bodies prefer to work with real people when they can.  This contract enabled Mel to be an official employee, which was so exciting.  Having an employee made it all feel so real and even better that it was my sister!

Our first QLD Rail shipment ready to go!
And ready to deliver! Gotta love that fluro orange!
Where would we be without these VERY special ladies. Mum, Mel and Corinne. WE LOVE YOU.









We now had MANY different revenue streams and groups of people we wanted to encourage and inspire and things began to get really busy.  Such a strange word busy.  I vividly remember thinking that equated to being successful—if I was busy, I must be doing an amazing job right?! Hmmmm not so much.  When busy you don’t remember to reflect and ensure you’re actually still getting your needs met, which can be a very slippery slope.

In 2013, we were inspired to introduce more client education and to promote our message that ‘Great Skin Begins Within’, so we created the 5 Elements of Great Skin, which are:


  1. Move Your Body,
  2. Protect Your Skin,
  3. Fuel Your Body,
  4. Nourish Your Soul, and
  5. Feed Your Mind.


We wrote, coordinated and filmed 52 short educational videos released weekly on Facebook over a year to launch this new exciting part of Bubbles.  Yes—we added ANOTHER area to our already ‘busy’ business.

Mind Body Spirit Festival in 2014.
Christmas party fun with our beautiful stockists and team.
Making the new business partnership official.








Quick sideline fact in case some of you don’t know—we are also Mums and wives/partners. So, after ALL of this we need to do all those things that great Mumma’s do and even when that’s your favourite part of the day (ok sometimes work is our favourite, but we’re human and that’s ok) and you’re super dooper tired you can’t really be as present as you want to be. 

Its take the kids to work day… Thank goodness for the giant pillow.

Here’s the ‘thing’.

Every time we tried to cull something—we just couldn’t.  Because the truth is that we genuinely love every part of Bubbles and mostly we love our people.  For example, when we would consider deleting the Professional Range we would think of Gemma and Sarah who own salons who have been with us since day one and the thought of them not being a part of our little family always convinced us to find a way to make it all work.

Needless to say, things become more busy. And our creativity became collateral damage as our priority was delivering the Bubbles love and to ensure our many customers, salons, and stockists were loving their Bubbles experience.  Plus, like all small business owners we were doing EVERYTHING and it was a looooooong list. By late 2013 I felt for the first time, since starting the business, a bit like I was living in Groundhog Day and I wanted to try something new.

With Mel’s support—I started to explore a few other things outside of Bubbles and while I checked in regularly—Mel pretty much ran the show.

In short, I learned how to mediate and for the first time in my life I LOVED it.  I became a Yoga teacher. I wrote and taught a coaching program called ‘Be the Change’ and I ran retreats full of delicious activities and information on things like the Law of Attraction, the power of our Chakra’s, Yoga and breath work, grounding and meditation, and the art of being present.  I found a peace that I’ve never felt before.  The kind that comes from within and holds you steady regardless of what is going on around you.

Fast forward to 2016 and Mel now VERY deservingly became my official business partner and made it the perfect opportunity to rebrand the range so it represented the new evolved and galvanised face and feel of Bubbles—fresher, funkier and fabulous.  It was a lengthy drawn-out process and cost wayyyyyyyy more than we first anticipated, but a bloody brilliant idea all the same.

Our newest rebrand – LOVE this logo.
The new branding from a Christmas Pack promotion.

So that brings us to the start of 2017. Mel sent her youngest off to Prep and revving to jump in and really turn up the volume ready to share with the world what Bubbles brand was all about.  Meanwhile, I was now pregnant with a another gift for the world and due to have my third baby in June  and I was to the opposite to Mel’s revved mode: I wanted to get in the slow lane and enjoy my new baby while supporting Mel in the pitstop so to speak.

The best part about being sisters is we ALWAYS ALWAYS put that first, so Mel was 100% behind me stopping any ‘active’ work when Lucy was born, and I was given my favourite job —bookkeeping and admin—oh yay! For a right-brained creator like me crunching numbers felt a bit like torture but once again—sneaky little Miss Universe had a plan.

Boy…did 2017 come out swinging. Here’s the long and the short of it:


  • We made mistakes that impacted cashflow.
  • We had to completely redo all our bookkeeping after we discovered it was only being half done and was nothing short of a HOT mess.
  • We decided to build an educational website for our new online programs in the works. We rebuilt our website and then realised we didn’t need the other educational website anymore.
  • Mel had her first freelancer experience getting our photos ready for the new website and suspect we were dealing with a 12-year-old boy and not the gorgeous blonde 20-something her profile suggested because oh my lord…but we got there in the end.


On a personal level, Mel was working ridiculous hours—some out of necessity and some because she loves making things beautiful and learned how easy it can be to get distracted by programs like Canva and of course Instagram.  Oh so tempting… She was tired and she was feeling a bit over doing the do.

I was learning how to slow down and enjoy having a baby again while grieving all my rituals I’d grown to love so much, like my hour-long morning meditation and my Yoga. I was tired as all new mums are, and I was still trying to work out how to integrate everything into my life.

Basically, 2017 felt long, grindy, challenging, and just plain hard.  Again, we were back to being consumed with handling all the ‘stuff’ that goes with having a business and feeling creatively bankrupt.

Enter 2018 and everything that had been building for what seems like years came to a big WTF point and we were finally getting some long overdue clarity on where we were heading.

 Mel and I had changed.  And now Bubbles must change too.

Tune in next week to find out “Where we are now….”


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New Year, new resolutions right…well we think not; or more aptly we feel not.

The amazing Danielle Laporte is ALL about FEELS and setting intentions from a FEELing space. Find more of her beautiful thoughts at x

You only have to look at the synonyms attached to the word ‘resolve’ or ‘resolutions’ and you will see that it centres on a qualities of strength, of unwavering mindset. Just thinking about it makes it feel hard, particularly after a nice break over Christmas—and only having just digested (Christmas lunch included) all that 2016 meant to you. Whereas, the word ‘intend’ is centred on being able to make intentions that make you behave in a way that makes you feel positive. Anything grounded in having intent conjures emotion.

What’s the difference you might ask?

Setting or living by the regime of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is inherently about what you want to HAVE or ACHIEVE in 2017. Contrast this to living by intentions—New Year events or otherwise—is a powerful way to feel your dreams and goals into fruition. People naturally move towards things or people that make them feel good, and naturally move away from things that feel bad. If a goal is centred on the premise of having, or not having (aka: failure—ugh) can disappear quicker than a bottle of wine on your birthday.

Changing the mindset—or the new word we’ve coined at Bubbles HQ a ‘heart-set’—can be mentally and emotionally liberating, but supporting the physical aspect is important too. They say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, which makes sense, we are creatures of habit after all. Our senses have a massive impact too; none greater than the sense of smell, which crosses our blood brain barrier to deliver information or evoke memory. Essential oils are the greatest carrier of these messages and intrinsically alter our mind and emotions on a physical level. You see, it’s no coinkidink that all our products are based on essential oil magic, or that we sell a range of organic essential oils and our custom blends (lovingly named Motivated, Connected, Peace, Serenity, and Happiness) individually.

Let’s get to know the Connected Blend a bit better as it’s the perfect companion for Intention Setting. Brene Brown says:

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.”

Connected was formulated with this is mind—to help you focus on what’s really important. To encourage you to speak from a heart space and to send love and light to all of those around you. When you need a bit of help really ‘connecting’ with your loved ones and with what’s most important to you—use Connected as the perfect support companion. Blended using Rose, Lavender, Cinnamon, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram and of course like all of our products—it’s infused with Positive Energy.

Support your intentions for a happy 2017 with our range of natural organic skin care and body products.

And please, share with us, what you’d like to change emotionally, mentally, and physically and we will help you on your journey.

Yours, dreaming and feeling, BIG
Kate and Mel xx

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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

PURE, as the driven snow

FRESH, as a reindeer’s wet nose

REAL, as the wishes we have for the season of giving

It’s nearly time for 9 of the coolest reindeer get together to deliver the gift of giving all over the planet! Some people give gifts of jewellery, fashion, gadgets, and homewares. At Bubbles Organic we are illuminating like a Christmas tree by all things: Pure. Fresh. Real.

Created with positive energy, we have cultivated 9 A-MAY-ZING packs of pure LOVE. But, let’s have the 9 reindeers do the talkin…

First up is the boss dawg (or reindeer in this case) of all the other ladies (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen) in the herd. They will share with you what makes them magical and what their favourite drink is to celebrate this special time of year.


Rudolph Reawaken Pack $99 
There’s a reason why Rudolph’s nose is so red. Firstly, he’s hot from having to navigate his posse of lady reindeer through the night—without being able to ask for directions—secondly, he’s fuelling his body with the magical offering found on everyone’s doorstop: Egg nog. That rum or brandy base combined with the protein of eggs, milk, and the high of sugar is sure to give anyone a rosy glow.






Dancer Dances Pack $35 img_0049
Dancer is just insatiable. Who can blame her with a name like that?! When Dancer delivers this Bubbles Christmas Pack of LOVE, you might want to check that your package isn’t wet, because you know her favourite drink is Pina coladas—and a there’s only one thing that goes with Pina coladas and that’s getting caught in the rain!






Prancer Perks Pack $30 img_0252
Now Prancer is a little bit of a worry. She LOVES rum and often hides a high proportion in rum balls. She may also be a little late delivering your little parcel of Bubbles magic. She totes has her eye on the Bundaberg Polar Bear. Scandalous…Iknow. Get perky with some our latest and greatest product based on the perkiest commodity we know: coffee.






Vixen Vows Pack $25 img_0088
Vixen is powerful and wily vixen. Would a Rosé, by any other drink, taste as sweet?! She vows to share the sweetness with a strong undertone in this pack:








Comet Capture $25 comet
The carefactor that Cupid feels for you is BIG. The only thing that can make it any bigger is if she has a Chardonnay to warm her smile. Cupid wants you to be happy and absolutely in LOVE: with yourself, with your reindeer partner—it doesn’t matter; it’s all LOVE.







Donner Dares Pack $25 img_0257-2
Well this reindeer is a little different, or should we say dares to be a little different. The other lady reindeers in Rudolph’s pack are just so fancy. And pretty. Whereas Donner…Donner just wants to blow the froth of a nice cold beer after gaining a hard-earned-thirst.







Blitzen Basks Pack $20 img_0255
Basking in her own glow is Blitzen. She doesn’t need many props to keep her shine. The same goes for her celebratory drink, she keeps it neat with a vodka on the rocks.








Cupid Cares $15 img_0253
Ahhhh. Our not so little Comet, captures our heart. Often confused in the night sky for a celestial object entering our atmosphere—she is a special one. When you shine this bright, you need everything in this Bubbles Christmas Pack of LOVE. And a strong ‘nightcap’ to go with of course. Baileys and milk? Comet will take 2.

Shop now






Much love,
Kate & Mel xox

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Jojoba is pronounced Ho-Ho-Ba. The ‘J’ is pronounced as an ‘H’, just like in our Mexican favourite: Jalopeno. Why did we call the article: Jojoba, October is over? Umm because it sounds kinda similar as you let it roll off the tongue heheJ.

We really love Jojoba.

There’s not enough time in the day to explain all the ways it in which we respect and cherish this little beauty. But if you want to just keep it really simple: Jojoba does the job of many functions—cleanser, moisturiser, all-round line diminishing, redness reducing, and healer extraordinaire.

It’s more a wax than an oil. Its structure mimics that of our skin’s sebum (25-30 percent liquid wax ester), which makes it really easy to assimilate into the pores and keeps things moving in and out of the skin’s layers. It does not cause clogging or congestion, the opposite in fact. This is why its loved by almost all skins (regardless of the type) and at Bubbles, we don’t get caught up in types anyway and it’s our love of jojoba that taught us that.

We sourced our Jojoba in Australia because it grows in the same environment that our skin lives in. And it’s cold pressed to protect its magical properties. Speaking of, the reason why Jojoba is such a worshipped commodity at Bubbles Organic is because it stuns us with:

  • Potent antioxidant that prevents bacteria from growing (think infections).
  • Molecular structure to change with the climate, and therefore moves to a protective state to suit a skin living in that climate.
  • Supports collagen and elastin to be strengthened.

It appears in almost half of our products (we have38 Bubbles products in total).

  1. Be Clean (creamy cleanser)
  2. Restore ProAge Cream (Be Replenished)
  3. Pout Vanilla & Sweet Orange Lip Balm
  4. Pout Sweet Mint Lip Balm
  5. Be Hydrated Face Mask
  6. Detox Face Mask – Be Clear
  7. Calm Face Mask for extra sensitive skin
  8. Be smooth face polish (jojoba beads)
  9. Be Replenished Restorative Serum
  10. Balance Hair Serum
  11. Be Clean Shampoo
  12. Be Silky Conditioner
  13. Baby Breathe Balm
  14. Wash & Lotion – creamy clean
  15. Sweet Dreams Massage Oil

And did we mention that we do a whole range of customised Jojoba Oil blends? Clearly, Jojoba is an excellent carrier oil as it appears in so many of our products. You can pick 3 different essential oils to be blended into our Jojoba Oil, or tell us what you’d like to achieve with your skin and will do the work for you.

Shop now

Much love,

Kate & Mel xox

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‘Spring-forth’ this season!

Bounce, coil, helix, leap, pounce, buoy…

Spring is the season of new beginnings. The earth stirs with new life, fresh buds bloom, and the air feels light and promising.

Spring…A word with many other sensory words akin to it—bounce, coil, helix, leap, pounce, buoyancy, elasticity—all evoking a sense of action!

Mark Twain said:
“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

And our dearly missed friend, Robin Williams said:
Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

We agree with every expression of spring. At Bubbles HQ we have an extra special spring in our step. We’ve got the new energy that comes with a new season, and we’ve got the new look Bubbles branding, and a reinvigorated sense of being in prime position with:

Pure Intention · Fresh Ingredients · Real People

Every 28 days a new skin cells springs forth onto the outer layer of your skin and BOOM is ready to receive new light, new air, and new gifts to nourish its existence. Our skin is like the new budding flowers we see all around us.

What will you feed it this Spring?

As a general rule of thumb, our skin loves to ‘eat’ what our body loves to ‘eat’. In the Winter months our body craves nourishing warming foods like roast root vegetables, delicious soups and many (many) cups of herbal tea. And as Spring warms up outside, our insides switches to cool down mode.  We crave and salivate over fresh berries and fruits, smoothies, salads and all things green and crunchy.

Our Restore Elixir (the artist formerly known as—Be Replenished Restorative Serum) boasts Pomegranate and Sea buckthorn oils, which when blended, work in synergy to give your skin more antioxidants than a whole orchard of oranges (it 100% knocks it way out of the ballpark…or orchard in this instance).
Seriously though, the list of benefits of these two super juicy ingredients is way too long, but to name a few:

  • Anti-inflammatory—soothes red, angry skin and can be used on the most sensitive of skins like rosacea, eczema, and dermatitis.
  • Anti-oxidant—prevents oxidisation: the primary cause of ageing.
  • Strengthening—think elasticity and resilience! Helps to heal scarring and skin pigmentation.
  • Smoothing—reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing.
  • Vitaminising, ohhh new word! (Vitamins A, C, E & K)—more Vitamin C in weight than oranges.  Reduces redness and repairs cell damage while encouraging healthy new cells. Winning!And these are just some of the zesty benefits from our fruity ingredient friends!Did we mention that it also includes 9 other amazing natural wonders that each have a long résumé of healing and nourishing benefits?Read more about the product our clients refer to as ‘Liquid Gold’ by clicking here and ‘spring-forth’ this September with new vigour!

    Check out more organic beauties here: Shop Now

    Kate & Mel
    Love ambassadors xo

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Our third kidney loves aromatherapy baths!

Did you know we have 3 kidneys? Yep, the first one, the second one (hang in there with me) and the third—our skin!

Our kidneys clean the blood and expel its waste via urination. Our third kidney, the skin, uses its 5 million sweat glands to do the same thing. Actually, around one third of our body’s waste is dumped through our skin. Which seems high, geez maybe too high;)

Guess it explains the garlic, booze or general odour the next day when we’ve been hitting our favourite Italian restaurant, rugged up and getting our rosy glow on with Pinot Noir, and creamy cabonaras, but sorry I’m getting carried away (and booking a table)…While we know why, the real question is how to give our third kidney safe passage to get all those toxins OUT?

Get your sweat on! Saunas, baths, bikram yoga all support the natural process of detoxifying your body through your skin.

To maintain your birthright of shining beautiful skin, we recommend having regular baths. But not any ordinary baths, no, no…we mean baths loaded with aromatherapy oils that support your tissues detoxing and to assimilate the powerful healing benefits from the oils (read more here).

These potent healing baths musn’t be too hot, or too cold, they have to be just right (thanks Goldilocks). Overheating will cause dehydration, and limit the oils being absorbed. Plus, having a wine in the bath is heart-warming enough hehe!

No tub..? Too easy… you can use essential oils on a microfiber cloth and press against your skin in the shower. You can also pop a few drops on the shower floor to infuse your shower with the healing properties and beautiful scent delivered straight to your lungs and circulatory system. Watch your step though, those oils can be slippery suckers!

We recommend these oils for your winter rituals:

  1. Lavender – all about nurturing and self care… We could all do with a bit more of this in our life
  2. Bergamot – our ‘be happier’ is our anti-stress oil – you know that butterflies in the stomach feeling??  Let Bergamot set them free…
  3. Frankincense – One of the most healing of all oils.  Check out LOTS more info on one of our favourite oils Frankincense here “10 reasons why we think Frankincense is FREAKING AMAZING!”
  4. Sandalwood – earthy and grounding – warming and delicious.. what more could you want really?

Check out these organic beauties here: Shop Now

Kate & Mel
Love ambassadors xo

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It is getting cooler, okay it’s getting cold, and when the weather cools down there is usually some sort of change or reaction in our skin. The most common side effect of the decrease in temperature is less skin oil or sebum, which means our skin is dryer and tighter resulting potentially in sensitivity, flakiness and irritation…not fun right!

To compound this effect, when there’s a shift in the seasons, often it’s a trigger for our detoxification system to eliminate the stores of toxins, through one or more of our elimination channels:

  • Defecation (poos)
  • Urination (wees)
  • Respiration (lungs)
  • Perspiration (skin)

Elimination is one of the 7 principles of great skin begins within, and is contained in this clever little acronym:

P – Protection

E – Elimination

R – Renew cells

F – Feed your skin

E – Essential Oils

C – Change constantly

T – Toxins to avoid

Change is also a critical element of the 7 principles, particularly when supporting the element of elimination.

Our skin is made up of trillions of skin cells all moving and grooving through different layers right up to our epidermis (layer of skin you can see). As you know, we believe that Great Skin Begins Within and every condition you are experiencing on the outside relates to something happening on the inside, but we must protect and nourish our skin topically while we get to the bottom of the real issue…

Water evaporates from our skin’s surface through diffusion—when your skin is moist and the environment dry; water particles naturally move away from your skin to the dry environment i.e. your skin becomes dehydrated (technical term – trans epidermal water loss), which is triggered by chemically (internally) or environmentally (externally).

So, what’s the solution?

Change. And change constantly.

As winter brings on the need for hot drinks, layers of clothes, and creature comforts we need to recognise and respond to how our bodies deal with that changing environment: internally and externally.

Keep a tab on:

  • Dehydration is obviously worse in cool/cold weather. We tend to go for the red wine and coffee—yes, that’s in the correct order;)—caffeine actually removes fluid from the tissues. It’s also a stimulant that has a weakening effect on your capillaries so if you have red itchy skin, abstain until it’s healed.
  • Alcohol does the same thing. It literally draws water out of your body and leaves a toxic by-product in the tissues.
  • Heating/Air conditioning can encourage blood to rush to face to cool it down and dries out the skin.
  • Hot showers, while a wonderful pastime in winter, it can strip your skin of its natural oils and reduce the protection of the acid mantle, which protects us from pathogens.

Your skin can change daily, and sometimes even hourly, because your skin’s condition reflects the state of health that your skin is currently in.

But hey, it’s not all bad news! There are heaps of gifts from nature that support these pesky temperaments:

  • Essentials oils feed your body with the ability to heal and reconnect. Especially those extracts from the roots of plants to feed the sub-cutis layer of skin (root level—we just love the wisdom of nature!) Funny enough, winter is also a time to eat earthy, root vegetables in our soups and juices (think garlic, ginger, and carrots).
  • Face mists to support the skin in face of the office air conditioner or the comforting fire place. Replaces hydration externally to tell your face everything will be okay.
  • Vegetable oils like jojoba protects the skin and doesn’t block pores, actually mimicking our skin’s sebum, which supports the acid mantle being maintained.

Our Bubbles Organic team @ HQ are here to support you this winter with our natural and organic goodness to reveal the most gorgeous, healthy version of you possible…

Till next time…

MUCH love

Kate and Mel xx

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NOURISH your body on the inside to get amazing results on the OUTSIDE!

I swear to you that when I was standing in my partners new bakery yesterday I heard the warm sausage rolls calling our my name…. Sausage rolls used to be a weakness for me – I found it very difficult to NOT buy one and always had that sneaky packet in the freezer for times when only a sausage roll would hit that spot… Turns out back then I could not be trusted with them and weening myself completely was the only option – now that I am living a 90/10 lifestyle (the majority of the time) I am able to savour them when I do choose to indulge.. It all comes back to balance…

So other than whatever a sausage roll equates to for you and your sneaky winter treat – what other foods will will fill that void for a need for something super comforting, warming and of course delicious but also nourishing and healing for our bodies… Turns out there are LOADS of options!

insalata di verdure grigliate
Mmmmm roast vegetables! So good for the soul to eat this stuff in winter too… warms up all of us including our mood!

Something that is really important right now is to eat lots of root vegetables because its these times of the year when it is colder that we need to eat vege’s that ground and warm us up on the inside…  The trick is that good nourishing food not only nourishes us from a nutrition perspective – it nourishes our soul too – a mood warmer if you will…

My all time favourite is a tray of LOADS of different root vege’s including pumpkin, sweet potato white and yellow, parsnip, beetroot, onions, celeriac, zucchini, carrots etc all chopped up into chunky pieces. Roll them in coconut oil and lay them on the tray – sprinkle on your favourite herbs and spices – I LOVE changing this part up to keep it interesting – pop into the oven for about 40 mins and then serve. You can use them as a side or as a meal on their own depending on your protein needs… We often serve this as a side with a piece of grilled salmon… DELISH!

I love Sarah Wilson’s book ‘I quit Sugar for Life’ as it has some amazing comfort food recipes but without all the rubbish – for information purposes I personally haven’t chosen to quit sugar but if I can use recipes that don’t include it then I am totally up for that! I also love all of Jamie Oliver’s books too especially his 15 minute meals as sometimes that is about all the time I have to cook!

If you have a recipe that you would like to share – please copy and paste the link in the comments fields below – variety is the spice of life right so lets help eachother out! We also have HEAPS of recipes on our FUEL your BODY Pinterest page HERE so check that out too!

And because we are all about the skin – remember to always nourish your skin on the outside too.. Our AMAZING Be Nourished Body Butters are the perfect all over therapy for Winter – it is especially good as a hand cream so we will add a little pot with your order so you can decant some and take it everywhere with you… YAY! You can buy a tub here…

I don’t know about you but I am sure I can hear that sausage roll again or am I officially crazy…….??

Until next time


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What if you could be “beyond your WILDEST dreams’ happy???

Most companies and schools follow this formula: if you work harder, you will be more successful, and then you will be happy. This formula is scientifically backward. A decade of research shows that training your brain to be positive at work first actually fuels greater success second. In fact, 75% of our job success is predicted not by intelligence, but by your optimism, social support network and the ability to manage energy and stress in a positive way.

This book should be studied in schools!!

Today I want to tell you all about the book I read that really locked in the above FACT for me because I guess on some level I knew this to be true but to see it written as scientific fact – I must admit – I was pretty excited. It is called ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor… and quite frankly – it is freaking amazing!

I was going to write a blog on this very interesting ‘topic’ myself however Shawn just nails this topic and one of his blogs I have read since really sums it all up super nicely so instead this week I am going to link that below…

Something I do want to mention though is this… You might not believe this to be true or you might be thinking that you can see how it would work for other people you know but not for your own situation… What if instead you just tried some of the steps and even if you kept that experiment completely to yourself and just tested the theory….. What if you could truly be crazy ridiculously bubbling over with a love of life HAPPY…..?? What if……

Till next time…


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Our TOP 3 ‘happiness inducing’ reasons to MOVE YOUR BODY….

Can you please remember back to a time for me when you actually enjoyed exercising or what we refer to MOVING your body….???  Firstly is there ever a time you loved it at all??  If yes, you guys hold that feeling of when you did and for those of you who are yet to find something that inspires you to move everyday – instead remember a time when you were excited about anything else – a time when you kinda felt like a kid on Christmas Eve anticipating just how many presents would be under that tree the next morning…

Happy child on a jungle gym
Have you ever seen an unhappy child in a playground – its because they are MOVING!!

That feeling – that butterflies in the stomach excitement – they are little messages and chemicals being released by your brain because of that memory… When we exercise – those same messages and chemicals are released so you can in fact DOUBLE the happiness you feel from moving your body if you are doing something you actually enjoy doing!

Here are just 3 of the MANY happiness inducing reasons to MOVE YOUR BODY from a blog by ‘MindBodyGreen‘ – one of our favourite blogs to read here at Bubbles Organic…;

  1. It releases happy chemicals into your brain.

Dopamine, a chemical that plays a role in happiness, is a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness.  Many studies suggest that as we age, we’re constantly losing our stores of dopamine, which is why we need to constantly seek out experiences that release dopamine. The best way to increase your brain’s dopamine production? Exercise. So run, lift, jump, play — and get happy.


  1. It energizes you.

You no doubt have days when you just feel too tired to exercise, when working out is the last thing in the world you want to do.But no matter how exhausted you are from a long day at work, taking care of your family or recovering from a busy weekend, do your best to muster up all the willpower you have and still work out, because more likely than not, you’ll feel more energized after your workout than you did before it.  

So the next time you force yourself to get off the couch and get into workout mode, you’ll most likely feel more energized throughout the rest of the day. And more energy equals greater happiness.


  1. It fights insomnia.

Trouble sleeping? Skip the sleeping pill and try exercising instead.  Staying active and exercising on a regular basis has been shown to improve sleeping problems of insomniacs and people with sleeping disorders. And not only can regular exercise significantly improve your sleep quality, it can also give you that pep that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and do things.

And that equals greater happiness, every time.


SO – STEP 1 is find something you love to do – yes this means trying new things – have a look on our PINTEREST page for some ideas about different ways to MOVE your body here.  STEP 2 is to make sure you enjoy it – if you feel inspired to get up and get moving – you might actually commit to it!  STEP 3 is TAKE ACTION and decide at the beginning of each week when you are going to MOVE your body that week.  Taking action is one of the most important steps of achieving any goal we set… A great way I find that works for me is I tell people about what I am going to do and that way I feel more compelled to make it happen…

We would love to hear how you are choosing to MOVE your body so comment below and lets share some ideas on how to MOVE our way into feeling HAPPIER!

Till next time…



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What is the true meaning of ‘connection’…..???

I wrote the first version this blog back in 2015.  As you guys all know now – A LOT has changed since then.  This blog is a part of the prequel to what we have coming this year – so much manifesting happening and it all feels so magical right now…. SO if you have already read this – please read it again because this version is different…. better different. 

Beginning this blog was difficult for me because I feel like I have SO much information and passion for this topic that I couldn’t decide where to start…First world problems I know! But all the same—I had to sit with it for a few days before I accepted (for the purposes of a traditional blog medium) that using words is only part of how we express or process concepts. …

I, like most people, write using words. Sometimes this is easy for me–I love writing and always have–I was writing story books as an 8-year-old! Here’s the thing: sometimes the more words you use, the less visceral the experience can become. And almost always, it’s the power of one word or phrasing that hits us:  running through your body like an electric current or a tazer depending on what the message is.


One word, so many meanings.

Images that for me portray the meaning of connection are…

No words required...
No words required…
We are all capable of feeling that instant connection that twins are born with – we are in fact all born knowing our purpose is to connect…


"Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born I loved you, Before you were here an hour, I would have died for you..."
“Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born I loved you, Before you were here an hour, I would have died for you…”
Who doesnt remember the love between Ally and Noah... wowza's...
Who doesnt remember the love between Ally and Noah… wowza’s…
Good old Milo and Otis. Mel and I LOVED this movie growing up.





Carrie often described her friends are the true loves of her life - connection comes in all forms and in all shapes and sizes...
Carrie often described her friends are the true loves of her life – connection comes in all forms and in all shapes and sizes…
True connection can defy ALL the odds.
Even when everyone and everything around you says no… a true connection cannot be denied… Who doesn’t love the Baby and Johnny love story… x

Firstly, let me say this… connection is something we feel; we can learn what it means from books, blogs and researchers but the only way to harness its power is to open our hearts to its greatest capacity and to share our love with others.  As humans we crave connection, we crave touch, acceptance and support. We feel it and we seek it in every cell of our body. There is no feeling like it in the world… It’s better than sex. Well, not really, because sex can be the ultimate union of connection, with the right partner at the right time that is.

How did you feel looking at the pictures above? Did you feel your body pull towards one particular image and pull back slightly at others?

The body knows what’s feels good and responds accordingly. Freaking amazing having that internal compass at our disposal isn’t it. I love checking in with my body and its language; it always tells me good from ‘meh’.

To quote some awesome ladies:

Danielle LaPorte says, “Your true feelings are your connection to the life force.” And Brene Brown says, “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.

Just delicious and ‘hits it’ for me every time.

I always make sure my environment is as visceral as possible, and our ‘Connected Blend’ goes a long way to create that. It uses plant intelligence to help you focus on what’s really important. To encourage you to speak from a heart space and to send love and light to all of those around you.  When you need a bit of help really ‘connecting’ with your love ones and those most important to you—you can use this blend to support you through this.



Just delicious and ‘hits it’ for me every time.

I always make sure my environment is as visceral as possible, and our ‘Connected Blend’ goes a long way to create that. It uses plant intelligence to help you focus on what’s really important. To encourage you to speak from a heart space and to send love and light to all of those around you.  When you need a bit of help really ‘connecting’ with your love ones and those most important to you—you can use this blend to support you through this.

We have a VERY cool addition to our website planned for a bit later this year that’s ALLLLL about creating REAL connections.  Get excited peeps – you are going to LOVE IT!

May you find and experience the ultimate of connections… xx

MUCH love




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Reconnect your dry, flaky, irritated skin with our one step remedy….

This month we are talking all things connection… Connection is as Brene Brown so fabulously describes “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” This not only applies to human nature but it also applies to our skin…

It is getting cooler and when the weather cools down there is usually some sort of change or reaction in our skin. The most common side effect of the decrease in temperatures is less skin oil or sebum which means our skin is dryer and tighter resulting potentially in sensitivity, flakiness and irritation… not ideal right!

When you skin is all of the above things where we need to focus our attention is – yep you guessed it – connection!

Our skin is made up of trillions of skin cells all moving and grooving through different layers right up to our Epidermis. Our Epidermis is the layer of skin you can see. As you know we believe that Great Skin Begins Within and every ailment you are experiencing on the outside of the skin relates to something that is happening on the inside but it is also important that we protect and nourish our skin topically while we get to the bottom of the real issue…

Lavender oil is the GO TO oil for SO many different skin conditions and ailments – it is a MUST for every natural first aid cabinet too…!

There are many different reasons why our skin cement (or interstitual fluid) is effected causing the dryness and flakiness like environmental factors, lifestyle choices and toxins found in the food we eat and some skincare and cleaning products – eliminating the reason your skin is dry and flaky is ALWAYS the most important step but while you are working that out, there is one very special essential oil that loves to ‘reconnect’ it and begin the healing process..

Yes good old Lavender saves the day again! Lavender reconnects the dermis (the layer just under the Epidermis) and epidermis, especially when the skin ‘cement’ has been removed. When talking reconnection Lavender is even more effective when blended with Sandalwood because they work in synergy and become even more powerful than when used alone. You simply add these oils to a skin specific carrier oil and you can use that blend on your skin as often as you like!

To make that step even easier for you – check out our new Customised Jojoba Blends. We give you the option of choosing up to 3 essential oils that we will prepare and add to Jojoba oil for you so that it is all mixed up correctly and ready to go as soon as you receive it – easy right! You can choose all the elements yourself OR you can book a complimentary ‘chat’ with one of our trained skinologists to help you decide which oils you should choose… As part of our complimentary service, we can also help get you started on working out the cause with our Healthy Skin Action Plans. We are all about keeping skin care simple because you have enough to think about already… let us cross one thing off that list for you… Here is an link to some more information on our Customised Blends if you are interested..

Until next time


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We always always ALWAYS go PRO!! Do you…!?!

When you start looking into things like the Law of Attraction, words like ‘anti’ become words you would no longer choose to use. It is believed you should always try to affirm things positively because you need to be aware that you get what you put most of your energy into – so if you were using an ‘anti ageing’ cream that kinda puts a negative spin on ageing which is why at Bubbles we always go PRO age instead…

PROTECT your skin is one of our 5 Elements of Great Skin... Have you had your Healthy Skin Action Plan done??
PROTECT your skin is one of our 5 Elements of Great Skin… Have you had your Healthy Skin Action Plan done??

What we need to remember and this is important for all area’s of health and wellbeing is this;

PREVENTION is always better than cure!

If you did grow up in a time when it was considered the done thing to splash baby oil all over your body and then you bake yourself in the sun for a few hours till golden brown – all is not lost! Thankfully the UV rays were not quite as harmful then so it caused less damage than if we did that today.
We are much more educated now with limitless information available to us online. The downfall of being tempted with becoming a Google DR needs to be carefully considered but the upside is that when you have found a business or an individual that you do resonate with and trust you can usually do all the research you need whenever you get the inkling…!
Our two uber special Be Replenished products continually get rave reveiws and praise from their fans – one of the primary reasons I launched this range over 5 years ago now was to keep skin care simple, easy, affordable and of course natural. Here is a wee bit of info on just ONE of the ingredients in both and why they get so much love from our gorgous customers;

Be Replenished Restorative Serum – Seabuckthorn Oil;

Seabuckthorn Oil: Vitamins A, C, E & K, More Vitamin C in weight than oranges, potent antioxidant, used to treat burns and wounds topically, great for acne and rosacea, 120 compounds and minerals, used for scarring and radiation burns, considered a “natural healer”.

Be Replenished ‘PRO’ age cream – Certified Organic Rosehip Oil;

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: Extra nourishing, used for skin pigmentation and scarring, useful on psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, anti inflammatory, healing and regenerating properties, anti ageing.

Here is what one of our long term users told us recently;

So Kate… I got lazy and forgot to place my order for my liquid gold – my skin got very angry at me and was quickly irritated, red and itchy again… Because I have been using it for so long I didn’t realise the relief I have been getting from it.. NEVER again will I be late ordering… I will be using this oil for the rest of my life! Thank you for making something so special xx
Maxine, Sydney

You can choose to start using one of them or both but is never too late to start protecting and replenishing your skin! The time is NOW!

Even at the young age of 37 I can already see that getting older is ALL good things. The wisdom that comes with it and the truer sense of self has me wearing any proof of ‘living life’ even if that is a few fine lines – with pride… I just prefer to do it gracefully and with our Be Replenished Products you can do just that… enJOY xx

Ps – nobody ever guesses my age correctly either – just another wee bit of love from mwah for these awesome products… (high five!)

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10 reasons we think Frankincense is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

There is no way I could ever try and choose my absolute favourite essential oil – that is a near impossible ask of any passionate aromatherapist – in saying that – there are of course some that stand out from the rest and Frankincense is one of them…

I was a Sunday School kid growing up and always remembered it as one of the gifts given to baby Jesus by the 3 Kings… In biblical times it was equivalent to the value of
 gold and Frankincense is still used in churches to slow breathing and gain a meditative state in prayer which leads me into the reasons why it is an oil I use and recommend more than most.

Lets look at what I consider to be the 10 most amazing benefits of Frankincense oil.

Frank image
Frankincense in its natural form… a gorgeous scented resin… mmmmm (photo from ferrelljenkins@wordpress… LOVE your work!)

1 – PREVENT and REPLENISH – compressing and bathing at night for all over skin replenishment. Add one drop to your moisturiser or night cream. (or use our Be Replenished Restorative Serum which has Frankincense in it…)
Frankincense is ridiculously rejuvenating for the skin and literally softens facial lines. Massage and compress is best. (for more info on HOW to use oils ie compressing etc read more here) It also works as a spot treatment for pimples too…
2 – SO very healing – It is cytophylactic which means VERY healing so it mixes well with lavender and is especially good for damage from the sun – massage works best so the oil stays on the skin.

3 – RESTORE 101 – Helps to restore tone to slackened skin which is another reason it is good for mature skin – once again, massage and compress…

4 – Dries up fluid and puffiness, a wee bit more gently than cypress but the two work really well together – compress, bathing, shower and massaging.

5 – Foggy head remedy… Be this a headache, overwhelm, scattered thoughts or pretty much anything along these lines – rub a drop of Frankincense into your temples and feel the tension just fall away… Take a 5 minute pause while you do this to allow it to do its best work.

6 – Reduce the severity of scarring – Use with a carrier oil of your choice either jojoba or coconut oil – and massage into any scarring as often as you like. The sooner the better..! (or use our Be Replenished Restorative Serum for the added benefits of Seabuckthorn oil too!)

7 – Gain Focus – Frankincense helps you channel your focus and energy into whatever it is that needs your attention by improving your concentration.

8 – Defend and soothe your body – it increases the activity of Leukocytes, defending the body from infection. Its also PERFECT for healing new cuts and pretty much anything that hurts be that sore muscles or a new scratch! Frankincense is a healing master!

9 – Enhance your meditation practice and spiritual awareness – through connecting the soul with its inner light – this oil reveals the truth by inviting you to let go of lower vibrations and negativity. (One of my most favourite benefits – I use this oil whenever I want to make the most of my meditations and just know I need a bit more depth…)

10 – Reduce Anxiety – pop a drop into your hands and rub them together then hold your hands up to your nose and breathe calmly. Yes the slow calm breathing is also helping to tell your body everything is ok but this double duo will soon become your go to treatment if you are dealing with something difficult.

There are seriously limitless uses for this incredible natural resource and its just more proof that nature will provide. There are 14 oils we have chosen to sell as individual oils because of the benefits they can provide for you and your family and your overall skin, mind and soul wellness. Introducing essential oils into your daily life will change your life as you know it. I promise you this.

We are honestly here to help you and we genuinely want to chat you through stuff like this to work out and customise a program or a routine that is going to work for you, so if you want more information please send us an email, contact your Skinologist if you have one or give us a call at HQ on 1300LOVESKIN…

Lets be the VERY best version’s of us that we can be starting right NOW and lets do it together!

Until next time…



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All things cute, cuddly (sometimes challenging & loud!) and of course organic…

Along with all the excitement of having a new baby on the way there are also lots of questions new mum’s ask themselves both about the impending birth and everything that comes with that new bundle of joy so we decided to answer as many of those questions as we can to try and help make this experience more about feeling excited and less about feeling unsure… Here are some of the questions we regularly get asked…;

"Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born I loved you,  Before you were here an hour, I would have died for you..."
“Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born I loved you, Before you were here an hour, I would have died for you…”

Q – ‘Im a first time mum so the number of different organic baby product ranges on the market is confusing and overwhelming…?”

A – We here you loud and clear!

There is a ridiculous number of organic baby products to choose from so here are some pointers for we believe are the most important things to look out for;

Q – ‘Are the products free from synthetics and nasty chemicals?
A – These ingredients are never ideal but this is especially so when it comes to babies. Their skin hasn’t been exposed to anything yet expect you so its important to keep what we use on their skin organic where possible and genuinely natural is fine too. The big nasty here is mineral oil – used for some crazy reason in lots of baby products – it basically seals the skin and leave the baby unable to regulate his or her temperature properly and could be the reason so many babies have trouble sleeping – just a thought….(for more information on ingredients we avoid click here)

Q – ‘Are they using PURE essential oils or fragrant oils?
A – If they are using PURE oils they will have it on their packaging – Pure essential oils actually have a therapeutic effect on both the emotional state of the baby and then on his or her skin ensuring much more effective results. Most organic baby products will have pure oils but its best never to assume. Fragrant oils have improved since years ago when I trained as an aromatherapist and are less nasty however they are synthetic all the same and do nothing but smell nice… pure oils do that and a WHOLE lot more! Definitely worth checking for!

Q – ‘I don’t know much about what ingredients are best to use?
A – This all comes down to how much explanation is on the website. Look for information about why they choose the ingredients they have chosen and then if you still need to (we have all been the over analysing mum when it comes to our kids!) then do a wee bit more research yourself and make your mind up that way. We are all mums here at Bubbles and have used every single product on our own kids PLUS we have hundreds of stories from our uber happy customers about what has worked for them including lots of hints and tips about how to use our products differently to what we planned – we love it when that happens and we love sharing it! (for more information about what ingredients we LOVE to use click here)

Q – ‘What do you consider the most important products to have if I had to choose just two or three??
A – We get this question a lot… Our products in our Organic Baby Therapy range are all 100% organic ingredients where possible so this does sometimes mean it costs a wee bit more to buy them but you get what you pay for… The three products I would buy if I had to choose would be;
Sweet Dream Massage oil – this is a pure jojoba oil blend with Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils and it can be used as a cleanser in the bath, a massage oil/mosituriser, is great for cradle cap, the perfect thing to pop on his or her forehead to encourage sleep (this works for you too mum at night feeds!) and is overall a pretty amazing product that I know you will love.
Absolutely Essential Balm – a nappy balm that triples as a baby bottom soother, nipple balm and also as a ‘put it on everything you can balm’ to heal and calm things like bumps and grazes… With ingredients like (all organic) shea butter, macadamia oil, calendula extract, chamomile extract and zinc oxide you will fall in love with this all in one balm. Read more here
Breathe Balm – an organic alternative to Vicks Vapour rub that uses pure essential oils to help open bub’s airways and allow both of you a better chance at a good nights sleep. It is also great pre feed to help allow breathing through the nose which enables easier feeding. A blocked nose is something lots of newborns suffer with and this can be used in small quantities from as early as one month. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you have too.

Holy wow – choosing 3 products was trickier than I thought but these are definitely my picks if I had to choose only 3… For that reason we decide to make up a organic baby products sample pack with these three products plus also a sample of our Creamy Clean cleanser and body lotion (also incredible!) so you can try them for a very affordable $5 and see for yourself. YAY! We have information on all 4 of the products under the sample pack too to save you going to each of the products individually… We want to make this as simple as possible for you.

Something else I want to mention before you go is that we also have some GREAT products for you both during pregnancy and for the labour process… Face mists, body oils to prevent stretch marks, essential oils blends to help calm you down and stop you strangling your partner… All of the above and more…

Like I mentioned before – we are all Mum’s here at Bubbles – my kids are 6 and 5 at the time of writing this (Jan 2015) and my sisters (who is my partner in this business) has 3 darlings 6, 4 and 2. Babies and toddlers is either still what we are living or VERY fresh in our memories so we know what you are feeling and we know what you are wishing for…. (even those wishes you don’t tell anybody – we know those too!!)

If you have any questions at all regarding your pregnancy, your new baby or both – we are here to help! You can phone us on 1300 LOVE SKIN or you can contact us here and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Till next time…


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Our KEEP IT SIMPLE pre and post workout tips to help you MOVE it and LOVE it…!

How you prepare and treat your body before and after a workout is just as important as the workout itself and yet it’s also the part that so many people neglect completely.  You have to think about this the same way as you do when you prepare for anything important – we are talking about your temple after all!  So just like when you are preparing to attend an event that involves all the fun stuff, dress, hair and makeup, shoes, jewellery, clutch, transport and maybe even accommodation…. when we put even just a small percentage of that effort into FUELing and MOVEing our bodies (yes I do know I have spelt that incorrectly lol!) – looking and more importantly FEELING amazing can be an every day occurrence – it REALLY really can!

We are all trying to fit SO many things into a day that when someone suggests making time for even one more, it can be enough to push us over the edge. This is why the very best way to prepare and replenish your body is to keep it really simple and get your Girl Scout on and Be Prepared… Preparation truly is the key to making any commitment feel effortless and achievable.  Im pretty sure you are not out choosing a dress the day of the event and those of us who have had to do that know just how horrid that is – so its time to stop leaving things to the last minute and start getting organised….

Today lets chat how to have the most prepared before workout & how to replenish and nurture your body post workout…Lets split it up into 2 groups;

One of our 5 Elements of Great Skin…MOVE your body is about making you aware of just how important it is to stay active and flexy!

Our TOP 3 Get your ‘Girl Scout On’ preparation tips…

1 – Work out WHAT and WHEN you are going to work out.  This always gets me without prep!  If you have a full life with lots of stuff going on – you MUST plan the type of workout you are going to do and also WHEN you are going to do that.  If the only time it fits is 5am then you are going to miss it if you sleep till 6am and then work that out.

2 – Warm up! I have been known to skip a warm up because I was trying to get my workout done faster – I totally understand that an extra 5 minutes can seem like an hour on a day jam packed with stuff to get through but this is NOT where you wanting to be gaining time peeps! A minimum of 5 minutes warm up is recommended.. We have some warm up ideas on our MOVE your body Pinterest board…

3 – Now I could use this spot to tell you to avoid fatty dense foods as they stay in your stomach for longer but seeing as though you guys are all aware of that already I have decided to use ‘MUSIC prep’ as the final important step of pre workout. This step for me can make or break ANY workout I choose to do – If the playlist has the songs I need to make it happen that day I always manage to give it a bit extra… Make up playlists based on what mood you are in and choose songs you know will help boost or change that mood…

Our TOP 3 POST work out tips are;

1 – EAT!! This is when you refuel your body to re-engergise – lots of complex carbs during the hour or two following your workout. Fatigue can set in after exercise if we don’t have enough carb’s stored so its important to build up our reserves.

2 – Re-hydrate! YEP – I’m talking about water again because it is simply THAT important! There is no point putting aside the time to move that body if you are not going to give it what it needs to maintain its new level of awesome.. Drink up and make it pure filtered water when possible.  ALWAYS keep water with you in the hotter months and hydrate during the work out when needed too…

3 – Stretch…. This part is super important…! After a workout, our muscles naturally contract. To prevent them from shrinking, we need to stretch. Not only does it do that but it allows your muscles to restore and helps them gain strength and resilience. It also helps decrease stress and helps you maintain a calm composure – this is why Yoga is such a popular choice for many people.

Most importantly plan to MOVE your body every single day – it removes the temptation to say “ill just do it tomorrow instead”…  enJOY x

Until next time…





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Is your water ‘positively charged’??? Our’s is!

I just love how the universe always steps in and helps me when I am struggling to make a BIG decision… One of the biggest decisions I ever had to make with Bubbles was when I was reformulating our products to make them even more close to nature and organic than they first were… I was stuck on whether to leave purified water in the mix OR to make the change to the more expensive option of an liquid organic extract – something that would have meant increasing the prices of the products quite significantly…

This time they  (aka the universe) introduced me to a dog trainer (stick with me here….) who through her training of my two gorgeous lab’s taught me a lesson about water. She told me that a Japanese scientist by the name of Masuro Emoto had proven that water could be positively or negatively charged – that it actually took on the environment it was kept in. His research showed that when frozen – water particles that have been in a positive environment including music, people, light etc were photographed under a microscope they all looked really pretty and symmetrical – like the pictures of snowflakes we all know. The ones who had been exposed to a negative environment were all scratchy and well scary looking like little monsters!

A positive water crystal looks just like a perfect snowflake...
A positive water crystal looks just like a perfect snowflake…

I got so ridiculously interested in this that I ended up reading about the entire study – only to decide that water – POSITIVELY charged water – just had to stay in our products. I was convinced that it was the reason we were having so much success – I am often described as having an infectious excitable and positive personality and I decided that it would be wrong of me to take that away… Positive water just had to stay! And no… I totally didn’t plan for that to rhyme!

So we were leaving the water in but we still wanted to offer a range of products that were as natural as possible with as many organic components as we could while maintaining the great prices we had so it was time to reformulate with a new emulsifier that was used in true organic ranges. This meant changing most of the things we knew and it was both exciting and scary but I knew it was the right thing. This was where the range needed to go to be where we wanted to be in the market. So we worked – hard – and we ended up with new beautiful products that can now spread the Bubbles love all over for us carrying our positivity with us everywhere they go.

So it was an EASY decision to then add Positive Energy as an ingredient to our new products when we made the decision to intentionally positively charge our water based on the above research.

You can literally FEEL the energy when you walk into Bubbles HQ and I would bet my bottom dollar on the fact that it is that energy that makes our products SO amazing!

Is the water in your life positively charged…..???

Till next time…